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Top Sixty Over Sixty

Helen Hirsh Spence
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Helen Hirsh Spence founded Top Sixty Over Sixty after having witnessed firsthand how ageism was impacting Boomers and how the upcoming demographic shift would affect North America’s social and economic fabric. An energetic, creative, and solutions-oriented individual who has worked in rapidly changing environments as both leader and team player, Helen consistently focuses on strategy, stakeholder needs and high-performance outcomes for the organization. After devoting 35 years to increasingly senior leadership positions in both the public and private education sectors, Helen embarked on a journey of social entrepreneurship. The resulting social enterprise, Top Sixty Over Sixty, provides thought leadership, consulting and training on age inclusion and diversity. Helen publishes articles, speaks at conferences, and organizes events to promote a reframed narrative of ageing.

Did you know that over a third of Canada's total population is over the age of 55 and every year the total population will continue to age? What this means is that old benchmarks, such as age 65 signaling retirement, are no longer valid. Chronological age has never been less significant thanks to technological and medical advances, but business practices and society have not kept pace with reality.

Canada is experiencing a talent shortage, but it isn't taking full advantage of its ageing demographic. Top Sixty advocates for age equity in the workplace and wants to help you take full advantage of your multigenerational workforce.

We offer services to businesses, and to individuals, to help them thrive in a rapidly ageing world. We will help your business become more productive, more creative and improve your bottom line by connecting with us and learning about our webinars, training, consulting and speaking engagements. Please visit our website and write to for more information.

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