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Style Memberships With Traci Jeske Now Live!

Traci Jeske
Traci JeskePublished on June 22, 2022

Hi love!

I'm super excited to announce my new Subscription Plans. I had you in mind when designing these ongoing memberships. I currently have a very accessibly-priced 1:1 plan live! Click here to find out more.

You'll also see a waitlist for a group style master plan! Join the waitlist and give me your feedback! You'll be the first to know when it launches.

Join me:

International Personal Stylist Subscription Plans

Style Master Plan - Group

Join waitlist

Personal Stylist On-The-Go

€219 /month

By subscribing you save big on my normal style rates + you can cancel anytime!

I can't wait to be a part of your lives month after month. :)


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