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Training for Winners

Gary Hernbroth
Danville, CA, USA

I am a professional speaker and business coach/trainer. My business is to create and present exciting motivational programs customized to uplift and upskill people, teams, and organizations at every level.

While in the hotel business, I was invited to speak at a couple of industry conferences. As a background, I've always enjoyed coaching others and helping them with business dilemmas or expanding their potential. Thus, I really enjoyed the speaking experience, and my customers encouraged me to pursue that as a career and -- wanting to climb new mountains -- I started my own business, Training for Winners, in 1995.

My motivation each day is to help people, whether that means individuals or teams, find those extra gears. That might include areas such as realizing untapped potential, applying their creativity, problem-solving, selling more effectively, communicating better, learning to lead, and generally improving their value to others -- both internally and externally.

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