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An Inclusive Wellness Community

Nashville, TN, USA

We believe in a vision of wellness where everyone is included.

This is a space for pro-donut, non-diet, anti-racist community wellness. Sound interesting? We're glad you're here.

    • TRILUNA is an agency focused on wellness consulting and purposeful events. We're the co-founders, Elizabeth and Ashley. We each left our careers burned out and seeking a better way. Through our individual journeys we each came to the conclusion that in order for wellness to work it would need an overhaul. After health coaching and yoga certifications, self-study, and three years of running workshops for companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce, Amazon, and more we've come to believe in two fundamental truths: 1) That we are as well as our community is well and 2) that wellness is designed to benefit our life, not control it.

      The combination of those two beliefs means that we are as rooted in community-care as we are self-care and we work to bring real, transformative conversations to the table.

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