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TRILUNA Published on September 01, 2022

We started this company after 10 years each in high-pressure sales & marketing roles that left us incredibly unwell. Ashley started suffering frequent (sometimes month-long) migraines while Elizabeth struggled to manage anxiety, undiagnosed OCD, and digestive health issues.

We both found our way to the well-being space recovering from the debilitating stress and burnout that created those health issues but struggled to find a space that was accessible, realistic, and inclusive. What we found was a lot of shaming, unsustainable practices, and hustle culture. We wanted a space where you could show up exactly as you are, unlearn healthism/ablism/racism, and gain tools for deeper self and community care.

So we created it. And here we are! With you! Right now! Four years later, having made it through more than we ever could have imagined when we first set out. We have learned so much, grown so much, and uncovered so much and now we get to share all of that with you.

The tools, topics, and community we're going to talk about in this membership are to help us all curate solutions that work for each of us individually but with an eye towards buliding community. Most of what we see in wellness comes from someone who doesn't look like us, or have a life like ours, or have a brain wired like ours. The wellness industrial complex loves to talk in grand sweeping gestures and suggesting, "Do this!" "You should be doing that." But life is more complicated than that. It's more nuanced. Some days we wake up and go for a run, set strong boundaries, take deep breaths, and handle our shit. Other days we barely have enough capacity to not lose our shit on someone else.

Wellness should be a toolbox from which you can choose what we need when we need it to build a life we love. The journey of unlearning and relearning, setting boundaries, seeking alignment and, managing stress will last a lifetime. We're not supposed to nail this overnight. We're not supposed to get it right on the first try. We're not expected to use or need the same things today that we needed a year ago. Give yourself permission to flex into and out of new lived experiences. 

Thank you for being here. We do this for you. We do this for those interested in a new vision for the future of wellness–one where everyone is included, everyone is encouraged to discover what works best for themselves, and everyone understands the importance of community. We're so glad you're here!

Let's get started!

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