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Monthly Resource Roundup: September

TRILUNA Published on October 04, 2022

We are both obsessed with learning and we love audiobooks, podcasts, and documentaries. It informs our growth, keeps us inspired, and makes sure we are integrating perspectives outside our own. We are not suggesting you listen to or read everything on this list, but we thought you might want to see a peek behind the curtain. We'll include different categories, mediums, and topics. We want to hear your thoughts, feedback, and recommendations as well! Without further ado, here is October:


Conspiritualty Podcast - Episode 121: The Gospel of Wellness with Rina Raphael (Elizabeth's pick)

Maintenance Phase Podcast - Episode: Goop (Elizabeth's pick)


Parable Of The Sower by Octavia Butler (Elizabeth's pick)

What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat by Aubrey Gordon (Elizabeth's pick)

Will by Will Smith (Ashley's Pick)

Can't Even: How Millenials Became The Burnout Generation by Anne Helen Peterson (Elizabeth's pick)

Feeding The Soul - Because It’s My Business by Tabitha Brown (Ashley's Pick)

The How by Yrsa Daley- Ward (Ashley's Pick)


Hart to Heart (Ashley's Pick)

Get Smart with Money (Ashley's Pick)

WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn (Elizabeth + Ashley's Pick)


Masterclass - Kris Jenner: The Power of Personal Branding (Ashley's Pick) *Note masterclass is a pricy annual membership but has a free two-week trial if you want to watch this workshop.

Bonus From Ashley:

TV Shows that make me feel good and laugh - Celebrity Game FaceAbbott ElementaryHome EconomicsRap Sh$!

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