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The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on January 18, 2022

Hi there!

So as writers, we know the pain you go through to find opportunities. Moreover, it's really frickin difficult to keep track of all the opportunities that you applied to and how they've gone!

Subscribers can now get access to upcoming competitions (going out as far as 6 months!). They all pay in the thousands, and they're all waiting for your application!

We'll update it roughly every month to get new opportunities but the main thing being, you get your own personal database of competitions. With the database, you'll be ahead on:

- which competitions pay the most
- which publications are posting competitions
- what you need to do for each competition

If this all sounds great to you, sign up to the paid subscription and we'll send across the Google Sheets link accordingly (adding you to the list!)

Take care!

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