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The Writer's Job Newsletter #43

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on November 21, 2021

Announcing our Partnership with!

TWJN is proud to announce our partnership with! They're a mission-driven platform, who center on marginalized creators including women and members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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This week has been a field day for left-right wing media. From a British cricketer highlighting racism within sport (and him being caught out himself), to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in the US, to the corruption charges of the Conservative UK Government; these stories have the ability to divide a collective.

Currently though, or maybe it’s always been there, there’s a dichotomy between two reporting standards: truth and perspective. I say this because all news producers are biased to some degree. It’s a fact. Some are conservative, some are liberal: they have a “voice” and they like to use it. It's a good thing though - opinions are good and they're the backbone of a free society. 

Where it really bothers me is when I get caught out by a bad take or a bad perspective. Lower-grade journalism isn’t the issue (if anything, some of these articles are really smart), I think it’s more to do with the ease at which media spreads. Which again isn’t bad, freedom of knowledge is fantastic, but does the interpretation of these narratives create societal good or bad? If something can divide easier than it can resolve, over the long-term, should we be surprised by division?

I'm probably more annoyed at myself than anything: acknowledging click-bait headlines and passing them off as the truth. I myself, am part of the problem. I overheard a discussion at the doctors yesterday - a man spoke to his wife about how he believed he was more likely to win the lottery than to catch COVID (which is a false narrative from March 2020). I actually don't think he's to blame - if you Google it - it really does look plausible (it's absolutely not).

Maybe I’m rambling but simply put, I wish it were easier to bring people together because right now, it seems that being divisive attracts more readers/sells more papers, and gets more clicks.

Use that power cautiously.

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Affiliate Links

The following are affiliate links, so TWJN gets paid per click on the following, but we've only put forward links that we think are useful! Sign up for them and improve your life!

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(£3000) The Bath Children’s Novel Award 2021 (Deadline: 30th November 2021)

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Remote Writing Jobs

I try to ensure all the positions are well-paid, and if not, they’re helpful in some other way. Our readership varies from new writers to established writers, so some jobs are better for others. Either way, if you have any questions, get in touch with me or the employer, see how you can help, and grow your network! I try to only show remote jobs, but sometimes allow odd interesting jobs to pass through.

Fully Remote Writing Jobs

- Canva is seeking a freelance copywriter to support the growth marketing creative team, working closely with the in-house creative team to help produce engaging copy for cross-channel marketing campaigns.

- GitHub is looking for a Technical Editor to join the Customer Evidence team and bring technically complex subject matter to life through the voice of GitHub’s 65+ Million customers.

- ($112.2K per year) Basecamp is hiring an email marketing manager to oversee email programs for clients and prospects.

- Clubhouse are looking for someone to work with leadership across all marketing, programming, communications and product functions to establish voice consistency across all brand touch points and ensure that any user interaction is true to the mark. 

- Pitch is looking for a copywriter to join the creative studio. If you are passionate about creating quality content to support business goals and are eager to work with a remote team and a global community, the team would love to speak with you!

- is looking for a copy editor to join the list! has a robust editing process, from tech reviewers to development editors to copy editors, to ensure that our content reaches a high level of polish before it is sent out to our clients.

- ($35ph) Incsub is looking for a technical writer to produce high quality WordPress documents that contribute to the overall success of WPMU DEV products.

- ($80K per year) Baymard Institute is looking for a UX Writing Specialist to join the team.

- ($65K per year) The American Prospect is looking for a managing editor to join the team.

- Bracken is seeking a smart, talented, and self-motivated Marketing Copywriter to join the Digital Health Marketing Agency and help shape the future of healthcare through growing client businesses.

- SmartRecruiters is currently seeking an experienced technical writer to join the product team to develop and drive internal and external documentation projects.

- Pearmill is looking for a Copywriter to join the team.

- (London based): As a Junior Recipe Developer & Writer at Lollipop, your goal is to create a recipe experience our users can’t live without.

- A Copywriter at Thrive Cosmetics will focus on digital content writing to deliver compelling, high-performing, and cohesive copy for acquisition, conversion, and retention marketing channels (e.g. Social Media, TV etc).

Social Media Calls

- ($2,400 per month) @highcountrynews are looking for a books, culture and commentary editor to work about 20 hours per week.

- (~$0.60 per word) @newscientist is always looking for pitches for physics and tech features

- ($0.75 per word) @Runnersworld is is seeking pitches on diverse people, who don’t seem like your typical runner

- ($500-$1k) @orhumanities is now accepting proposals for their next issue, themed around Care.

- ($25 per hour) @6sqft is looking to hire a a part-time daily news writer and a freelance commerce writer.

- ($200) Matador Network is looking for a writer familiar with Ozarks for a simple story on classic dishes from the region.

- ($150) @MsMagazine is looking for teen writers!

- (Paid) My favourite charity, @savethechildren, is looking for a Digital Content Producer/Storyteller Consultant who is a strategic and creative writer and video editor

- (Paid) @Slashgear is looking for new freelance writers to fill in its feature and news writing teams with tech/gadgets and car reviewers!

- (Paid) @carbibles is looking for a freelance writer to help with DIY stories, how-to articles, repair guides and more!

- (Paid) @neotextreview are looking for bizarre/niche/out-there pitches regarding winter holiday comics and movies!

- ($3k-$6k per project) @typeinvestigate is seeking pitches for new investigative projects in 2022.

- (~$0.27 per word) @yesmagazine looking for a trans/non-binary writer with bandwidth to author a reported piece or commentary re: #TDOR 

- (£100) Paid opportunity for trans and non-binary writers

- (~£100+) Paid opportunity from @MetroUK to commission two articles - one on immigrants living in the UK - linked to Christmas and NYE

- (~£0.20 per word) i-D is looking for a writer living with HIV to write about an article concerning the changing face of HIV activism.

- ($130) @Remezla is looking for a Latinx writer who watched ‘Rebelled’ and would like to work on a listicle.

- (Paid) @NPR are looking for freelance journalists with a story about global health & development 

- (Paid) @place_letter are accepting pitches from writers, photographers, illustrators and creators of all kinds.

- (Paid) @EllaRoseDove from Hearst is looking to receive pitches from #disabledwriters who’ve written for national papers/mags. First person memoir ideas, self-help etc

- (Paid) Kazm is looking to hire a freelance content writer to help them communicate with their customers

We’re writers ourselves and know how difficult it can be to find well paid, honest work and at times, you do feel like you’re banging your head against a brick-wall. We’ve tried our best to help, so please let us know how we can help!Hope you have a great week and we’ll speak to you soon!

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