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The Writer's Job Newsletter #52

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on January 30, 2022

Hey everyone!

I'm thrilled that it's been exactly 1 year since I started this newsletter (I think anyways? I swear I started in like Feb or March) but either way, the numbers have racked up and we're at number 52! We've grown from an idea to a community of over 2750 writers, alive on all social media channels and with more products and features coming out every month. Thank you for all your support - you guys are ridiculous to put faith into me, and I try come rain or shine!

On that note: I've just come off a flight, I'm tired as anything so I'm going to get straight into it!

Firstly I'd like to thank again our latest partner ProWritingAid! They're an absolutely awesome company who have given our community of writers 30% off their lifetime membership!

If you want to know more, get in touch or message them directly referencing this offer! ProWritingAid - @prowritingaid -

Secondly, the 2021 Freelancers report is on the way! I appreciate your patience, but it's just difficult running this as a one-person team! I use "we" a lot, I should probably say I more often...but then again, Della is doing an insanely good job with Twitter!

Finally, this week we've found so many jobs. It's literally insane how many opportunities for writers there are right now!! If you're new, try to get as much experience/exposure as possible. Go go go go!!!

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Please always get back to us with feedback, good or bad!

Note: As always - if you think we’re doing a good job then we’d appreciate any support! We’re trying to forge a new path and find a better way for writers to get paid, so if you want to help us on our journey, then get in touch!  Also please support the newsletter!

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Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure all the positions are well-paid, and if not, they’re helpful in some other way. Our readership varies from new writers to established writers, so some jobs are better for others. Either way, if you have any questions, get in touch with me or the employer, see how you can help, and grow your network! I try to only show remote jobs, but sometimes allow odd interesting jobs to pass through.

($150-$200): Fancied have updated their pitch guidelines and are looking for loads for 2022!

($400) The-ARD are constantly looking for thoughtful stories on race, culture, equity and inclusion!

($1 per word) @econhardship is looking for idea-driven features & op-eds with the theme re-envisioning capitalism. 

($400)  Matadornetwork is looking for writers on food/music etc. Get in touch!

($300-$2000) @skimagonline is looking to assign stories from Black Writers about their ski experience in general

($250+) EliteDaily are accepting pitches for thoughtful and timely essays/report pieces/reactions on TV shows, movies, songs, albums, celebs, entertainment trends, and influencers making an impression on you/Gen Z.

($50-$100) @remezcla are looking to add writers to the freelance pool for 2022!

(£150+) Huck is accepting pitches for the spring-summer issue!

($1 per word) BostonGlobe is looking for pitches and recommendations for your favourite new england writers!

($75-$200) @reserveguardmag is looking for freelance writers, bonus points if you’ve covered the military before!

($150-$200) @vulture are looking for culture writers to assign TV recaps for a few different series. 

($0.10 per word) @boulderweekly are looking for pitches!

($200) @superchampbooks are looking for writers who want to write about the good/bar or ugly of sex and romance!

(Paid) Courtney is looking for writers for paid work - not the most interesting she says but if you’re looking!

(Paid) How-To Geek is looking for a Future Tech Writer (Crypto/NFT/Metaverse/VR)

(Paid) ETX View are looking for freelance writers for a paid writing opportunity

(Paid) Gamer are looking for a new part-time weekend Editor and several freelance news and guide writers!

(Paid) ProsperityNow are looking for a writer/editor whose passion for racial and ethnic economic equity drives their dedication to their work.

(Paid) WelcomingUSA are looking for a talented writer to join their team!

(Paid) JohnClarkMotors is looking for a digital performance manager, a junior social media exec, a junior seo exec and a content writer

(Paid) Prism is hiring for a part time writer and a senior reporter for their features section.

(Paid) Salon are looking for a full-time nights/weekends editor/writer. Get in touch!

Remote Writing Jobs

-(US based) Social Media Giant Hubspot are looking for a Full-Time Content Writer. The right candidate will care deeply about solving for results with quality content, have high attention to detail, be meticulous, and contribute positively to team culture by being a supportive and empathetic colleague.

-(US based) Vox Media is looking for a Junior Writer. As a Hot Pod writer, you'll focus on producing at least one newsletter per week, which will include a news roundup, scoops, and analysis.

-Another social media giant, Ahrefs, is seeking a Senior Content Marketer to help Ahrefs create and distribute engaging and educational content that would build brand awareness, help them establish thought leadership in the space, and generate qualified leads for the product.

-Informa Group PLC is looking for an Automotive Writer/Analyst for a full time position. Candidates should have an interest in following and writing about the auto industry, have the ability to connect the dots on how industry trends already are or may impact the automobile retail sector and be capable of juggling multiple assignments.

-We Write Blog Posts is looking for skilled writers to create high-quality blog posts for various websites.

-Influence and Co are looking for a Freelance Writer. If you are looking to be part of a collaborative content creation process, work with autonomy and support, and flex both your creative and strategic muscles, sign up!

-Venture 4th Media is actively looking for some amazing Ecomm Manager Thought Leaders looking for an opportunity to contribute to a well established and high authority brand.

-Empire Flippers is looking to recruit a Content Specialist to join the team! This is a great opportunity for you to work with one of the fastest growing companies in the US and learn the ins and outs of the online business world.

-Sofa tutor is looking for a CopyWriter (AE/BE): as an American English, British English copywriter, you take responsibility for communication in all marketing activities and on the page for English-speaking customers.

-MMS is looking for a Senior ICF Writer to join the team.

-DCG Communications is looking for a Full-Time Lead Proposal Writer. As a member of a small, collaborative team, the Lead Proposal Writer will be responsible for leading all bid and proposal functions.


We’re writers ourselves and know how difficult it can be to find well paid, honest work and at times, you do feel like you’re banging your head against a brick-wall. We’ve tried our best to help, so please let us know how we can help!Hope you have a great week and we’ll speak to you soon!

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