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The Writer's Job Newsletter #61

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on April 03, 2022

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

How’s everyone doing? I’m having such a good week!

Things have calmed down a little with my ‘work work’ a bit of breathing space again. It’s been great connecting with a few of you over Twitter (shout out to @Quinn94!). Love getting to know this community.

On Twitter and a few places, I’ve noticed a bunch more people getting active and staying fit. Gotta get that summer bod.. lol! I’ve been trying to get out for the occasional run every now and then. Remember to take time for yourself. 😊

Resource of the week

This whole self-improvement kick also got me thinking about how we’re always trying to become better writers.

Check out this pretty awesome guide for how to start (or continue) writing online. You can access the whole thing here. No email required.

• I think it's one of the best guides for digital writers

• The frameworks and super tactical layouts are things I’m going to use a more

• If you’re unsure of where to start, guides like this can be super useful! 

FYI - I’m not affiliated with these guys at all. I just love sharing this *free* content .

Also, remember that our supporters get access to an exclusive bonuses. Every job we've shared (over 800 opportunities!) and a list over 200 publications that pay!

Jobs and pitches from within the community 

(From $0.15 per word) Reach out to Johanna Digital Commerce Partners is looking for a freelance writer to assist with the production of 3-4 long-form articles per month. Home interior/home design niche preferred.

(Paid) For the authors out there! Reach out to Lisa at Neem Tree Press for pitches about Books that ignite our curiosity, tell us of a time or place or idea we know little about and drive us to look up facts on the internet! 

($2,000 - $3,000 per month, part time) LogoAI is looking for a long term content marketing manager to research and develop quality content related to the topic of logo design, branding, and entrepreneurship for our blog (email Ping)

P.S. If you apply, remember to tell them where you found the job 😉

Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure all the positions are well-paid, and if not, they’re helpful in some other way. Our readership varies from new writers to established writers, so some jobs are better for others. Either way, if you have any questions, get in touch with me or the employer, see how you can help, and grow your network! I try to only show remote jobs, but sometimes allow odd interesting jobs to pass through.

(From $250) The Elite Daily is accepting lifestyle pitches for compelling and timely essays on unique travel experiences, hot takes on TikTok trends, home decor, food, and more things making an impression on you.

($250 - $400) Daysia from the Daily Dot is looking for trend analyses, think pieces, interviews with creators and companies in the creator economy, reported features about underreported issues and communities in the space, etc.

(Paid) @ElizabethTeets is looking for pitches for an anthology for a love letter to women lead comedies.  Personal essay and a mix of criticism with a personal twist would both be welcome. Essays will be due in mid June. 

(From $3000) @MotherJones is seeking pitches for our print culture section Mixed Media, especially those that examine structures of power, explore identity, or illuminate cultural undercurrents.

($1000) Another rolling opportunity from MotherJones! Pitch for a column in the back of the book every month!! In 600 to 800 words, writers take on a word, or phrase, and use it reveal something about our current order.

(Paid) Pitches on/stories around the theme of subversive blockbusters from across the globe. Films with significant budgets that connected with audiences but are discernibly odd/eccentric/auteurist follies rather than flatpack franchise features.

($0.15) Focus for disabled writers! Amendo are looking for someone to contribute in an authentic and approachable way to conversations like navigating the professional world, finding community, dating and relationships, living a meaningful life, and more

($115) A little interesting… Send pitches on plotholes, potholes, loopholes, glory holes, foxholes, black holes, wormholes, memory holes, assholes, & MORE to by May 1st

(Paid) Ishani newly at Be The Juggernaut is looking for meaningful and in-depth stories for the South Asian diaspora. Send story ideas, pitches, and snack recommendations to:

(From $350, San Fran or Dallas!) Insider wants you compare the McDonald's plant-based McPlant burger made with Beyond Meat and give you ~ honest ~ thoughts. Made an exception for this one since it’s about tasting burgers AND writing. What a great gig lol.

($0.15 per word) Fed Fed Fed are looking for pitches on water and scandal (separately) for their upcoming issues.

($0.20 per word) Interesting post on Reddit.. Looking for a writer direct experience in the water damage restoration industry - someone who has owned a restoration company, worked for a restoration company, etc.

($25 per hour) HOBI is looking for an editor bring meaning, structure, and a cohesive flow to the article. Upfront payment, creative autonomy, flexible hours!

Remote Writing Jobs

($75,000 - $90,000 Remote, US) More Perfect Union is a new progressive media organization whose coverage focuses on economic policy and corporate accountability from a working class perspective. They are looking for a Political Reporter.

($18,000 per 3-month project) Are looking for a Copy Editor to help set the highest editorial standards and ensure there is consistency of style in everything they publish.

(£30,000 - £40,000, Remote, UK) A travel home-working company needs a Content Writer to join their team with responsibility to produce written content for various marketing channels. You will plan, research and write content supporting our marketing and recruitment strategy.

($120,000 Remote, US) Content Marketing Lead at Flixed. To run strategy and operations for their marketing machine. Check out their site for more detail.

(Remote, US) NETFLIX!! Is looking for a writer. How cool with this be? Writing for Netflix 

(£45,000 - £55,000 Remote, UK) These recruiters are looking for senior medical writer to join their team and write the full range of high-quality communication products aimed at the pharmaceutical industry

(Remote, German speaking) Kate Rocks is looking for a German content writer to help build awareness of the crypto gaming community

(£21,000 - £25,000 Remote, UK) Karfu is seeking a full-time Content Writer to create and manage informative content to populate the platform prior to our commercial launch, as well as on an ongoing basis to position Karfu as the impartial home of mobility information.

(Remote, US) A little more technical.. Amount are looking for a technical writer to help  build out documentation infrastructure for both internal and external stakeholders

(Pay on request, Remote, US) Chemonics is looking for an energetic, customer-service oriented, and creative Writer/Editor Specialist for the Project Development and Support Division to work closely with staff company-wide to produce a variety of communications products, proposals, and publications for business lines, regional business units, and support divisions. Including travel for 4-8 weeks a year!

(Remote, US) ShortPoint is looking for a Content Writer to join the team and work providing high-quality written and video content in partnership with developers and product managers to provide customers with product information, guides, tutorials, and resources.

(Remote, US) Crypto team! dcSpark are looking for a Technical Writer to produce documentation to explain the underlying technology to a wider audience.


We’re writers ourselves and know how difficult it can be to find well paid, honest work and at times, you do feel like you’re banging your head against a brick-wall. We’ve tried our best to help, so please let us know how we can help!

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