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The Writer's Job Newsletter #64 | Supporter Giveaway! 🎁

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on April 24, 2022

Happy Sunday to 2,981 motivated writers 👋🏼 

Getting paid to write is a hard nut to crack. Let’s crack it together!

This week’s been pretty awesome. We’ve got:

  • 11 calls to pitch
  • 15 writing jobs inc. 2 early journo fellowships
  • Special giveaway for our Supporters! 🎁
  • Let’s get to it! ⬇️⬇️

    Resource of the week

    So after last week’s note about copywriting, the founder of The Copywriting Summit reached out about partnering up.  They wanted to sponsor us.

    But I thought we more than just a sponsor.

    So... as an exclusive for our Supporters, I managed to snag 50 FREE passes to the virtual conference!

    What is The Copywriting Summit? 

  • It's a 2 day virtual event, May 16 - 18,
  • All about copywriting, freelancing, and more
  • There's some awesome speakers (some of my fave Twitter accs)
  • JK Molina, Dickie Bush, Ocean Maria, and others on the website
  • This is a MUST for anybody wanting to level-up their online brand
  • Again, this is an exclusive for our Supporters, who will receive a promo code to input at checkout for a free pass. Sign up at The Copywriting Summit.

    If you’re really interested in this but aren’t a Supporter, consider signing up! Our Supporters have a special place in our hearts. You keep this show rolling. 💕

    Anyway, onto the jobs of the week! 

    I'm noticing a lot more writing jobs at startups and tech companies recently. Everything from content to technical writing. UX Writers in particular are in super high demand right now.. interesting trends!

    Calls to Pitch

    I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. You all range from new writers to more established, so some jobs may be more relevant for you. I focus on remote jobs, but may post the odd interesting job.

    (£0.30 per word) Positive News Magazine | Lucy is looking for pitches ASAP! Sparky solutions-focused feature ideas for the next print issue in July.

    ($1000, Poetry competition) BOMB Magazine | Deadline May 1

    ($50 - $250) Busy Pixel Media | Nirave is looking for a bunch of freelance roles | Ask for rates for specific pieces | Big range depending on article

    ($75 per piece) Christ Pop Culture | Articles on pop culture that address the themes of conflict and peacemaking | Deadline May 16

    ($315 - $578 per piece) Draft.Dev | Technical marketing content for startups by developers/coders. Perfect side hustle!

    ($0.25 - $0.35 per word) Angi | Financial data writer for ongoing freelance. Helping homeowners connect with service professionals

    ($0.10 - $0.20 per word) Angi | More of a generalist? They have other, less technical, freelance opportunities too

    ($150 - $500) Mental Health Newsletter | P E Moskowitz is looking for pieces on mental health

    ($125 per 1000 words) Guide Fall Guides | Andrew needs video game writers 👾 🕹

    ($100 - $150 per piece) The Progressive | Kassidy is always looking for rolling pitches for their monthly publication

    ($250 per 800-1000 words)  The Financial Diet | Rolling pitches and stories for their Making It Work Youtube series

    Remote Writing Jobs

    ($120,000, Remote) NPR | Corporations and Climate Correspondent to report on the intersection of climate and business

    ($104,000 estimate, Contract, Remote) Tinder | Love is in the air 💕 Tinder is looking for TWO UX Writer Contractors. Huge perks at these big tech companies

    ($75,000 - $100,000, Remote)  The Insider | Leah is looking for a Biotech reporter for their healthcare team. Unlimited vacation!!

    (£450 per day, Remote UK) Remote Worker | Technical Writer for a web-based learning platform, via agency

    ($47,000 - $75,000, Remote US) SimX | Content writer for AR and VR startup, salary estimate but SF HQ so usually high!

    ($60 - $70 per hour, Remote US) Creative Circle | Senior Content Strategist 6 month contract, for a large financial services company, via agency

    (£35,000 - £45,000, Remote UK) Spotlight Recruitment | Technology Writer  for an online publishing and media platform, via agency

    ($20 per hour, Remote) The Insider | Earlier in your career? There’s also a fellowship program for those starting off

    ($3,334 per month, 6 month, Remote US) Grist | Another fellowship newer writers to join the Editorial team. Great learning opp. Get paid to learn!! 

    (Paid, Remote US) Grist | More experienced? They’re also looking for a Staff Writer for Environmental Investigations

    ($45,000 - $65,000, Remote) MailerLite |  Content Writer with email marketing expertise that helps businesses grow online

    (Paid, Remote EU) Babble | UX Writer or Content Designer to work across multiple product teams

    (Paid, Remote) Smartrr | Content Writer at Subscription E-commerce Startup | NYC HQ so usually pretty well paid! 🗽

    (Paid, Remote, Global!) Tyk | Conversion copywriter to be their internal journalist/publisher | Great work/life balance

    (Paid, Remote) Reddit | Contract UX Content Designer for the written copy within the Reddit platform! Where’s the Redditor’s at!? Again, tech company = big $$


    PS Let me know if you’re not a supporter and still want to attend The Copywriting Summit, let me know. If we have spare tickets, I’ll share with you.

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