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The Writer's Job Newsletter #65 | some good news for you 🎁

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on May 01, 2022

Happy Sunday to 3,001 motivated writers 👋🏼 

We round up the best writing jobs so you don’t have to.

Now you can spend the rest of your Sunday wondering who closes the bus door when the driver gets out. 🤔

This week’s been huge for us:

15 calls to pitch

15 writing jobs inc. 5 great contract gigs

• More passes for The Copywriting Summit! 🎁

• We just crossed over 3,000 subscribers! 🥳

• We smashed 2,000 follows on twitter (@job_writers, say hello!)

Resource of the week

So after last week’s give-away for Supporters, a bunch of you got in touch about getting passes to The Copywriting Summit.

Here's the good news.

I reached out to the founders and managed to get us another 100 free passes. This time, I’m going to share with everybody. A token of my appreciation. 😊 

Use promo code WRITERS at checkout. 🎁

What is The Copywriting Summit?

 • It's a 2 day virtual event, May 16 - 18, targeted at writers focused on copywriting, freelancing, and more

• This is a MUST for anybody wanting to level-up their online brand

So much gratitude and love for this community. Your comments make this all worthwhile!!

Anyway, let’s get onto the opps before my eyes get teary! 

Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. You all range from new writers to more established, so some jobs may be more relevant for you. I focus on remote jobs, but may post the odd interesting job.

(£100+) Gal-dem Magazine | Naomi is the new political editor and looking for pitches. Check out these pitch guidelines

($200 - $800) Insider | Rates based on prev postings | Jack is looking for stories about super yachts. If you know you know (sorry I couldn’t help myself🛥)

($500 - $2500+) Wired UK | Amit is looking for ~600 word pieces for upcoming print issues! Check out the pitch guidelines.

($300+ per 500 words) Boost | Anna is looking for multiple pitches. $300+ for freelancing tips and tricks. Pitch guidelines here

($500+ per 800 words) Boost | Anna is looking for multiple pitches. $500+ for profiles  . Pitch guidelines here

($200) Boost | Anna is looking for multiple pitches. $200 for financial diary. Pitch guidelines here

($200) Healthy Rich | Looking for multiple stories about finance and money. Guidelines here

($75 - $200 per piece) TheGamer | Stacey is looking for pieces on classic games (like Pokemon) or on new releases 👾

($1 per word) The Assembly | Kate is looking for stories about North Carolina! Guidelines here

($550 - $700 per piece) FoodPrint | Foodie alert 🚨 Jerusha is looking for food-related topics (US related)!

($400+) Refinery29 | Queer writers! Contact Hannah for queer pitches Guidelines here

($250+) DailyDot | More for LGBTQ+ writers! 🦄🌈 Kris is looking for original stories for Pride Month

($50 per 300 words) REMEZCLA | Rolling pitch call for LATINX music writers

(£350 for 1100 words) Roadbook | Mumbai-based writers! 🇮🇳 Music and culture pieces  

(£200 per 800 words) Glamour Mag UK | Pitches about the impact Elon Musk buying Twitter has on Black Twitter

Remote Writing Jobs

($55 - $65 per hour, Remote, Contract) Markof Systems | Looking for a technical writer who’s savvy with some engineering concepts, via agency

($80,000 - $90,000 Remote US) Center for Public Integrity | Investigative data journalist to support collaborative work with local newsrooms

($80,000 - $90,000 Remote US) Center for Public Integrity | Another investigative reporter committed to solutions-oriented journalism

($6000 - $8000 per month, Remote US, Contract) Tara Health | Communications manager to develop a strategic external communications for 20h per week 

($20-$24 per hour, Part time, Remote) Legacy Tree | Part time editor and genealogist. Documenting family trees and history

(£61,000 Remote UK) 80,000 hours | Writer to research, outline, and write new articles for their site. Love this mission-driven company. 

(£80 per hour, Remote UK, Contract) 80,000 hours | Part-time writing consultant. Pitch them why you can make their writing better!

($61,000 Remote US) Garfinkle + Associates | Writing agency is looking for a writer and Project Manager

($40 - $60 Remote, Contract) NWEA | Help Center Technical Writer to bring together other parts of the business (product, engineering, marketing, sales)

($55 - $65 per hour Remote, Contract) DispatchHealth | Technical writer to improve technical documentation to improve emergency room visits in health tech

(Paid, Remote US) IvyPanda | Academic editor to help students excel 

(Paid, Remote US Canada) Basis Technologies | Content Manager at a cool tech company for B2B content writing/management

(Paid, Remote US Canada) Stripe | Content Marketing Producer to create blog posts, guides, emails, customer stories, ad copy. Awesome company! Tech too so likely a lot 💰

(Paid, Remote US) Superb AI | Content writer to make editorial and thought-leadership content (blogs, articles, guides). Other salaries are pretty high ($140,000 for Marketing Manager)

(Paid, Remote) Chain | Copywriter for blockchain/crypto startup. Lot of energy in this space right now. Great to join a thriving industry!


PS Hit reply and tell me your favourite pizza. I’ll get to know you better and we should avoid any spam/promotion filters!

PPS If we run out of free passes for The Copywriting Summit, reply or hit me up on Twitter @job_writers and I’ll see if we can get some more. Remember, use promo code WRITERS at checkout. 🎁

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