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The Writer's Job Newsletter #69 | I said pitch .. not b***h!

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on May 29, 2022

Happy Sunday to 3,107 motivated writers 👋🏼 

Gosh it’s been a busy week! Super jet lagged right now: I flew back UK yesterday. But I’m super looking forward to spending a week with the family. 😊

I actually came back to surprise my brother for his 30th birthday 🥳 And the Queen’s Jubilee (of course…)

Today, we’re having a little BBQ. It wouldn’t be a proper British BBQ without the looming threat of rain, constantly.

Ok I've got to run before my mum kills me. About to dig in but had to pull this together for you all!

What do we have in store?

• Great resource to find guidelines for pitching publications 

• 19 calls to pitch 📢

• 21 writing jobs with a couple fellowships and internships!

Also, remember that our supporters get access to an exclusive bonuses. Every job we've shared (over 800 opportunities!) and a list over 200 publications that pay!

I'm going share the occasional mid-week roundup, exclusive to supporters too!

Resource of the week

List of pitch guidelines 

Here’s a big loooooong list of pitch guidelines for a bunch of publications. 

Some of you have asked about tips/tricks about pitching to publishers. This list can be super useful for you to hear what they’re looking for - straight from the horses mouth!

Tip: Use CMD + F (or CTRL + F on Windows) to find the industry or topic you’re interested in pitching a story for

Check it out hereAlright, let’s get onto the opps! 

Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. You all range from new writers to more established, so some jobs may be more relevant for you. I focus on remote jobs, but may post the odd interesting job.

($500+) InStyle | Fashion and beauty writers  reach out to Chloe to pitch your stories. 💅🏽

($350 - $500 per piece) Nexus Media | Pitches for climate and the environmental justice for Danielle Important topics!. Guidelines here

($300+) Polygon | Computer lab theme week. All sorts: deep dives, personal essays, and more. Give Maddy a shout or email (also have rolling calls to pitch)

($250 - $400) Kindred | Black writers! Pieces about family life from a black perspective, particularly from underrepresented voices. (Also rolling calls)

($250) Southern Living | More foodie pitches! 500 word pieces all about southern food. Give Emily a DM

(Up to £200, estimate) Lost in Cult | ANOTHER gaming opp 👾 Long form essays on specific games, hardware, and more. Guidelines here

($150 - $400) Chicago Reader | General pitches about Arts & Culture and City. Give Salem a shout. Guidelines here

($150 per piece) Ladies who Leverage | Pitch Kelly stories about the female entrepreneur lifestyle. Guidelines here

(£125 - £250) JRNY Mag | POC travel writers! Emma is looking for pieces about travel for the upcoming issue

(€100 - €200) Good Luck Have Fun | Pitches about games 👾 Op-eds, listicles, interviews etc. Give Kirk a shout! Website here

(£100+) Novara Media | More underrepresented voices for perspectives on politics. Rates work out to £18.75 per hour, depending on length. DM Moya!

(£12.50 per 400 words) Ninety Fresh | More gaming opps! Female or non-binary writers who loves games?! 👾 They’re looking for interviews, features, reviews, and more Message this dude (lol @ his twitter handle)

(Up to $2 per word, estimate) Cosmopolitan | Veronica is looking for stories about sex and relationships - and rolling calls from LGBTQ+ perspectives!. Guidelines here

($0.50 - $1, estimate) Input Mag | Mark is always looking for pitches. This time for stories that involve the supernatural and tech (rolling call) Guidelines here

($0.50 per word) SafetyWing Media | Pitches about remote work, digital nomads, all things working globally! Perfect for all the remote writers here. Guidelines here 

($0.50 per word) Dissent Magazine | Pitches for left-leaning politics. They want to publish emerging writers with new voices. Guidelines here. Deadline July 1

(£0.28 per word) InfoSecurity Mag | Looking for freelance reporters for a bunch of upcoming events!

($0.05 per word) Crealon Media | Elaine is looking for THREE YouTube script writers across a whole portfolio of channels!

(Paid, rates being finalised) POC in Tech | Pitch them stories about people of color, working in tech! Guidelines here

Remote Writing Jobs

($65,000 - $80,000, Remote US) The Trace | Newsletter writer, currently daily and weekly editions. Deadline June 12

(£45,000, Remote) Story Things | Writer/editorial lead for anybody in a UK-ish timezone (open for freelance too) Message Anjali for more!

($38,000 - $45,000, Remote) BannerBear | Content writer to push nocode/lowcode blogs/content. Awesome company: transparent & remote-first. Shout out YongFook

($75,000 - $85,000, Remote) Futureswap | Content writer for a blockchain startup. Perfect for someone with an interest or experience in crypto

($20,000 stipend, Remote US) Jewish Writer’s Initiative | 8 month fellowship opportunity for 12 storytellers in their inaugural cohort. Deadline June 1

(£1,375 per month, Remote, Part time) Radiant E Sports | Another gaming opp! 👾 Social media manager to grow a League of Legends twitter and online brand

($3,500 per month, Remote) Crux Investor | Financial journalist contractor to condense the daily news cycle for investors. Very flexible company!

(75,000 NGN per month, Remote) Kenga Media | One for the Gen Z African writers. Social media editor/writer. 

($25 per hour, Remote, Par time) Borderless Magazine | Contractor editor for 20 hours a week. Fully remote while they find a full time editor

($20 - $22 per hour, Remote New Hampshire) Podcasting for Creatives | What do you get if you cross copywriting with podcasts? A dream job! Check out this post Deadline June 15

($40 per hour, Remote US) Civic Genius | Writer/researcher to build out civic action resources. Message Jillian for more info

($20 per hour, Remote US, Part time) Growth Acceleration Partners | Intern content writer! Perfect for a summer break

($16 - $18 per hour, Remote US) Talent Fairy | Writer/editor to manage content for a portfolio of websites

($16 - $18 per hour, Remote US) Talent Fairy | Remote writer/editor for part time work at flexible/remote friendly company. Tweets here.

(Paid, intern) Wisdom of Crowds | Podcast producer, editor, researcher. Great opp for a student over summer 

(Paid, Remote Canada) THIS Magazine | Looking for Canadian News Editors to mange stories across their publication. Deadline June 1

(Paid per listing, Remote, Part-time) Cars and Bids | Auction specialist as a contractor to write auction posts and listings

(Paid, Remote US) Rolling Stone | Internet Culture reporter for their news operation. What an awesome opp at a legendary publication

(Paid, Remote US, Part time) Green Building Council | Copy Editor an experienced copywriter for an industry non-profit. Shoot Heather a DM for pay rates

(Paid, Remote, Part time) Paris 21 | Social media consultant. Open to international! Deadline June 1

(Paid, Remote) Venetoulis Institute | Newsletter writer looking for creativity and knows their way around a newsletter. Check out Emma’s tweet 


PS Hit reply and let me know what sort of jobs you're looking for. Always keen to learn more about you all!

PPS Wouldn't be a complete email without dropping the handle @job_writers


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