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✍️ The Writer's Job Newsletter #73 | Fellowship of the Pen?

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on June 26, 2022

Happy Sunday to 3,367 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing?

I’m getting some messages about these emails not hitting inboxes. 

Make sure you don’t miss an issue:

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• Either way: Reply to this email. Let me know what your biggest challenge with writing is right now. I read and respond to every email! 

Okay. Enough admin. It’s Sunday. It’s supposed to be a fun-day right?

So let’s have some fun. Check out this list of the worst pitches journalists have ever sent. The third from Nathan Ma is my fave. Great reminder not to take yourself too seriously (and to ABP - always be pitching!!)

One final note, before you feast on the opps.

Last week I has a lot of higher-paid opps for more experience writers. This time there’s a bunch for early career and newer writers (and some fellowships too!). Look out for the milk bottle 🍼 for early career jobs.

That’s because I love you all, equally 😊.. except for you (you know who you are 😉)


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Some great productivity tips from a free newsletter

2️⃣ 21 calls to pitch 📢

3️⃣ 4 writing fellowships and grants

4️⃣ 15 writing jobs, with one from in the community!

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

Productivity tips from this free newsletter

After last week's resources some of you wanted more newsletter recommendations. Plus I love sharing free these free resources with actionable tips.

I reached out to Steve, who writes these awesome tips in ProductiveGrowth

One of my faves is this framework for weekly reviews. I work on multiple things (main job, side projects, this newsletter) so I found it super useful,esp if you're working with multiple clients!

Steve's mission is help you get to the next level through the 3Ps: productivity, personal development & process building. Also, it's free! Check it out


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities too

($500+) WIRED | Andrew is looking for privacy/surveillance related pitches, in a post Roe v Wade America. Guidelines here. Rolling call

($500) DWR National Center for Business Journalism | Pitch articles happening for the latest news cycle & tips for other business writers. Guidelines here

($320 - $350) Insider | Jack and Kiera are looking for business stories, esp short term Airbnb rentals. See these guidelines for a bunch of example stories

($300 - $1000) PublicSource | Pitch personal stories following the Roe v Wade overturning in the US. Guidelines here. Submission here.

($250 - $450, estimate) Savannah Magazine | Colleen is a new editor and is open for pitches! Rates estimates from pay reports. Email her director or submit here

(£200 - £250+) The Fence Magazine | Pitch essays, investigations, fiction with a broad remit. They’re already commissioning pieces after this call! Rates from this prev tweet Guidelines here. Rolling call.

($200) The Verge | Young people and early career - pitch interesting tech 🎮 stories for one of my fav publications 🥳 Guidelines here. Deadline July 11 🍼

($100 per 500 words) Nurall | Jamie is looking for pitches about finding community as a digital nomad. These folks write great city guides! 

($100 - $200) LGTBTW Nation | Timely pitches about the recent Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade. General info here

(£100) The White Review | Irenosen is a new Contributing Editor and is keen to hear from new voices, BIPOC and emerging. Guidelines here

($75) AWALLPRINTSS | Pitch Safeeya your entertainment and culture pitches. Guidelines here

(£70 - £90, estimate) Digital Spy | Who loves trash TV?! That’s a compliment. Hit up Tilly with your hot takes about Love Island and the current contestants. Rates estimated from pay reports. Guidelines here.

($50 - $300, estimate) The Rumpus | Pitch Davon your creative nonfiction essays for their next issue. Pay varies. They split their freelancer pot between writers. Guidelines here. Deadline August 1 🍼

($50) Anime Herald | Where’s the anime fans?!  Rolling call for pitches, but looking for history stories. Guidelines here  ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝ 🍼

(£40 per 1000 words) PolyesterZine Online | Pitch Gina unique takes on pop culture and FP essays. Guidelines here

(£40) Texture Magazine | Pitches for their next print issue. Essays, features, interviews related to music or sound. Good for beginners. Submit here. Deadline June 30 🍼

($1 per word) Wyoming Truth | Paying the big bucks! Shen is looking for freelance reporters for news and features. May need to be Wyoming based (?)

($0.50 per word) Outside Magazine | Abigail is looking for climate change stories. Guidelines here. Rolling call

($0.50 per word) Texas Observer | Kit is the new Digital Editor and looking for pitches! Guidelines here

($0.25 per word) Austin Chronicle | Pitches about the local education institutions in the city. Details here

($0.22+ per word, estimate) BuzzFeed News | Laura is the interim editor at their tech desk. Get your tech news pitches to her! Rate estimated from pay reports. Guidelines here


3️⃣ Fellowships and grants

($10,000) UC Berkeley Journalism | Fellowship for in-depth print and audio stories! Details here. Deadline July 31

($3,600 per month) Mother Jones | Editorial fellowships gives applicants an opportunity to deep dive into investigative journalism. Deadline July 5

($2000) Sisters in Crime | Pride Award for emerging LGBTQIA+ Crime writers 🏳️‍🌈🦄 Details here. Deadline July 31 

(£350) British Beer Writers | 3 grants for promoting diversity in beer writing for UK-based writers. Great initiative! More details here


4️⃣ Writing jobs

($60,000 - $80,000 Remote) Empire Flippers Capital | Content Specialist to work US timezones and contribute articles/content for this new venture.

($55,000 - $65,000 Remote US) Borderless Magazine | Managing Editor to handle day-to-day management of their newsroom. Deadline July 1.

($5,000 per month, Remote US) Popular Mechanics | Experienced freelance contributor for their Power and Energy vertical. Check Andrew’s thread for details.

(£2,300 - £2,500 per issue + commission) CASSGB | Freelance Magazine Editor for their quarterly magazine for members. 20% commission for ad sales

($2,000 per month, Remote) TheGamer | Evergreen Editor with guides experience for long term contract. DM Stacy for q’s

($2,000 per month, Remote, Part time) Code Savvy | Contract Grant Writer, Part-time. Apply for grants for nonprofits in the science/community building space

($2,000 per month, Remote) | Data Writer to contribute 4 articles each month. $500 a piece. Great content marketing agency for technical writers

($35 per hour, Remote US, Part time) Dotdash Meredith | Contract editor to support Ellie’s team 20-30 hours per week. Shoot her a DM or email.

(Paid, Remote US) Harvard University | What a place to have on the resume! School of public health is looking for a writer. You’d be working with Stephanie (say hello!) 

(Paid, Remote) Awesome Motive | Content Writer responsible for growing organic traffic and convert those to email subscribers

(Paid, Remote UK) Anthem Publishing | Freelance news journalist for Vegan Food & Living. Reach out to Sally for more information!

(Paid, Remote) Global Landscapes Forum | Freelance Science Writes for 1-5 articles per month to write and assign pieces Deadline July 1

(Paid, Remote) Lyft | Freelance writers for new project about the future of transportation. Reach out to Jason!

(Paid, Remote) Deeproots Partners | Freelance cannabis writers to help content for dispensaries looking to grow sales. Message Matt or apply here

(Paid, Remote) David Shifrin | Freelance science and medical writers to help ghostwrite paper and articles. Reach out to David directly 


PS Let me know if this email keeps hitting your promo tabs! I need to really figure out why that’s happening!

PPS If you want to show me some love, shoot a DM on twitter @job_writers


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