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✍The Writer's Job Newsletter #75 | Deadlines tomorrow 🚨

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on July 10, 2022

Happy Sunday to 3,477 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? Another beauty of a weekend in Toronto!

I mentioned last week things are a little busy on my end. I’m in the middle moving places, which is always fun 😩. But like I said, putting this newsletter is always a highlight of my week. 😊

So, what’s happening in TWJN? I’m noticing some trends:

• Calls to pitch are on fire right now! Start of the quarter & people have $ to burn

• Freelance opps are tight lipped with their pay (again) 🤔. I’m guessing this is because economies are slowing down… but I’ve got a great resource to help you.

Unrelated note: do you want a shoutout of your blog? I think you do (we all do!). That’s why I’m going to do a round-up of TWJN subscriber blogs.

If you want to get featured in a couple weeks, hit reply with a link to your blog and a 1 - 2 sentence summary of what you write about.

If I get enough replies, I'll even feature it on our website 😊

Let's dig in!


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Salary Report: Content writing ($93,000/year, on average) 😮

2️⃣ 23 calls to pitch 📢 (3 deadlines tomorrow 🚨)

3️⃣ 17 writing jobs and freelance opps

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

Content Marketing Salary Report

You know what’s great? Getting paid 🤑

You know what sucks? Applying for a job & finding out it's not worth your time 😡

Superpath are helping pay transparency for Content Maketers. This is a detailed report (but small ~300 respondents). They've been running their surveys for a few years now so we've got some trends over time, which is super interesting.

I love seeing reports like this. It forces companies to be more transparent! Check out the full report here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities too


($200+) TripSavvy | Travel writers?! Astrid is looking for pitches on all things beaches, island, and oceans! Guidelines here. Deadline July 11

($20 per page) ArabLit Quarterly | Nashua is looking for stories about all things related to weddings. Guidelines here. Deadline July 11, drafts by Aug 8

(£0.20 per word) APL Media | Mattie is looking for multiple pieces for supplements going into UK nationwide newspapers. Deadline July 11


($400 - $600) SWATCOW | Are looking for teams of LGBTQIA+ fiction writers for upcoming publication. Open to any themes but it sounds like they prefer fantasy and medieval stories

($280+ CAD, estimate) CBC News | Tiffany is taking pitches for news stories! Pay estimated from this rabbit role I went down… Page 90 of this CBC freelancer union handbook!

($200 - $400) BLAC Magazine | Darralynn is the new editor and is looking for experienced black writers. 

($200+) Insider | Alyse is still looking for stories about current events from professionals and leaders. She’s looking for topical things (flight cancellations, travel, summer jobs etc. Guidelines here

($200+) Catapult Magazine | Arriel is a new Contributing Editor and is looking for pitches. Think essays, fiction, poetry! Guidelines here. Rolling call

($200+) Insider | Claudia is looking for cruise-related stories for frequent cruisers. Fun fact: my mum is terrified of the ocean and just went on her first cruise earlier this summer Guidelines here

($200 - $600) The Objective | Pitches for analysis on how the US media reports on the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Guideline here

($150 - $200, estimate) Crikey! News | Gina is joining as a News Editor and will be taking pitches! Guidelines here. Estimate from prev report

($100+) Cleveland Review of Books | Jacob is commissioning stories about history, culture, and politics in the US mid-west. Guidelines here

(£100) Analytics FC | Alex is looking for thought provoking pieces about football (yes, that’s soccer my American friends). Guidelines here

($100) Paste Magazine | Samantha is looking for foodie stories! Open to all sorts of stories (inc. hot takes, lists). Guidelines here. Rolling call

($100) Nurall | Jamie is looking for pitches about finding community as a digital nomad. These folks write great city guides! Rolling call (and still open!)

($50 - $100) Geez Magazine | They’re looking for stories for winter submissions. All focused on crafts and How-tos. Interesting call! Guidelines here. Deadline Aug 5

($50 - $300, estimate) The Rumpus | Robbie is looking for essays for upcoming issues. Check the thread for examples. Pay is split between a pool of writers.

($1 - $1.50 per word, estimate) New York Times, Well | Erik is looking for pitches for fitness stories about new or interesting ways to workout Guidelines here.

($0.50 - $1 per word) Input Magazine | Mark is kicking off Q3 with a bang! One of my fab publications. Mixing technology and culture. Examples here. Guidelines here. Rolling call

($0.50 - $1 per word) Input Magazine | Ray from Input is also looking for stories about tech. Hardware and software. Guidelines here. Rolling call

($0.40 - $0.50 per word) Yes! Magazine | Submissions for the ‘Bodies’ issue later this winter. Check out their detailed pitch call. General guidelines here. Deadline Aug 2

(£0.25 per word) The Bookseller | Caroline is looking for stories to publish in their Youth issue. Guidelines here. Deadline July 15 

(£0.20 - £0.30 per word, estimate) The Independent | Harriet is taking pitches for their Indy Voices stories about people, live, relationships, values, and more. Guidelines here


3️⃣ Writing jobs

(€43,000 - €56,000, Remote) Scaleway | Contract Internal Communications Manager to cover maternity leave. Looks like such a cool company to work for.

($300 per article) NPX | Freelance writer to make content in the health and wellness space to assign articles to

($45 - $55 per hour, Remote US) Strategic Staffing Solutions | Copywriter to support a 6-month stint (with option to extend). Via recruiter

(Paid, Remote) Brave Bison | Freelance Copywriter with BALLS (not literally, lol). Journalists and content marketers!

(Paid, Remote) WP Media | Content Writer in EU timezone to make and manage content that builds credibility for the company. 

(Paid, Remote) White Spectre | Senior Content Writer to help put put compelling tech-focussed content for their brand

(Paid, Remote UK) Penfold | Content Strategist to scale their marketing content. Experience in fintech and finance may be preferred.

(Paid, Remote) | Freelance Academic Writing Copyeditor to edit student-submitted questions. Fully remote! 

(Paid, Remote) Superpath | Freelance Technical Writer with experience in software engineering/product management (no coding exp needed). They’re expanding their freelance pool.

(Paid, Remote, Part-time) Allurion | Part-time Digital Content Writer to write about their iOS and Android apps, contracted on an hourly basis. Healthcare space.

(Paid, Remote) Affinity Sites | Multiple Freelance Writers to support  a range of publications (see posting for the list). Likely will assign multiple articles per week!

(Paid, Remote) Renee Seltzer | Freelance editor to review blogs and online posts. Experience with proofreading is needed.

(Paid, Remote) Market Realist | Associate SEO Editor to make content for stock market analysis, crypto, personal finance. And make it seem simple.

(Paid, Remote) TMB | Nicole is hiring a bunch of different wiring roles - and commissioning freelance work for the Trend and Affiliate verticals

(Paid, Remote) Secret company 🤫 | Freelance Copywriter to help with a new start-up’s website, email, social copy etc.

(Paid, Remote) B2B SaaS Company | Freelance copywriter for a 3-month stint with experience in SaaS, web copywriting, and a portfolio, via recruiter


PS Again, let me know if you want your blog featured (for free!) Just shoot a reply with a link and what it's about in a couple sentences.

PPS If you want to show me some love, shoot a DM on twitter @job_writers

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