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✍ The Writer's Job Newsletter #77 | Big paying pitches 🤑

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on July 24, 2022

Happy Sunday to 3,638 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? I’m pumped...

This was the biggest week for new subscribers, ever!

Welcome, welcome friends. You picked a great week to join.

Why? Cus we’ve got awesome opps! It’s been a while since the last $1000 pitch 🤑

Also, for the OG’s, thanks for sharing your blogs with me! I’ve been busy sifting through them. I LOVE the variety of interests in this community (still need to reply to a few of you).

I’ll share something exciting on this next week 😊

Let's dig in!


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Free book: A Skill Called Luck by Jakob Greenfeld

2️⃣ 24 calls to pitch (2 deadlines ASAP 🚨)

3️⃣ 16 writing jobs w one from the community!

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

Resource of the week

A Skill Called Luck by Jakob Greenfeld 

I’m always amazed at the quality of ~ f r e e ~ stuff online (… if you know where to look like, you know, this newsletter 😉) 

One of my fav internet people and writers, Jakob, just dropped this awesome book, A Skill Called Luck (sign up to his newsletter for free download). 

In his words, “it’s 64 pages on how to on how to increase your luck surface area”.

In my words, it’s a practical guide on how you can make small decisions to be more successful (in whatever you do)

It really resonated with me. He crystallised a lot of thoughts bouncing around my head.

IMO it’s super useful for writers. A lot of time we can get caught up in the hard stuff (writing) that we can forget about the softer things (networking, promoting etc.)

It’s also reassuring that this type of thing doesn’t come naturally to everybody (even somebody as prolific as Jakob!)

Check it out here!


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities too


($75 per hour, Remote US) HOPR | Amy is looking for a replacement for her full time contract role. Taking technical writing and translating to user friendly copy for FAANG companies. Email her at


($130) REMAZCLA | Alexis is looking for an Afro-Latina writer for a listicle. Quick turnaround!

(£100) Gal Dem Zine | Kya is looking for pitches from people of color for the ‘Passage that Changed Me” column. Guidelines here.


($1000) Narratively | Boyce looking for stories about Southern US, maybe about nature. Guidelines here Deadline July 31. 

(€300) Les Glorieuses | Megan is looking for non US/EU stories about labor organising victories in feminized professions in their newsletter. Guidelines here

($300 - $800) Scalawag | Keaux is looking for reported stories, personal essays, and short media reviews for Pop Justice. Guidelines & submit here 

($250 - $450) Passion Fruit | Daysia is looking for stories about niche internet subcultures, up-and-coming creator interview, and a whole bunch more

($250)  Financial Diet | Holly is looking for stories to use in an animated series. 🎬 Example of the series Making It Work here

($200 - $400) Hell Gate NYC | Molly is looking for all sorts of fun bits for blogs over the summer. Guidelines here

($200 - $1000) Penguin Randomhouse | Abbe is looking for freelance content marketing pitches

(£100 - £250, estimated) TechRadar | Christian is looking for hardware/gaming writers for their PC gaming week later this year. 👾 Estimated from here Guidelines here

($100 - $250) Apartment Therapy | Noella is taking pitches for news & culture around hispanic heritage month, back to school, and more! Guidelines here

(£100) Cysters Group | New funding & looking for pieces about anything related to mental & reproductive health from underrepresented writers. Submit here

(£150 - £400) Talenthouse Media Foundry | Feature ideas focused on indie development of video games and/or movies & TV.

($80) Shiblaqbri | Beauty and tv/movie pitches for Brianna’s blog! 💅🏽

($50 - $300, estimate) The Rumpus | Robbie is looking for essays for upcoming issues. Check the thread for examples. Pay is split between a pool of writers. Deadline July 31.

($50 - $100 per piece) Paste Movies | Jacob is adding freelancers to add the roster. Reviews, essays, other bits about movies. 🎬 Guidelines here

($1 per word) Rest of World | Vicki is planning for the rest of the year: think big features! Guidelines here

($1 per word) Youth Today | Molly is looking for stories about young people. Accountability stories. Guidelines here

($0.50 - $0.30 per word) Them | Sarah is looking for reported stories about being a queer student or teacher in the US. Guidelines here

($0.50 - $0.30 per word) Dirt | Jocelyn is taking pitches for thew newsletter all about entertainment & TV. Guidelines here

($0.40 - $0.50 per word) Yes! Magazine | Submissions for the ‘Bodies’ issue later this winter. Check out their detailed pitch call. General guidelines here. Deadline Aug 2 

($0.25 per word, estimated) BuzzFeed News | Entertainment writers! Get in your timely cultural pitches. Pay estimated from prev pay reports Guidelines here 

($0.25 per word, estimated) BuzzFeed Culture | The Culture desk is taking reviews and takes on shows, movies, music Pay estimated from prev pay reports Guidelines here 

($0.25 per word, estimated) Seattle Times | Michelle is looking for pitches about people seeking mental health care without insurance. Estimated from this. Guidelines here


3️⃣ Writing jobs

($100,000 - $140,000, Remote US) | Head of Marketing to lead company growth projects 🤑

($45,000 - $55,000, Remote US) SimpleTiger | Content Marketer to support their clients CEO and content strategy

($48,000 - $63,000, Remote US) Granicus | Senior Staff Writer for technology, creaking down topics that affect their community of gov employees

($47,000 - $54,000, Remote US) Power to Decide | Digital Programs Coordinate to support their Abortion Finder and Bedsider programs

($45,000 - $55,000, Remote US) Granicus | Technical Writer to help federal and local government employees learn how to be successful

($1,000 - $5,000 per month, Remote) Curated | Freelance golf expert, part-time 15-25 hours typically. Connect golfers with gear with personalised recommendations

($200 per day, Remote) At Will Media | Production Assistant for scripted fiction as a freelancer. Filling ASAP!

($45 per hour, Remote) Shoutvox | Freelance writer to develop blogs, articles, landing pages, and more written content

($21 per hour, Remote US) Health Digest | Freelance News Writer for their  Health and Wellness niche 

($19 - $33 per hour, Remote CO) Denver Post | Foodie writers! Not contract or remote but couldn’t resist posting this food writer opp 😊

(Paid, Remote) Curated | Freelance cutlery and knives expert to connect shoppers with the right products

(Paid, Remote) Curated | Contract air purifier expert to connect shoppers with the right products on their website

(Paid, Remote, Part-time) BioNews | Freelance Science Writer to deliver targeted news across a range of publications. Great mission!

(Paid, Remote EU) Slite | Senior Growth Marketer, experienced technical marketer! 35 days of paid holidays! 

(Paid, Remote US) Thomson Reuters | Contract copywriter with a focus on renewable energy for a 6 month egagement


PS All memes can be sent to me on twitter @job_writers

PPS have a great week 😊

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