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✍ The Writer's Job Newsletter #78 | How much to charge? 👏

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on July 31, 2022

Happy Sunday to 3,777 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? I've had back to back great weeks! 😊

Also, it’s a long weekend in Toronto, so you already know I’m having a ball.

I’m falling in love with this city all over again.

There’s just so much going on in the summer. Yesterday, I went to Caribana, the largest Caribbean festival in North America. Then we hit up a food truck festival (lobster rolls and deep fried cheesecake 🤤… don’t judge me. 100% worth it)

It got me thinking... where do you feel most at home? 🤔

Sometimes I feel like I would be happiest in a cabin out in the woods. But weekends like this make me feel right at home in a city.

Would love to know where's your happy place!

FYI - I’m going to use the long weekend to pull together the blogs you all shared with me. Hit reply with your blog today if you want to get featured!


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Free freelance rate calculator

2️⃣ 24 calls to pitch (3 deadlines ASAP 🚨)

3️⃣ 19 writing jobs with a couple internships!

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

Resource of the week

Freelance rate calculator

So last week was all about mindset and strategy.

This week, it's more freelance specific.

Here’s a rate calculator that helps you understand what to charge clients, from Alex.

Just take a copy (it's free) and pop in your own numbers, like cost of living, tax rates etc.

It’ll give you a much better understanding of what you should be charging at a minimum. Remember, charge what you’re worth

Check it out here(I love the asshole premium 😂)


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities too


(£350) Good Beer Hunting | Diversity in beer grant! Who doesn’t love a good bevvie? Great initiative to make beers and pubs more inclusive

(£50) Bad Form | Pitches for season one! Ideas, essays, book reviews TODAY

($75 - $150) HipHip DX | Tony Pizza (great name) is looking for music stories about NAV, Prodigy and a couple others. Quick turnaround. 


($500) TripSavvy, T&L, Brides | Travel writers? ✈️ Euna is looking for roundups of hotels for a bunch of publications!

($500, estimated) InStyle | Laura is looking for some fun pop culture writers to join their roster! Editorial policy here

($300 - $800) Scalawag | Keaux is looking for reported stories, personal essays, and short media reviews for Pop Justice. Guidelines & submit here 

($300+) Insider | Alyse Kalish is looking for stories about truck drivers in California and Amazon buying One Medical. 

($250 - $650) The Progress Network | Are looking for writers to help readers with a whole bunch of problem in media Guidelines here

($200+) InStyle | More beauty pieces for InStyle! Christina is looking for pieces for the news and deals commerce desk. Editorial policy here

($200) Urban History Association | Melanie is looking for pieces for March 2023, themed around the scientific city.

($150 - $250) The Bellows | Are taking pitches for all things ‘working-class populism’ About here

(€150  - €1,000) BRIN | Are looking for collaborators on a series on researching mass graves in the former Yugoslavia Guidelines here Deadline Aug 20

($125 - $450) AltPress | Ilana is looking for All things alt music, culture, style. 😎 Rolling call

(£100 - £250, estimated) TechRadar | Christian is still looking for hardware/gaming writers for their PC gaming week later this year. 👾 Estimated from here Guidelines here

($100 - $200) Autostradale | Ro is looking for general sex and sating pitches. Writers of colour for their QUEER audience Submission form here

(£100) Sourced Journals | Chole is looking for stories about food waste. Bonus points for stories with a labour angle! More about them here

($100) Palestine Studies | Laura is looking for all things Palestinian culture! Rolling call, globally Guidelines here

($75) Transformation Narratives | Are looking for essays about life-changing experiences! Simple guidelines here

($60 - $450) The Margins | Monthly column for their Black and Asian Feminist Solidarities project. Guidelines here Pitch rates here

($50) Dirty Spoon | Foodies? The Dirty Spoon is looking for personal essays and interviews about food and bevvies! Guidelines here Deadline Sept 31

($10 - $25, estimate) The Rumpus | Elizabeth is looking for a feature interview for their disability in Education focus. Pay is split between a pool of writers.

($0.50 per word) Bon Appetite | More foodie stories! Elazar is taking stories about weird, voicey and WTF stories about restaurants 

($0.30 per word) Scuba Diving Magazine | I think this a first! Do we have any divers? Candice is looking for new stories! Guidelines here. Rolling call

(£0.23 per word) Pellicle Magazine | Joyful and uplifting stories to celebrate food, drinks, and the places we love! Rolling call.


3️⃣ Writing jobs

($80,000, Remote US) Science Magazine | Associate or Senior Editor for Plant Sciences, someone with strong research background! Deadline August 19

($75,000 - $97,000, DC) The Smithsonian | Web content creator for the national zoo and conservation biology institute (not remote but couldn’t resist! Love animals) Deadline August 15

($450 - $650 per piece, Remote) Cafe Media | Freelance writers to help creators and publishers grow their businesses

(Paid, Remote) Mother Jones | Digital Producer for 6 month contract Deadline August 10

(Paid, Remote US) Notion | Contract writer for their help section, partnering across the business

(Paid, Remote US) Boston College, Schiller Institute | Freelance science and content writer to put out a range of pieces, 3-5 per month

(Paid, Remote) Healthline Media | Freelance writer with a passion for improving mental health and supporting others

(Paid, Remote) ICS Digital | Freelance copywriters to support across iGaming, sport, lifestyle, TV & movies, and more!

(Paid, Remote) Vira | Freelance science content writer to communicate women’s health and menopause

(Paid, Remote) FARFETCH | Freelance product content writer to make product descriptions and improve their customer experience 

(Paid, Remote) Bionews | Freelance Science Writer to join their Science Content team 

(Paid, Remote) Omniscient | Allie is looking for contract SEO content creators for her new marketing and content strategy agency. Apply here

(Paid, Remote) Cake Ventures | Freelance writer and story teller to distill business concepts into simple, easy to understand copy. Apply here

(Paid, Remote UK) Stagedoor | Freelance contract arts writers to support SEO content strategy

(Paid, *very* Remote, Canada) Cabin Radio | Look at this job! Based up in Yellowknife in Canada. Wild! 18 month opp

($25 per hour, Remote CA) Conversation Canada | Student internship for Sept 2022 to May 2023! More details here Deadline August 25  

($25 per hour, Remote) Hirsh Marketing | Part time content copywriter to help run their marketing efforts!

($21 per hour, Remote US) Health Digest | Freelance News Writer for their  Health and Wellness niche 

($15 per hour) Pop Science | Journo internship from September to December, 20 hours per week. Deadline August 5


PS All memes can be sent to me on twitter @job_writers

PPS I'm off to get some gelato from my fav ice-cream place in Toronto

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