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The Writer's Job Newsletter #67 | Summer time treats ☀️

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on May 15, 2022

Happy Sunday to 3,046 motivated writers 👋🏼 

Woah, what a week. Seeing a lot of momentum again! Looks like publications are lining up stories for summer issues, writing jobs are everywhere, and we’ve got some great resources.

Lots going on this week!

•   17 calls to pitch with big publications 📢

•   20 writing jobs with a bunch from contacts through Twitter!

•   2 free resources: daily newsletter and guides to self-publish 

Also, remember that our supporters get access to an exclusive bonuses. Every job we've shared (over 800 opportunities!) and a list over 200 publications that pay!

Let’s dig in! ⬇️⬇️

Resources of the week

A free daily newsletter for news and research, The Bagel

So Ryan, the founder, reached out recently.. I thought they're pretty cool

• He sends out the news and research you need to know, every morning

• I find it's short and sweet but has enough detail to be useful

• For us writers, these sorts of tools are great for research.. it's like part newspaper, part secret weapon! 🤫

• Plus, bagels are the perfect way to start your day, right?!

Check it out here (the newsletter, not the bagel I'm about to eat.. lol)

It’s Publishing Made Easy: Self-publishing service for authors

So this one’s a little more writer-specific.

• They’ve helped over 3000 authors from 15 countries publish their books

• Authors get to keep 100% of their NET royalties (!!)

• I think some of their ~free~ guides are super useful

• Guides on book marketing and the legal side of self-publishing here!

Alright, let’s get onto the opps! 

Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. You all range from new writers to more established, so some jobs may be more relevant for you. I focus on remote jobs, but may post the odd interesting job.

($0.20 per word) Being Patient | Alexandra is looking for profiles on people of color improving lives of those with Alzhiemers/dementia. Tweets here, examples here. Deadline May 26

($500 per piece) Every | Shared this a while back but Every is always looking for pieces to feature in their newsletters. Rolling pitches. Message Katie. Tweets here

(£50 flat) Charity book | Short stories about climate for 9 - 15 year olds in a range of countries. Email Sally or DM Sally. Tweets here

($250+ per piece) Elite Daily | Lara is looking for pieces from LGBTQ+ 🦄 writers about travelling and hostility toward gay rights. Shoot her a DM here

($200 - $800, estimate) Insider | Keira is looking for stories about financial freedom, FAANG companies, and successful/young entrepreneurs 💰 Shot her a DM here

($0.40 per word) | Executive ghostwriter for a technical blog. Featured a few times. Great for technical writers/developers! Apply here

($0.30- $0.50 per word) Writer’s Digest | A bunch of calls to pitch for summer issues☀️. Editorial calendar here. Guidelines here

($450+) Daily Dot | Pieces at the intersection of internet/culture/sports/racing. Post here and some details here

($150+) | Topical pieces  about health and wellness. Message Christie here and some details here. Rolling call

($300 - $1500) The Sun Magazine | Upcoming pieces on changing your mind, anniversaries, phones. Deadlines Jun 1 - Aug 1 here. Guidelines here 

(£70 - £90) Digital Spy | Timely pieces about TV shows! Message their editor here and guidelines here

(£45 - £150) Scan Magazine | Any Finnish speakers here!? Growing their team. Message Lena here

(£250 - £500) The Sun | Personal finance stories. Rates estimate from prev posts. Message Tara here guidelines here

($400 per 2,000 words) Nurall | Travel writers! Destination guides for Berlin, Madeira, Medellin. Good for professional remote workers! Message Jamie here more info here

($250 - $400) Kindred | Black writers! Pieces about family life from a black perspective. Message Kelly here and detailed guidelines here

($400+ per piece) Popular Mechanics | Science writers! All things physics. Message Courtney here. More details here

($1 per word) Insider | Getting these every week from Insider! Check out Edith’s call for global news and stories here. Some info here

Remote Writing Jobs

($100,000 - $120,000 Remote) ENDPOINTS | Science editor to manage developments happening in biotech. Apply here and message the founder/editor Arsalan 

($100,000 - $120,000, Remote) ENDPOINTS | Senior Biotech editor to manage developments happening in biotech. Apply here and message the founder/editor Arsalan 

($60,000 - $88,000, Remote US) All State | Senior communications consultant & story teller. Apply here and message Becky 

(Paid, Negotiable, Part-time, Remote) BALINGIT | Narrative writer for an influencer’s new YouTube Channel. Super unique opportunity! Apply here and message Michael 

($45 per hour, Remote, Part-time) Square | Journo and copywriter with good pay, long term opp. Email Ariela or DM her

($40 - $60, Remote NY, initially) Plitter | Content manager and strategist to help manage comms for the MTA. Details here and message Josh

(Paid, Remote US) NBC Sports | Could be a hole in one! Freelance golf content creator for NBC. Apply here and message Will

(Paid, Remote US) Slate | Business and technology writer, tackling big stories about the modern economy. Apply here and message 

($30 per hour, Remote US, Part-time, 6-month) Repro Jobs | Resume coach to help update CVs and resumes of healthcare workers. Apply here. Tweets here

($42,000 - $48,000, Remote Canada) The Walrus | Associate editor to manage print and digital features. Apply here and message Daniel

(€80,000 - €160,000, Remote) Dfns | Technical writer for a cybersecurity startup using crypto. Huge potential upside (with great comp along the way). Apply here

($75,000 - $137,000, Remote) GitLab | Digital Marketing Manager at one of the OG remote-first companies. Apply here

(Paid, Remote) | Head of Copy & Comms at a Dutch startup. Great mission-driven company for someone with journey experience. Apply here

(Paid, Remote) Plaid | Writer/Editor to write and manage finance related content. Awesome tech company job so likely pays the big $$. Apply here

(Paid, Remote) Girlboss | Staff Writer to drive mission and write content to build their community. Mission-led. Doing good. Great opp. Apply here

(Paid, Remote US) Trailer Park | Copy Writer for Gaming! I know there’s a bunch of gamers here. Check this one out. Apply here

(£20 - £30 per hour, Part-time, Remote) CV Pilots | Freelance CV writer to manage end-to-end CV writing services. Apply here

(£40,000 - £60,000 Remote UK) Opus | Digital Content Writer for mental health and employee well being tech company. Via recruiter. Apply here

(£65,000 - £75,000 Remote UK) VANRATH | Senior Technical Writer to help set direction of early stage tech company. So many technical writing jobs! Apply here

(£50,000 - £80,000 Remote UK) Propel | Social and Content Lead in the crypto and NFT space to help define the strategy of their socials. Big ££! Apply here___________

PS Hope you’re excited for the Copywriting Summit this week! I’ve got a couple spare tickets. Hit reply if you want one.

PPS Don't be a stranger twitter @job_writers, say hello 👋🏼

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