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The Writer's Jobs Newsletter #72 | Calming videos = focus 😌

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on June 19, 2022

Happy Sunday to 3,333 motivated writers 👋🏼 

You see that subscriber count? That just made my day. Also, it’s another beautiful weekend in Toronto. ☀️ 

Let me share one of my productivity tricks. Sometimes I like to work with some background noise, especially when editing/reviewing at home. I’ve got my go-to lofi Spotify playlist

Recently I might have stumbled across something better. I love playing these calming videos in the background. Here's some of my faves:

• This girl who builds the most amazing houses by hand in the jungle

• This guy hiking around the most amazing places

I could watch these all day. Maybe I need to get out more…

Anyway, what’s your trick to stay focused while working?

Hit reply and let me know. I read and respond to every email! 

So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Publish to WordPress app & a newsletter for digital business owners 

2️⃣ 21 calls to pitch 📢

3️⃣ 20 writing jobs, with one from in the community!

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

This app makes posting to WordPress a breeze

Here's another (free) cool tool. DocPress.It lets you create WordPress blog posts directly from Google Docs (in seconds, not hours).  Writing articles in Google Docs is great. Copy-pasting them to WordPress isn’t. Formatting and messing around with images can be a pain. 

I've played around with their free tier and it's pretty slick. If you manage a blog, you should check it out

Hakune has great tips for running your freelance biz (and general tips, too)

You know I’m a big fan of transparency. I love it when people share their numbers, like this newsletter. We all know referrals and testimonials from clients are super important for getting more work. That's what this article outlines.

These guys send out tactical, actionable tips and learnings on running a business (yes, freelance writing is a business). Check It out here

Now let’s get onto the opps!! ⬇️

2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities too

($400 - $500) Via Magazine | Whitney is looking for car and auto writers. Everything from DIY to on-road safety. Guidelines here

($400) Next City | Aysha is the new senior editor. Next City publish solutions journalism about making cities more accessible. Guidelines here

($250 - $500) Decidedly | Gabe is looking for product-related stories. Feels like Wire Cutter but from The Daily Mail. Examples here

($250 - $350) The Daily Beast | Allegra is always looking for opinion pieces. Movies, TV, Music, etc. Rolling call

($250+) Elite Daily | Lilli is still looking for timely news/social justice pitches from Gen Z writers.

($250) Matador Network | Pitch Elisabeth: Guide to taking the best winery trip to Texas Hill Country. Guidelines here

($200+) Vulture | Emily is looking for 3 stories! Recommendations lists, gaming features, big subject rankings. Guidelines here

($200+) Catapult | Matt is looking for thesis/argument driven essays. General guidelines here and editor specific here

(£150) Stylist Magazine | Pitch Miranda on your stories about women’s health. Sleep, gut, sex, hormones, etc. Guidelines here

(£120 per 500 words) The Bookseller | Claire is looking for stories about challenges disabled people face for their Disability Issue. Guidelines here. Deadline July 8 

($100 - $300 CAD) The Independent | Drew is expanding his pool freelancer pool for Canadian stories about Newfoundland and Labrador. Guidelines here

($100 - $150) The Progressive | LGBTQ+ stories for Kassidy. Guidelines here. Rolling call.

(£100+) Gal-dem Magazine | Travel writers! Stories from PoC for their travel issue (Wanderthirst). Guidelines here

($100) Tech Bell Quarterly | Hilarious. Here’s the guidelines: take anything, fiction, nonfic, poems, art, etc… as long as it’s Taco Bell related 

($75+) Wealth of Geeks | Are looking to find more writers. Finance/money making niche. Reach out to them for more details.

(£60 - £400, not a typo) Reader’s Digest | Pitch Eva Stories about music, books, sex, relationships. FYI pay ranges widely for online vs print

($1 - $2 per word, estimate) British GQ | Olivia is the new culture associate editor. Unusual stories about film/tv/music. [Popular]

($1 CAD per word, estimate) Chatelaine | Erica is looking for stories about good things and joy! Rate based on this other post. Guidelines here

($0.50 per word) The Paper Gown | Amanda is looking for personal essays about healthcare, chronic illness etc. A bit about them here

($0.50 CAD per word) The Flatlander | Pitch stories about important issues facing Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Guidelines here

($0.20 per word) No Depression | Hilary is looking for long form stories all about music for Fall issue. General FAQ here. Deadline June 30

3️⃣ Remote Writing Jobs

~~~~~~ Community job ~~~~~~

(£19 per hour, Remote) Travel Chapter | Freelancer to write property descriptions for a cottage company. Send CV & portfolio to with the subject line: Freelance content writing.

~~~~~~ Community job ~~~~~~

($85,000 - $115,000, Remote US) Science IO | Technical Writer o support engineering teams and document guides for customers

($65,000 - $70,000, Remote) Well+Good | Commerce Content Writer to manage 2-4 pieces per day. Reach out to Gina for more details.

($60,000+, Remote US) Pop Science | Tech News Writer to cover all things technology. Perfect for early career. Reach out to Rachel for more deets.

($47,250+ Remote US) GRIST | Climate Solutions Writer to join storytelling team. Shoot the hiring manager a DM for more info & network!

($500 - $1000 per month, Remote) Superpath | Freelance content writer for educational and data-focused articles about social media. 2 - 6 posts per month.

($65 per hour, Remote, Part time) Agilian | Medical Technical Writer supporting a project team with a playbook.

($50 per hour) Tigris Freelancer Network  | Copywriters with a preference for those with technical experience. Message Amanda for more details.

($25 - $40 per hour, Remote US) WeAreTeachers | Associate Editor/Writer responsible for creative strategy.

($25 - $28 per hour, Remote) The N2 Company | Marketing Copywriter & Editor for contract, temporary from July - October

($25 per hour, Remote US) Sports Illustrated | Trending News Writer for contract, 30 hours per week. 12 months. Sports fans!

($20 - $35 per hour, Remote US) Parsons | Copywriter and brand storyteller. Join Creative and Brand Management team.

($20 - $25 per hour, Remote) Millenial Marketing Agency | Social Media Copywriter to write and edit original content. 

($20 per hour) Colson Center | Marketing Assistant to organise and schedule content for campaigns (show notes, social media etc.) Message Jeff for more

($20 per hour, Remote) Social Strategy | Freelance social media roles to publish and create content. Flexible rates. Reach out to Rachel for more

($15 per hour, Remote US) Family Focus Media | Calendar Editor & Writer to connect local parents with events and each other

(Paid, Remote) Clevertech | Social Media Copywriter for a fully remote tech company. Looks like an awesome place to work. 

(Paid, Remote) EMG Creative | Content Freelancers passionate about food! Reach out to Jamie for more

(Paid, Remote) TIME for Kids | Allison is looking for freelance journalists and writers for a new website under TIME. Reach out to her for more details

(Paid, Remote) The Balance | Freelance cryptocurrency writer to educate readers. Experience with crypto needed. Reach out to Vinamrata for details

(Paid, Remote) Airtable | Freelance and contract writers with some experience of SEO and using Airtable


PS Do you prefer seeing more full time jobs or freelance/contract jobs? Hit reply and let me know. Always trying to improve Or shoot a DM on twitter @job_writers


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