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The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on January 08, 2023

Happy Monday to 5,270 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? Woah. We’re off to a big start to the year! 

We’ve got over 25 calls to pitch already, with 7 (!) publications paying up over $1 per word. 

It looks like budgets for 2023 are unlocked. There's really no better time to hunker down and get pitching!

Plus, on Wednesday I shared the first exclusive update for TWJN Pro Supporters

Supporters get access to opportunities early, plus a bunch more content:

✅ A second update on Wednesday, early access to opportunities

✅ An exclusive list of all the publications that pay. That’s over 400 so far!

✅ A breakdown of how much publications *actually* pay from real pitch calls 

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$5 /month

Also, this week I saw one of the best perks I think I’ve ever seen: The Infatuation NYC is offering their Senior Editor role a $30,000 annual dining budget 🤯 wild!!

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Moonbeam’s writing assistant

2️⃣ 27 calls to pitch, early access for  TWJN Pro Supporters

3️⃣ 16 writing jobs


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

Write faster with Moonbeam’s writing assistant [Sponsored]

You all know I'm a sucker for some good tech (exp when it's *free*). And I've seen a bunch of different writing helpers and tricks. 

I think Moonbeam is one of the most useful writing tools I’ve tested

They help writers create blogs, essays, and even grant proposals faster by using Moonbeam’s AI assistant.

The pitch: they help write “boring“ parts so you can focus on more of the 'important' stuff  (research, soul, humor).

Moonbeam is the probably best AI assistant I've tried (it's free to try right now 👀)

Check it out here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

Free subscribers receive these updates on Sunday. TWJN Pro Supporters get updates on Wednesday with all posts with a ⚡️

Sign up for early access here

⚡️ TWJN Pro ⚡️

⚡️($400) Next City | Aysha and Oscar are looking for solutions journalism: social, racial, environmental. Focused on USA, mainly. Guidelines here Rolling call

⚡️($300 - $750) Slate | Shannon is looking for pieces for their fitness column. Guidelines here Deadline Jan 11

⚡️($300 CAD, estimate) Xtra Magazine | Tara is looking for personal essays, opinion, trends, profiles etc. for this independent queer and LGBTQ+ publication. Guidelines here Estimate here

⚡️($200) ILY Magazine | Rae is taking pitches for reported stories and trend pieces about self-love, dating, relationships, family life. No personal essays! Deadline Jan 11

⚡️($200+) Byrdie Beauty | Olivia is always looking for beauty and wellness pitches! Guidelines here

⚡️($200+) Sentient Media | Ana is looking for pieces about the impact and consequences of the meat and dairy industry. Guidelines here

⚡️($150+) Parents | Sona is looking for essays, lifestyle, entertainment. All about parenting and trends. Guidelines here 

⚡️($100 - $200) Autostraddle | Shelli is looking for culture pieces for 2023! Supporting Black and Queer writers 🦄 Rolling call so would be a good one to bookmark Guidelines here

⚡️($50 - $100) Hispanic Kitchen | Foodie writers and parents! Yamily is looking for new Latino writers for a few publications. 3 writing opps across them

⚡️($1 - $2 per word) MIT Tech Review | Science and tech stories? Get them over to Rachel. She’s looking for news, features, profiles, and more. Guidelines here

⚡️($0.50 - $1.50) Audubon | Are there any bird watchers here 👀 Hanna is looking for pitches about how climate change is affecting birds and ecosystems. Guidelines here

⚡️($0.75 - $1.75 per word, estimate) Mother Jones | Great long form publication! Sophie is a new editor and will be commissioning pitches. Arts and culture. Guidelines here. Current rates here

⚡️(Paid, contact for rates) Washington Post | Travel writers! Amanda is looking for pitches to kick off 2023. Guidelines here

⬇️ Regular opps ⬇️

($1,000) The Food Section | Hanna is looking for stories about food and drink in the American South. Any southern BBQ writers here? 👀 Guidelines here. Rolling call

($600) Insider | Stephanie and Lily are expanding their sustainability and climate freelance roster. Guidelines here

($500+) Wired | I love this publication! Tech, culture, news. Angela is looking for critiques, essays, out-there stories, and more! 

($400+) New Republic | This is for online publication. Patrick edits their Sold Short column, all about class, wealth, and corporate misdoings. Guidelines here 

($350 - $600) The Body | Maria is looking for interviews and deep dive pitches for this publication for the HIV community. Recommended guidelines here

($150+) Latina Media | Increased rates for 2023! Entertainment pitches about TV, film, books, and more from a Latina/Latinx perspective. Email Christina!

($100) Dread Central | Horror stories? Focused on stories from Black writers for Black History Month! Guidelines here. Deadline Jan 31

($75) Certified Forgotten | Movie buffs? This spin on Rotten Tomatoes is looking for their podcast. Pitch stories about your favorite movies that might have been forgotten. Guidelines here Rolling call - 6 slots per month! 

($50) The Savannahian | Rachel is looking for stories about this town in Georgia, ideally from local writers and perspectives. 

($1 per word) Insider | Edith is always looking for feature writers for that next big story. Character driven and detailed narrative features. Rolling call

($1 per word) High Country News | Paige is looking to assign on-the-ground reporting about the flooding in CA, especially about under-represented perspectives Guidelines here. Rolling call but assigning soon! 

($1 per word) Sleep Foundation | Tony is looking for experienced writers for long form pieces on sleep inequity. Guidelines here. Rolling call.

($0.50 - $1 per word) New Republic |  This is for print publication. Patrick also edits their front of book. Politics and policy stories preferred, but any narrative with characters.

($0.30 - $0.60 per word) Adventure Cycling | Any other cyclists here!? They’re specifically looking for pitches from cyclists of color. Feature stories and personal essays about your rides. Guidelines here


2️⃣ Writing jobs

⚡️ ($75,000 - $80,000, Remote PA) Chalk-beat | Philadelphia Bureau Chief for this nonprofit news organization. All about education and reporting on local news in the Philly area 

⚡️ ($110,000, Remote CA) Jewish News | Full time editor in chief to manage their editorial stage, freelancers, production and more. Huge opportunity!

⚡️ ($65,000 - $80,000) Brit + Co | Contract content editor to join their team and manage content across social media and digital channels

($78,000 - $130,000, Remote US) The Infatuation | Senior Editor for their Travel column. Focused on planning their coverage of 2023 travel destinations, managing freelancer/contributor network, and more. Apply here

($85,000 - $130,000, Remote NY) The Infatuation | Plus $30,000 per year eating budget! Did somebody say dream job? Senior editor to manage their content for The Infatuation NYC. Apply here

($55,000 - $60,000, Remote US) Healthline | Editor to review content, manage contributors and freelancers, hit traffic targets each month. Apply here 

($42,000 - $55,000, Remote US) Healthline | Associate editor to support their healthcare content, SEO experience preferred. Responsible for driving traffic to their site! Apply here

($39,000 - $41,000, Remote US) WKMS | Assistant news reporter to support this local public radio. Regionally preferred candidates (southern USA) Apply here

($2,400 per month) Broadview Magazine | Summer internships are open! 12-week program at this Canadian publication. Social justice, ethical living, spirituality. More info here. Deadline Feb 1

($20 - $25 per hour, Remote US) Bustle Digital Group | Freelance commerce copywriter for part-time work, 24 hours per week. Support a bunch of brands in their portfolio. Goal is to drive traffic and conversions sp sales!

($0.50 per word) Fertility Bridge | Freelance journalist to write an original article per month on a range of assigned news topics.

(Paid, Remote) SweetRush | Freelance copy editor to support their roster of clients, experience in e-learning preferred

(Paid, Remote US) Unlearn | Contract science writer for part-time work between mid-Feb to end of May. Content writing for their marketing efforts. Technical experience, AI/ML, preferred!

(Paid, Remote CA) Loblaw Agency | Freelance copywriter for the budget grocery store No Frills. I used to shop here sometimes in Toronto! Manage their voice online, social media, blog posts, etc.

(Paid, Remote CA) Loblaw Agency | Senior freelance copywriters to manage content for Shoppers Drug Mart. Focused on health & wellness

(Paid, Remote) Influitive | Freelance copywriter to support multiple projects at the same time, across industries and brands/ Part of their professional services team. Managing content on social is a big plus!


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