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The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on January 15, 2023

Happy Sunday to 5,390 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing?  I'm usually good but today is a little different...

I am bloody exhausted! And v jet lagged (I’ve been up since 4AM 🫢) 

It was sooo nice being back home in the UK for a little bit. But it feels good to be back home. I'm a sucker for a solid routine. Super looking forward to get back to it.

So, here in Austin the sun is shining, coffee is warm, and calls to pitch are out ⚾ We’ve got a whole lotta writing opps, ranging from $1,000+ to smaller gigs around $50.

Plus a cool writing challenge friend of TWJN, Amber Petty.


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So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Resource: A free writing challenge to kick off the year!

2️⃣ 26 calls to pitch, 14 early access for  ⚡️TWJN Pro Supporters

3️⃣ 18 writing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

Join a *free* Perfectionist’s Half-Assed Writing Challenge!

Friend of TWJN, Amber Petty, is running a free writing challenge. Write more, worry less, and get your inner critic to F off for a bit. 😉

Last time, students sold stories to Insider, HuffPo, and more. 👀

Spend 3 days writing the easiest way & sign up now ➡️

Check it out here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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Sign up to get early access to opportunities here

⚡️ TWJN Pro ⚡️

⚡️(£5,000) Women’s Prize | Competition: Women writers to submit the opening of a novel across any genre of adult fiction. Win a bespoke course, mentorship, an agent, and some £££! No entry fee. More info here Deadline Jan 15 

⚡️($1,200 - $150) Tennessee Lookout | Large range for different types of pitches. They’re building up their freelancer pool. Local politics and policy stories!

⚡️($500 - $350) Nexus Media | Danielle is looking for climate stories! All about to urban adoption, reproductive health, and the farm bill and a few more bits. Guidelines here

⚡️($400) Columbia Journal | Competition: Submit fiction, nonfic, poetry, and translations. Submit here $15 free to submit.. alittle steep IMO! Deadline Jan 15

⚡️($350 - $450) Sierra Magazine | Digital - Jen is looking for surprising and juicy stories; deep dives into green gear, people making positive change, dark sky stories, and a bunch more. Guidelines here Rolling call

⚡️($350+) Ideal Home & Real Homes | Millie is looking for freelance reviewers to test robot vacuums. Experience in reviewing needed! Deadline ASAP

⚡️($300+) Heathline | Melissa is looking for content on the You’re Not Alone series, looking at mental health and trying to destigmatize the topic

⚡️($250 - $450) Passnfrt | Grace is still looking for think pieces, interviews, and reported features. All about the creator economy: labor stories, business practices, and more

⚡️($250 - $300 AUD) Crikey | James is looking at getting more opinion and contributor pieces - timely news stories on any subject matter Guidelines here

⚡️($200 CAD) She Does the City | They’re looking for personal transformation stories, esp. from emerging writers and underrepresented voices. Open to when, non-binary, transgender writers. 1 to 2 essays per month.  Guidelines here Rolling call

⚡️($100) Liberal Currents | Political writers? Adam is looking for someone to write an explainer of unity and minority governments for an American audience

⚡️(£75) Candlestick Press | Competition: poetry and poems all around the theme of Kindness. 🤗 No entry fee. More info here Deadline Feb 28

⚡️(£0.25 per word) Time Out | UK Culture writers! Chiara is looking for feature pitches about interesting underground scenes/subcultures in the UK. Guidelines here

⚡️(£0.10 per word) France Today | Ariane is looking for  pitches about travelling in Frances on a budget (not just Paris!). Rolling call

⬇️ Regular opps ⬇️

($1,000 - $1,200) Descript | Ashley is looking for fresh takes on challenges for video creators. Experience with creating videos is a plus

(£400+, estimated) FT Weekend | Harriet is commissioning food and drink stores for the Weekend issue. Odd, untold, and interesting stories! Guidelines here Estimate here

($200) Healthy Rich | Dana is looking for LGBTQ+ money stories, queer and trans perspectives and personal essays. More info here

($150 - $400) Pleaser | Sex, kink, relationship stories 😈 Victotria is commissioning reported pieces, personal essays, guides, and more 

($150 - $400) Mashable | Reviewers! Jae is looking for more freelancers to write product reviews and round-ups. Mainly consumer tech. Guidelines here

($150 - $200) The Gutter Review | Open for pitches for Q1! Focused on long form essays about lesser known visual media, with a focus on comic books. Guidelines here Rolling call

($140) Insider | Emily’s team is looking for freelance writers to review and write about what they buy at Aldi, CostCo, Trader Joes! Generic guidelines here Apply here Rolling call

($100) Dread Central | Horror stories? Focused on stories from Black writers for Black History Month! Guidelines here. Deadline Jan 31

(£80 - £150) Why Now | Maria is looking for entertainment pitches! Anybody seen Last of Us and wanna write a feature? Hit her up!

($75) Certified Forgotten | Movie buffs? This spin on Rotten Tomatoes is looking for their podcast. Pitch stories about your favorite movies that might have been forgotten. Guidelines here Rolling call - 6 slots per month! 

($50 - $200, estimate) REMEZCLA | Love this LATINX focused publication. Tatiana is looking for a writer to explore the Daddy Yankee lawsuit and impact on Reggaeton Estimate here and here

($1 - $2 per word, estimated ) Rolling Stone | Marlow is looking for freelance entertainment pitches. NOT music pitches. Think TV, movies, etc. Guidelines here. Estimate here and here


2️⃣ Writing jobs

⚡️($75,000 - $80,000, Remote PA) Chalk-beat | Philadelphia Bureau Chief for this nonprofit news organization. All about education and reporting on local news in the Philly area 

⚡️($110,000, Remote CA) Jewish News | Full time editor in chief to manage their editorial stage, freelancers, production and more. Huge opportunity!

⚡️($65,000 - $80,000) Brit + Co | Contract content editor to join their team and manage content across social media and digital channels

($79,000+, Remote DC) Pew Trust | Writer/editor for their Short Reads blog, all about data journalism. Good combo of writing and editing Apply here  

($68,000 - $90,000, Remote US) Sundance | Freelance/contract managing editor from Feb to July. Oversee the brand storytelling through the written word Apply here

($55,000 - $65,000, Remote US) Mother Jones | Assistant copy editor to support quality control across their products. Reviwing stories for the magazine, website, and newsletters Apply here

($60 - $110 per hour, Remote US) Maven Clinic | Freelance senior copywriter in the healthcare space, a virtual clinic for women’s and family health. 

($35 - $45 per hour, Remote US) Eyebeam | Associate editorial fellow to support commissioning and publishing artist-led journalism and getting into major media outlets Apply here Deadline Feb 10

($27 per hour, Remote) Jules | He’s looking to hire a news writer and editor who can write short, dense, opinionated summaries of the news. DM for more info!

(Paid, Remote US) Suggest | Freelance writer to contribute content all about being a women in middle age Apply here

(Paid, Remote US) Openlogix | UX strategist and writer to help execute on the interface between content and writing for this e-commerce platform

(Paid, Remote US) Unlearn | Contract science writer for part-time work between mid-Feb to end of May. Content writing for their marketing efforts. Technical experience, AI/ML, preferred!

(Paid, Hybrid UK) FUTURE | Health and fitness staff writer to cover a maternity cover stint. 6 month opp. More info and apply here  

(Paid, Remote UK) New Scientist | Full time features editor, ideally with a background in physics - apply here

(Paid, Remote UK) Wushu Studios | Contract freelance game writer to design and write in-game dialogue for their latest project. 

(Paid, Remote) Assurance | This insur-tech company is looking for a freelance writer to put out SEO optimised articles and long posts. 

(Paid, Remote) WP White Security | Freelance technical content writer to produce straightforward content about WordPress, web server tech, and cyber security Apply here

(Paid, Remote) TheoremOne | Contract, 6-month, technical security writer to contribute to their Security Advisory Database. Analyse and write-up vulnerability reports


PS I'd love to hear about your writing routines or rituals. Hit reply and let me know!

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