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✍️ TWJN 103 | Keep ya head up about the lay-offs! 🫤

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on January 22, 2023

Happy Sunday to 5,440 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing?  This was a tough week for writers.  

It’s been tough seeing all of these layoffs in the news recently, especially when we see places like Vox laying off so many writers. I’m so sorry if you were affected

Times like this are when we need to help each other out. It’s times like this when the writer community really rallys together. 

I’ve seen SO MANY editors offering opps because of these lay-offs. I’ve tried to pull together a bunch here. We've got over 55 (!!) opps this week.

Keep your head up!! 

Plus a shout out to TWJN subscriber Emily who runs a similar project to TWJN focused on poetry book publishers (including pay info etc.)


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So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Resource: The 2023 round-up of  poetry book publishers (inc. compensation)

2️⃣ 31 calls to pitch, 17 early access for  ⚡️TWJN Pro Supporters

3️⃣ 26 writing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

The 2023 round-up of  poetry book publishers (inc. compensation)

Shout out to Emily who pulls together every year (for the last 5 years!!).

It’s so awesome to see the free resources out there for writers. I focus more on freelance calls to pitch and contract opportunities, but if you’re interested in poetry, you should definitely check it out.

Emily’s also doing something special. They’re funding writers who need support with submission fees. Get in touch if that’s you!

Check out the list here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

Free subscribers receive these updates on Sunday. TWJN Pro Supporters got an update on Wednesday with all posts with a ⚡️

Sign up to get early access to opportunities here

⚡️ TWJN Pro ⚡️

⚡️($500+) WIRED | Peter is commissioning some non-US focused stories! Pitches from Asia, Africa, Middle East. Guidelines here

⚡️($500 - $1,000, estimate) Drizly | Jeremy is looking for more boozy stories by AAPI writers! Anything from tanking Japanese gins to family traditions. Open to anything Estimate here

⚡️($450 - $650, estimate) Daily Dot | Sports writers! Phil is looking for longer stories at the intersection of identify + have an online component. Estimate here

⚡️($350 - $1,200) Studyhall | Daniel is looking for blog posts, guides, essays, features, all about the culture of media work Guidelines here

⚡️($300 - $400) IGN | Dale is looking for an experienced freelancer who loves Nintendo Guidelines here

⚡️($250) Trip Advisor | Lauren is looking for travel stories, insider guides and personal essays from a Black perspective Rolling call 

⚡️(£230+) Frieze | Vanessa is open to pitches from writers in 2023! Web opinion pieces on art and book film reviews and longer profiles/interview etc.

⚡️($185+) Insider | Claudia is looking for residents in MYC, Miami, DC, and London! Tourist missteps from a local perspective. Guidelines here Deadline Jan 24

⚡️($100) Torch Literary Arts | Creative black women writers! They’re looking for poetry, fiction, scripts/screenplays, and more.

⚡️($100) Ovis | They’re looking for freelance writers to test their platform. DM them to learn more

⚡️(£75 - £250+, estimate) The Fence Magazine | Seamas is open for pitches. Thoughtful, non-headline chasing and underreported topics. Estimate here. Guidelines here

⚡️(£40 - £100, estimate) Evening Standard | Abha is looking for new writers to contribute to their product review and round-ups. Vacuus, tech, kitchen appliances etc. Estimates here and here

⚡️(£40) Aurelia Magazine | They’re starting up again and going to be accepting pitches soon! Estimate here

⚡️($1 per word) The Washingtonian | Patrick is looking for DC-are NextDoor magazine feature pitches Guidelines here

⚡️($0.50 - $1 per word, estimate) ELLE | Danielle is the beauty director and is looking for all your pitches, op-eds, product launches, interviews, and more Estimate here

⚡️($0.50 - $1 per word, estimate) National Geographic | Josephine is looking for online pieces for Nat Geo UK. SEO and all that jazz. Guidelines here Estimate here

⬇️ Regular opps ⬇️

($400) Washington Post | Jenny assigns a lot of freelance work. All about home, gardening, parenting. Helping journos who might have been laid off!

($300+) Insider | Alyse is looking for freelancers in their business section. Open to a bunch of ideas - so get pitching! Guidelines here

($300 - $1,500) Lonely Planet | Travel writers! Anne Marie is looking for stories all about France. Ideally for someone who lives there or has travelled around for 18+ months. Deadline Feb 13  

($275, estimate) Lonely Planet | Jade is looking to commission some people-focus travel stories in a bunch of different locations. Estimate from guidelines here

($250) Being Patient | Alexandra is looking for a series of pitches all about science, cognitive health neurology, and brain health. Focus on Alzheimer’s and other diseases. Deadline Jan 30

($100 - $500) Layered Butter | Pitches are open for cultural analysis, critiques, interviews, essays, and more. Guidelines and apply here Rolling call

($100 - $250) Pride Source | Chris is looking for stories from queer BIPOC writers for their upcoming sex issue. Get in your sexy/sex-positive stories over to him! Guidelines here 

($100 - $250) Lit Hub Newsletter | Entertainment writer?? Get your pitches to Eliza. She’s  is looking for literary film and TV pieces.

($100) Dread Central | Horror stories? Focused on stories from Black writers for Black History Month! Guidelines here. Deadline Jan 31

($100) I Like to Dabble | Daniella is looking for pitches from disabled writers to talk remote work, side hustles, managing finances, and more

(£50) Justice for All | Pitches open for the Autonomy Issue. Essays and poems all around the theme of Autonomy Guidelines here. Deadline Jan 31

($1 per word) Economic Hardship Reporting | Deborah is looking for features, personal essays, op-eds, and more about economic inequality in America. Guidelines here Tips to apply here!

($0.60 - $1 per word) Guardian US | Jessica is lawyers open to pitches for narratives, personal essays and long form pieces. Great to see everyone come together to help the people who’ve been laid off Guidelines here

($0.50 per word) Poynter | Got a story about LGBTQ+ issues in journalism? Pitch em! Reporting is preferred but they’ll consider columns and opinions too. Rolling call through October

($0.33 - $0.50 per word) BuzzFeed News | Mark is still looking for Gen Z related tech pitches. Profiles, trends, and more. Guidelines here


2️⃣ Writing jobs

⚡️($120,000, Remote) Index Coop | Senior writer/researcher to join this crypto BOA that provides DeFi products Apply here

⚡️($50,000, Remote) Poynter-Koch | Media and journalism fellowship - free training and funding to do journalism! More info here

⚡️($500 per month, Remote) Mongabay | 6-month fellowship to give journalists support and training about environmentalism and conservation. 10 hours per week. Apply here

⚡️(£125 per day, Remote UK) The Mirror Gaming | UK gaming writers! They’re looking for a news shift for gaming pieces. Also open for gaming pitches!

⚡️(Paid, Remote US) | Contract temporary technical writer with a path to becoming a full time perm employee

⚡️(Paid, Remote US) Anderson | Freelance copywriter and researcher to put out a range of content all about real estate investing, perusal finance, and protecting a business

⚡️(Paid, Remote US) Noxx | Content writer to support this crypto start-up with their payroll and payment solution for anon workers 

⚡️(Paid, Remote UK) HUCK | Digital editor to support the launch of their new website, launching Spring 2023 More info here

($99,800) Scalawag Magazine | Editor-in-chief to lead their team of editors and producers. Apply here Deadline Feb 3

($93,600) Scalawag Magazine | Creative director to work with the new EIC to build a consistent and dynamic visual brand across all their assets. Apply here Deadline Feb 3

($85,000 - $100,000, Remote US) Prison Journalism Project | Amazing mission! Managing editor to help train incarcerated people as journalists to help them get published. Apply here

($80,000 - $100,000, Remote WA) Seattle Met | They’re looking for a new EIC / Director of Content to manage the news they’re putting out across their platform Apply here

($80,000 - $90,000, Remote US) Game Seven | Creative strategist to develop content for a major streaming platform’s social media profile Apply here

($69,000 - $75,000, Remote US) | Reporter for their human interest section. Perfect for an early career journey looking to get in at a big publication! Apply here

($55,000 - $77,000, Remote US) | Associate editor to manage their pop-culture and lifestyle content with an SEO angle Apply here

($10,000, Remote) Berkeley Center of Psychedelics | Fifteen !! Grants offered per year to journalists for in-depth reporting on science, policy, and culture on psychedelics Apply here Deadline Jan 31 

($3,300 per month, Remote) West Wing Writers | Internship summer and fall! Intro into speech writing, all about writing. Apply here. Deadline Jan 31

($1,200 grant, Remote) Earth Journalism | More writer grants! This one is open to all writers near coastal communities. Reporting  on the impact climate change is having on coastal communities. Awesome initiative! Apply here Deadline Feb 1

($150 - $200 per piece) Anatomage | Freelance science writer to turn lesson outlines into scripts ready for production. Perfect for a science nerd (like me!)

($35 - $45 per hour, Remote US) Eyebeam | Associate editorial fellow to support commissioning and publishing artist-led journalism and getting into major media outlets Apply here Deadline Feb 10

($25 per hour, Remote US) The Arena Group | Contract news writer for Adventure and Outdoor content, putting out daily content and news assigned by their news editor

(Paid, Remote) TheoremOne | Contract, 6-month, technical security writer to contribute to their Security Advisory Database. Analyse and write-up vulnerability reports

(Paid, Remote US) BBC | Senior journalist to produce and edit content for their coverage in the US More details here

(Paid, Remote) Android Police | Freelance Smart home reviewer and guides writer. Perfect for a techie at heart!

(Paid, Remote US) Ownwell | Freelance copywriter with experience in real estate of financial technology. They’re looking at improving the cost of property ownership in the US

(Paid, Remote) Psoriasis Council | Contract science writer write and review medical content for their website, preparing needs assessments, and learning objectives for medical education. Ideally for someone with a background in the medical field 


PS If you've been affected by the lay-offs.. keep your head up. It will get better!

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