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The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on February 05, 2023

Happy Sunday to 5,613 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? I’m coming at ya from the road today! I’m spending the weekend away over in Houston and getting out of the big freeze in Austin 🥶 

Not to worry though, I think we’re back to normal next week 😎

On another note, it does feel like doing these twice-a-week round-ups has been super useful to find more jobs each week.

We’ve got nearly 40 calls to pitch and another 15 writing jobs!

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So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Resource: Work from anywhere, any time: Marker Content is hiring!

2️⃣ 37 calls to pitch, 21 early access for  ⚡️TWJN Pro Supporters

3️⃣ 15 writing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

Work from anywhere, any time: Marker Content is hiring!

I'm always interested some of these different ways that businesses and publishers try to get their content out... and what it means for writers.

Marker reached out and have an interesting value prop. This sounds like a great opportunity.

They help writers submit their work to their library, get paid, and manage payments. It sounds pretty flexible! Marker sells these pieces to agencies, publishers, small businesses & web developers and they're growing their writing team. 

Last time we featured Marker, there was a really good response. A bunch of you signed up!

Check it out here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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⚡️ TWJN Pro ⚡️

⚡️($400+) Next City Org | Aysha just re-shared their rolling pitch call with their updated guidelines. They’re looking for stories about solutions that advance social, racial, environmental justice in cities  See them here Rolling call

⚡️($400) Neiman Lab | Sarah is open for pitches and shared their pitch guide, specific pieces about reporting that are often representative of broader trends Guidelines here rOlling call

⚡️($300) Non Profit Quarterly | Iris runs the climate justice desk at NP Quarterly and is looking for pieces for their website Guidelines here

⚡️($250) Edge Effects Magazine | Richelle has budget to pay contributors for their ‘Violent Environments’ series. More detail and guidelines here

⚡️($200) IJNet | For writers, by writers! They’re looking for pieces about tools and resources you use for journalism when writing. Guidelines here

⚡️($200) Diem | Emma is looking for essays to feature in their newsletter. Super interesting project featuring essays through a feminist lens - check out their guidelines for more here. Rolling call

⚡️($200) Insider | Paige is looking for something *super specific* people who follow the Mediterranean diet and shop at Costco or Trader Joe’s to write about their fav things to buy or make! Guidelines here Deadline Feb 28

⚡️(£125) Scottish BPOC Network | Blog pitches for BPOC writer in/from Scotland on the theme of “A Writer’s Life” Guidelines here Deadline Feb 12

⚡️($100) Poetry of MT | Melissa is looking for empowering stories that you’re waiting to tell More details here

⚡️(£80 - £150, estimate) WhyNow | Entertainment writers! They’re open for pitches about music, art, film etc. All sorts of types, features, interviews, reviews etc. Estimate from here Guidelines here

⚡️($70) Cleveland Review of Books | Pitches for reviews, essays, interviews and writing experiments - all sorts of things from literature, arts, history, and more! Guidelines here

⚡️($50 - $100) Broad Street Review | Alaina is looking for stories from the Philly/Jersey area, esp from neurodiverse and/or disabled writers Guidelines here

⚡️($1 - $1.55 CAD per word) Hakai Magazine | David is open for pitches, see the guidelines for different topics: News, features, personal perspectives. Guidelines here

⚡️($1 per word) EatingWell Magazine | Foodie writers! They’re open for pitches about eating and making good food More info here 

⚡️($1 per word) NY Times | Mike is looking for some stories about deeply personal finance and money. Read his story for an example of what that means

⚡️($1 per word) Bicycling Magazine | Rosael has joined the features team and is looking for pitches about gravel cycling specifically. But she’s also open to all sorts of stories all the time. Guidelines here Deadline Feb 3 

⚡️($0.50 per word) Prism | They’re open to pieces by incarcerated writers, infrastructure issues, and more. Increased rates! Guidelines here

⚡️($0.30 per word) Lookout PHX | Joseph is looking for stories about queer news in Phoenix, specifically for features! Guidelines here

⚡️($0.25 per word) Hudson Valley | Phillip is looking for stories about Black history from the Hudson Valley or Catskills area Guidelines here

⚡️($0.25 per word) Hudson Valley | Phillip is also looking for humorous stories about the hoppy shops in the Hudson Valley Guidelines here

⚡️($0.10 per word) Habitats Magazine | Short optimistic and uplifting science-fiction stories on any subject. Writers from all backgrounds should apply! More info here

⬇️ Regular opps ⬇️

($300 - $375) Fodors Travel | Jet setters? 👀 Nikki is looking for travel stories, destination pieces, and a bunch more. Guidelines here

($300) IGN | Matt is the features editor and is looking for big impact stories. IGN some great writer guidelines.. very rare to seew what publications have paid for previous stories! Give them a read here

($250) My Independent Life | Mariana is looking for writers for a new column in their magazine, fun and unusual dating experiences! Pitch guide here

($250 - $200) Sterogum | Music heads! Chris is looking for music stories, interview, essays, trending pieces, reviews, and more

($200+) D Magazine | Matt is looking for reported pitches about this magazine all about life and interior design in Dallas Guidelines here

($200) Runner’s World | Andrew is looking for a runner with experience writing about health, fitness, and sports for ongoing work, ~1 story every weekday Guidelines here

($200) Bicycling | Andrew is also looking for a cyclist for another publication, again for ongoing work, ~1 story every weekday Guidelines here

($200) Popular Mechanics | Aaaand one more. Andrew is looking for someone to contribute to their daily military, aviation, and defense coverage Guidelines here

($200) Health in Her Hue | Pitches about health and wellness, colon cancer, menopause, oral health are the priority. From a Black women’s perspective

($200) Diem | They’re looking for personal essays and opinion pieces about “the things we don’t talk about” Guidelines here

($200 - $50) Tone MSN | Scott is looking for culture and politics stories about the local area in Madison Guidelines here

($150 - $200) Womxn Windows | They’re still looking for writers for short essays about culture, film, music.. or watchlists

($130) Feminist Food Journal | Pitch call is out for foodie stories that explore food and cities in all their intensity, inequality, diversity and contradictions  Guidelines here. Deadline Feb 23

($0.50 - $1 per word) High Country News | Kate is looking for quick turn stories that offer timely insight. Generally ways that journalism connects to issues in people’s lives, focused on the Western US Guidelines here

($0.50 per word) Quartz | Gabriela is looking for service-y stories about how to navigate the modern workplace. Guidelines here

($0.10 - $0.20 per word) All Ages Casting | They’re looking for pitches from bloggers for fashion, film, casting, and audition related articles. Rolling call 


2️⃣ Writing jobs

⚡️(£33,000 - £37,000, Hybrid UK) Citizens Advice | Press Officer to deliver high-impact media coverage on their key policy priorities and handling reactive media enquiries

⚡️(£22,000 - £24,000, Remote UK) Kindred Spirit | Editorial & Social Media Assistant to monitor and maintain social media accounts and their website

⚡️(Paid, Remote) Purpose | Freelance senior copywriter fluent in Spanish and English to work on a short-term digital campaign at Latine audiences 

⚡️(Paid, Remote) VSA | Freelance writer to create programmatic content for their key clients. Read the description for more info

⚡️(Paid, Remote) Ubiquity | Junior contractor copywriter for a part-time gig to write about financials and retirement savings. Great mission!

($110,000 - $160,000, Remote US) Insider | Deputy editor for their entertainment column which manages a team of journalists across the US and UK. Awesome opportunity for a pop culture fan! Apply here

($102,000 - $112,000, Remote) The New Republic | Temporary features editor to support long form narrative features and political analysis to join for a 6-month stint Apply here Deadline Feb 15

($80,000 - $120,000, Remote US) AP | Music journalist to break stories and trends in music, reporting to the global entertainment editor Apply here

($70,000 - $100,000, Remote TX) Hustonia | Editor in Chief, Director of Content to support this magazine all about Houston and Texas. Apply here

($66,000 - $77,000, Remote US) CLASP | Writer/editor to support this anti-poverty publication Apply and more info here 

($50,000 - $125,000, Remote UX) The Athletic | Staff writer to cover the Houston Astros.. perfect for a baseball fan to cover the World Series champs! Bit of a Texas theme going on today 🤠

($2,000 per month, Remote) Contra | They’re looking for a partner in their Creator program to create a portfolio of project about writing. This will get featured across the web.  

(Paid, Remote) AI HR | Freelance HR Writer to write practical, actionable, SEO-friendly content in the HR space

(Paid, Remote) KAYAK | They’re looking for travel journalists and bloggers to create expert guides for their blog. Mainly working on the KAYAK brand on a range of travel topics

(Paid, Remote) Purpose Freelance | Freelance senior copywriter fluent in Spanish and English to work on short term digital campaigns targeting Latin audiences in the US


PS I’m curious about your desk setup. Snap a pic and let’s have a look!

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