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✍️ TWJN 106 | Sorry if you missed me last week! But I'm back

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on February 12, 2023

Happy Sunday to 5,693 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? Hello again! Ugh. Tech sucks sometimes

I’m so sorry if you missed the update last week. There was an error in the email provider and the update only went out to about half of your. 

It was a goodie, too. We had over 60 opps (!!) and I think it was the biggest round-up I’ve ever shared. 🙃  Give it a read here

But this is a new week. Onwards!

I came across this great thread about freelacne writing tool when looking for opps this week.

You know I’m a sucker for some good tech (when it works). The thread has a bunch of that. It's always good to see how different free writers manage their business.

Everything from Accounting, Invoicing, Meeting tools. Some new ones here I’ve not heard of before that I’ll be checking out! See if you like anything here


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So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Resource: Work from anywhere, any time: Marker Content is hiring!

2️⃣ 35 calls to pitch, 18 early access for  ⚡️TWJN Pro Supporters

3️⃣ 20 writing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

Work from anywhere, any time: Marker Content is hiring!

I'm always interested some of these different ways that businesses and publishers try to get their content out... and what it means for writers. This is a great opportunity

Marker reached out and have an interesting value prop. 

They help writers submit their work to their library, get paid, and manage payments. It sounds pretty flexible! Marker sells these pieces to agencies, publishers, small businesses & web developers and they're growing their writing team. 

Last time we featured Marker, there was a really good response. A bunch of you signed up!

Check it out here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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⚡️ TWJN Pro ⚡️

⚡️ ($500) Disability Economic Justice Collaborative | This project is looking for pitches in connection with Black History Month, they’re open to a lot! Guidelines here

⚡️ ($500) Atmos Magazine | Yesenia is looking for pitches for some Q&A style interviews. Specifically in the climate and environmental justice space Rolling call

⚡️ ($400) Gloria | Laura is looking for some features for a newsletter for women who are embarking on midlife and curious about what the future holds Give it a read here

⚡️ ($300+) Going | Travel writers! Katie is looking for people with *extensive* experience with a bunch of different locations, Guatemala, Finland, Nantucket… and a bunch more 

⚡️ ($300) Polygon | Nicole is looking for culture pitches. Fandom, people focused, trends, streaming and subculture stories related to gaming/films/TV Guidelines here Rolling call

⚡️ ($250 - $600) Insider | Paul is looking for personal finance stories. Think credit scores, reports, identity theft, and more Guidelines here

⚡️ ($230+) Insider | Paige is looking for freelance stories about Coachella 2023 and living in Palm Springs Guidelines here

⚡️ ($200) IJNet | This publication is for journos by journal.. they want your tips and tricks that will help writers, globally. Guidelines here

⚡️ ($130 - $175) HUCK Magazine | Emma is the new digital editor and will be commissioning pieces about youth rebellion, underground art, fun/subversive pieces. Estimate here Guidelines here

⚡️ ($150 - $350) Briar Patch | They’re open for pitches for their un-themed summer issue. All about political activism and investigation. They have an anti-colonial, anti-capitalist focus for this issue Guidelines here Deadline March 1

⚡️ ($100) Autostraddle | Vanessa is looking for Purim and Passover content: essays, reported pieces, and more. Guidelines and apply here Deadline Feb 13

⚡️ ($80 - $200) Shiblaqbri Magazine | They’re always looking for freelance writers at this indie magazine

⚡️ (£50, estimate) Gay Times | Zoya is looking for community pieces that dive into unique trends and untold stories + internet culture Estimate here

⚡️ ($50, estimate) Bustle | Entertainment writers! Sarah is looking for your best stories all about the new season of the Bachelor Estimate here Guidelines here

⚡️ ($1.25 per word) Boston College | Jaclyn is starting up a new publication at the college, focused on business and real estate

⚡️ ($1.25 per word) Science History Institute | Rebecca is looking for historically grounded stories about science and there environment, particularly interested in scientific racism right now Guideline here Rolling call 

⚡️ (0.50 - 0.55 EUR per word) The Parliament | Emma is looking for features or a books/culture stories all about rural Europe Guidelines here

⬇️ Regular opps ⬇️

(1,000 EUR) Earth Journalism Network | South African journalists! Thye’re looking for story pitches on getting to Net Zero. More info here Deadline Feb 20

(400 EUR) Art Düsseldorf Magazine | Chris (a fellow pitch call searcher 👋🏼) is looking for pitches about the theme of diversity in contemporary art. Underrepresented groups encouraged to pitch! Guidelines here

($300) Inverse | Molly is looking for a contract writer in their innovation section, covering things like renewable energy, robots, there commercial space industry, and more Guidelines here 

($250 - $500) Margot Magazine | Kelly is looking for pitches for this new magazine, all about the ecological situation of Southern Appalachia region in the US Deadline June 1

($250) | Mike is looking for a content writer to put out monthly articles for this professional podcast platform Rolling call

($200+) Catapult Magazine | Tajja is looking for essays about unexpected and underrepresented places, especially in nature. More info in the guidelines here

(£150 - £200, estimate) i-D | Roisin is looking for pitches for their opinion column. Internet culture, film, books and more. Estimate from prev posts. Guidelines here 

(£150 - £200) Pit Magazine | The theme for their next issue is fat! They run a range of pieces from technical things about BBQ to more fun commentary pieces Guidelines here

($150) New Inquiry | Anna’s publication publishes thoughtful and unique essays from new writers! More info and submit here 

($150) Studio ATAO | They’re looking for people to contribute to their monthly newsletter. Social justice analysis in the food and bev industry

($125) GamesRadar+ | Rollin is looking for pitches about comics and manga. Op-eds, features, interviews, deep dives - the whole lot! Big focus on DC/Marvel Guidelines here Rolling call 

($100) Common Sense | Li Lai is looking for freelance writers to write reviews about Bollywood movies. Check out this similar role 

($100) 1st90 | Mike is looking for multiple pieces per month, and opportunity to extend on a monthly basis. Up to $500 per week! Apply here

(£50 - £150) WWR Digital | Sareta is looking for content for this small indie magazine, inspirational or educational pieces that covers careers, relationships, health & wellness, and more Guidelines here 

($50) New Thinking | Great opp for younger and new writers! They’re looking for new voices to publish and build your portfolio

($1 per word) Mayo Clinic | Lisa is looking to grow her freelance roster for a bunch of topics for their website: women’s health, mental health, parenting, and more! Read more about them here

($0.50 per word) Inverse | Science, tech, health writers! Claire is looking for reporters pieces, profiles, and features. All about the future of the Earth. Guidelines here 

($0.25 per word) Romance Writers of America | Pitch call for experienced writers to contribute toward their magazine. More about them here


2️⃣ Writing jobs

⚡️ ($63,000 - $65,000, Remote PA) Runner’s World | Commerce editor to support SEO and commerce goals. Think reviews, blogs, analysis, and more Apply here

⚡️ ($60,000 - $80,000, Remote) Lever News | Experienced news editor for a full time gig, digging deep into investigative reporting and analysis Apply here

⚡️ (£24,000) United Christian Broadcasters | Broadcast journalist to support news reporting, delivering live new bulletins and more

⚡️ (Paid, Remote) Frequence |  Junior copywriter to join this new ad-tech platform for media companies that connects all aspects of their digital advertising 

($100,000 - $130,000, Remote US) The Atlantic | Contract senior editor of culture, family, books for a five-month stint. Talk about dream job! One of my fav publications Apply here

($100,000 - $125,000, Remote CHI) Block Club | Managing editor to lead their newsroom and neighbourhood coverage Apply here Deadline March 3

($65,000 - $100,000, Remote US) Ars Technica | Any science and space nerds here - other than me? This looks like an awesome opp to be their space reporter Apply here

($65,000+, Remote MN) Mind Post | Full-time audience editor to lead audience development across their organization. Sounds ike a pretty strategic role, I’ve not seen one of these roles in a while! Apply here

(£40,000 - £50,000, Remote) The Gecko Project | Investigative reporter on a one-year fixed contract. Investigating the role of land use in the most pressing global challenges: climate change, deforestation, and more Apply here

(£35,000 - £45,000, Hybrid UK) Orion | Commissioning editor to manage content about museums, galleries, and the arts Apply here

(£35,000, Remote UK) PC Games N | Gamers! They’re looking for their next guides editor to help players get the most our their games Apply here 

($50 - $80 per hour, Remote) Footnote | Freelance senior editors with experience in research journalism, storytelling, and working with mainstream media Apply here

($25 per hour, Remote) House Beautiful | Temporary editorial assistant / social media coordinator to manage their output in print and online Apply here

(Paid, Remote UK) The Telegraph | Recent graduates breaking into journalism! This is a great opp to join their graduate program over a 22-month period

(Paid, Remote) Give Butter | Contract content writer to help put out 2-3 pieces per week about nonprofits and fundraising

(Paid, Remote) Token Metrics | Intern technical writer to product content that explains their platform in easy-to-understand ways for developers and a non-technical audience

(Paid, Remote US) Built In | Contributing writer for a contract position to research and write clean journalistic copy. Experience covering business or tech is a plus. Will be able to take on a variable workload

(Paid, Remote US) Withings | Contract senior copywriter to join on a freelance basis. Helping to lead the English content for their new in-app programs. 20-40 hours per week 

(Paid, Remote US) Omubulabs | Freelance marketing strategist to help optimize their social media strategy and drive more engagement online. Perfect for someone creative

(Paid, Remote CA) Atimi | Full-time freelance contract writer to ensure content in their product is cohesive and understandable to users


PS I love you all. Thank you so much for everything

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