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✍️ TWJN 108 | 50 pitch calls + freelance opps week! 🤑

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on February 26, 2023

Happy Sunday to 5,873 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing?  I’m finally back in Austin and re-charging…

..but not for long! We're planning on moving out of the city over the next month or so. Stay tuned for updates on where I’m going to end up 😉

Anyway, it's a big ol’ week of pitch calls! So if last week was a big freelance opp week, this one is all about the pitch call. 30 calls to pitch (!) and a sweet guide on how to get your pitches noticed by editors.

On a meta-note, it definitely feel like things are picking up again (is that just me?).

It’s great to see this type of momentum, especially in light of the recent layoffs we’ve seen in the last few months.

Get out there and get pitching!


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So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Resource: Pitching advice from a Huff Post editor

2️⃣ 30 calls to pitch 

3️⃣ 19 writing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

Pitching advice from a Huff Post editor

Dayna is an editor at the Huff Post and has some clear, simple, and free (!) tips for writers submitting pitches in this twitter thread.

It’s always good to have a reminder for the basics. These simple things will help you get noticed by editors!

Give it a read here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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($2,000) Uproot Project | Environmental justice fellowship, seven awards for underrepresented journalists covering undercovered topics More info here Deadline March 1 

($750 - $400) Science History Institute | Rebecca is looking for historically grounded pieces about science and the environment. Big focus on scientific racism right now They’re still looking for submissions, here

($500) WIRED | Eve is editing their Ideas column. She’s after essays on grand designs, hot takes, and lyrical medians. Love this publication! Guidelines here

($500) Disability Economic Justice Collaborative | Multiple calls to pitch for March, women in history, developmental disabilities, and cerebral palsy awareness. Guidelines here Rolling call

($450 - $550) Popular Mechanics | Mike is looking for freelance writers to put together expert produce guides. Looking for writers with experience reviewing gardening gear, specifically. Guidelines here

($400) Going | Katie is looking for travel writers familiar with a few different airlines and classes.

($375) In These Times | They’re open for pitches that touch on rural or environmental issues, first or third person essays. Guidelines are in the thread!

($320) Insider | Lola is looking multiple pitches. Stories about hairstylists and nail artists who’ve worked with famous people, people who’ve been laid off, quit jobs at big name companies, and accounts for influencers Examples here Guidelines here 

($300 - $700) Dot Dash Meredith | April is looking for health and wellness writers, ideally with experience and good clips!

($300 - $600) The Muse | Stav the deputy editor and looking to cover careers and work. They’re looking for things that shed light on careers, job searches, work, and work culture. Advice, opinion pieces, features, and more Guidelines here Rolling call 

($300 - $500) In These Times | Aparna is looking for labor reports and essays; all about labor, higher educations, union democracy, and more. Guildines here Rolling call

($250) Trip Advisor | Any Hawaii based writers here?? Lauren is looking for someone who can cover stories for all the islands. Deadline March 1

($250) Streetsblog | David is looking for op-eds all about how to reduce reliance on automobile. Definitely a big fan of walking and cycling!! Guidelines here

($210) Holler | They’re always looking for US festival reporters, feature writers, album reviews, and news writers. All about country music and Americana culture. Rolling call

($200 - $400) Hell Gate NYC | Katie is the a new writer/editor and will be looking for pitch calls! Guidelines here Rolling call

($150, estimate) | Ryan is looking for music and culture pitches, quirky and original are good! Estimate here but is a little dated

($150) HipLatina | Virginia is looking for features and essays about the Latina/LatinX community. Guidelines here

($150) Spacing | They’re looking for stories about ‘City on Fire’, and how that theme has helped to shape the city of Toronto (my second fav city in the world) Deadline March 5

($100 - $200) Tribeza | Georgie is looking for experienced digital writers to put out pieces about everything happening in Austin, TX!!  (Also where I live right now.. 😊)  

($75 - $50) Westside Voice | They’re hiring freelance writers, especially underrepresented writers/ Stories about LA and the LA area.

($2 per word, estimate) Good Housekeeping | Bella is looking for first person essays and real life stories for their Personal Journey slot Estimate here but for print

($1 per word) Brightbeam | Maureen is looking for freelance writers with experience writing reporter features on schools in St Louis and Indianpolis Deadline March 1

($1 per word) Michigan Alumni | Katherine is the ride of a print magazine all about Michigan Alum stories for the University of Michigan alumni network More info here

($1 - $0.75 CAD per word) Vainqueur | Danica is looking for Canadian journalism or fashion students, and freelance writers for their new fashion and culture platform 🍁 Guidelines here

($0.50 per word) Texas Monthly | Leah is looking for style and design pitches. Think essays, reported features, and more - all focused on the beautiful state of TX 🤠 Guidelines here Rolling call 

($0.50 per word) Texas Highways | Feels like another TX heavy issue! Third publication focused on the state with a pitch call out. This time it’s all about roads and road safety. More in their guidelines here

($0.50 - $0.33 per word) BuzzFeed News | Mark is always looking for tech stories and news pieces  Guidelines here Rolling call 

(£0.30 per word) Time Out Travel | Travel writers! Grace is looking for original ideas about women and travel. Any format, interviews, features, essays etc. Pitch guide for another vertical here Deadline March 2 

($0.10 per word) Muslim Women For | They’re looking for southern BIPOC young writers, 12 - 35, for their Digital team


2️⃣ Writing jobs

($90,000 - $110,000, Remote SF) SF Chronicle | Dream job alert! Restaurant critic in the Bay Area… this would be so much fun. Apply here

($80,000 - $95,000, Remote) Freedom of the Press | Deputy Director of Advocacy to promote core issues about defining and protecting news gathering rights. Important work! Apply here Deadline March 10

($80,000 - $90,000, Remote) Freedom of the Press | Deputy Editor with a passion for the First Amendment and protecting press freedom. Apply here Deadline March 10

($68,750 - $112,500, Remote NY or IRE) Lonely Planet | Social media manager for their TikTok account! I think this would be so much fun Apply here

($55,000, Remote LA) The Wrap | TV reporter to work in Hollywood, ideally with industry experience and connections Apply here

($50,000, Remote MI) Michigan Advance | Reporter to join the newsroom covering the state government, politics, and policy.  

($46,800 - $58,500 CAD, Remote Canada) Outside | Junior technical editor to support pieces and workflows for gear writers, can be done anywhere in Canada Apply here

($26,000, Remote, Part time) Sentient Media | Freelance assistant editor to support editing a few SEO articles, reported pieces, and newsletters each week. Great mission led publication changing the way we think about food and agriculture Apply here

($63,500 - $70,000, Hybrid NY) Elite Daily | Entertainment editor to report on TV, movies, celebrities, and a bunch more Apply here 

($30 - $50 per hour, Remote US) Dashboard.Earth | Freelance copywriter to manage and update content on their app, website, and marketing campaigns. Awesome mission to support citizen engagement in climate change adaptation

($30 - $40 per hour, Remote US) Atrium | Freelance content writer to support a financial accounting services firm tom manage content for their website as part of a complete refresh 

($25 per hour, Remote) Type Investigations | Maha is looking for a researcher to support investigating factors and supporting projects across their reporting Apply here Deadline March 26

($20 per hour, Remote) Jenni Gritters | She’s looking for a product reviewer to help writing for her side business. Running from March - June for about 20 hour per month

(Paid, Remote US) Emory Day | Freelance Marketing Content writers to support their digital marketing team. Will focus on website content development, SEO blog posts, and more

(Paid, Remote US) Wirecutter | Lead editor for their baby & kid column, responsible for managing assignments and product coverage across this cateogry. I use Wirecutter reviews all the time!

(Paid, Remote) Hims & Hers | Freelance blog writer all about sex! Cross functionally supporting their medical review and SEO teams. They want to normalise conversations about sex and relationships

(Paid, Remote DC) Associated Press | Reporter for Asian Affairs, based in Washington DC but focused on the Asia Pacific region Apply here

(Paid, Remote) | Content marketing director to support this B2B SaaS company, looking to revolutionise product management with an end-to-end solution. Apply here 


PS I hope you're starting to see the start of Spring. It's just beginning here in Texas and it's such a mood lifter

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