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✍️ TWJN 109 | Over fiddy opps this week 🚀

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on March 05, 2023

Happy Sunday to 5,950 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? I’m doing great!

Honeatly, it’s such a beautiful time of year in Texas.. super sunny and not hot (yet!)

Plus, I’m over in Houston this week. There’s the most Texas thing ever going on this weekend, The Rodeo and livestock show. Gonna grab myself some cowboy boots and hat 🤠

Hope you’re all having a great weekend too!

Also, it looks we’ve got a big week of calls to pitch and freelance/full-time writing gigs. Over 50 total opps this week 🤑

Get pitching!!


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So, what do we have this week?

 1️⃣ Resource: A free webinar all about freelance problem solving

2️⃣ 27 calls to pitch, 14 early access for ⚡️TWJN Pro Supporters

3️⃣ 27 writing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

Free webinar all about freelance problem solving

I came across this webinar which might be useful for you.. it’s all about how to network as a freelancer in the publishing industry.

It’s running this Thursday, March 9. It’s *free* (winks) ..but they’ve got limited spaces so you have to sign up.

Check it out here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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⚡️ ($1,500) Lonely Planet | Anne Marie is looking to grow their writer roster in Japan. Ideally someone who’s living there or travelled through the country extensively Guidelines here Apply here Deadline March 13

⚡️ ($300 AUD) The Guardian AU | Bridie is looking for evergreen pitches for their opinion column. Think funny experiences, heartfelt stories, everyday gripes Guidelines here

⚡️ ($300, estimate) Polygon | Matt is looking for freelance culture writers and reporters based in LA. Guidelines here, estimate here

⚡️ (£150) Kult | They’re open to commissioning pieces on women’s football (that’s soccer for you in the US), and all sorts stories about the sport

⚡️ (£150) It’s Freezing in LA! | Three calls to pitch! Design of symbols and records of natural disasters, stories about the Bay of Bengal, Sami origin writer for an interview, and satires that link ecological justice to the digital world. Wide range here. Deadline passed

⚡️ ($150) Spacing | Still open for pitches on their Summer issue! They want to explore the theme of THE CITY ON FIRE! Deadline today, March 5!

⚡️ (£120) VG247 | Gamers! Dom is looking for feature pitches about Sons of the Forest. Some more info in a prev pitch call here 

⚡️ ($100) Erro Press | They’re looking for short stories that shape womanhood from varied and vivid feminine voices. More info here Deadline April 14 

⚡️ ($100) The Woodlands | Mira has started a publication, taking creative reported pieces, poetry, and more. Submit and more info here Deadline passed

⚡️ (£80 - £120) Why Now | Entertainment writers! They’re open for pitches for features, interviews, satires, and reviews. Guidelines here

⚡️ ($50) Anime Herald | They’re always looking for pitches about anime stories! Guidelines here

⚡️ (£0.50 per word) MONDES Magazine | Fiona is looking for travel writers! Specifically somebody who knows Malaysia well and the cultural landscape. Deadline tomorrow, March 2

⚡️ ($0.10 - $0.25 per word, estimate) Maisonneuve Magazine | Lucy is looking for all sorts of tech stories for their summer issue. Guidelines here Estimate here Deadline March 5

⚡️ ($0.09 per word) Blood Knife Magazine | Trevor is looking for  sci-fi / fantasy pitches about AI. I always find these fantasy style publications rates are on the lower side… 

($1,000) AWP Writer | Undergrads! This competition is open for their National Program Director’s prize. Free to submit! Apply here

($600) Vulture | Wolfgang is looking for movie club submissions. Great one for movie buffs. Great name btw Guidelines here Deadline March 6

($500) WIRED | Peter is still looking for pitches and commissioning some non-US related stories, especially from Asia, Africa, and Middle East. Rate here

($500) House Beautiful | Nikita is looking for home writers for some branded content across a few publications, inc Good Housekeeping! Deadline March 10

($500) PC Mag | They’re looking for freelancers to join their team of reviewers for things like CRM tools, email marketing clients, marketing automation tools and more

(£375) Data Center Dynamics | Sebastian is looking data center specific pieces on things like cooling, investment, and the investment market. He’s looking for regular contributors so hit him up!

($300) Lonely Planet | Melissa is looking for pitches for a new series called ‘Local Voices’ where the profile someone that people should include in their travel plans Guidelines here

($250) Going | Travel writers! Katie is looking for stories about once-in-a-lifetime or one a kind experiences for this travel pub

($250) Common Good Magazine | They’re open for regular contributors for this magazine about faith, work, and economics. Guidelines here

($225) Public Journal | Gabby is looking for merging and mid-career writers reviewing shows for upcoming issues. More about them here. Deadline April 30

($50) Yellow Seeds Magazine | Brittany is looking essays to publish in their cultural magazine, non-partisan think pieces. Guidelines here

($50 - $150) Loose Lips Magazine | They’re open for their Spring 2023 issue, all about Revolution, especially from underrepresented voices. Deadline March 13

($0.75 - $1 CAD per word) Vainquer | Danica is looking for pieces from Canadian journalists and writers about Women’s History month Guidelines here Deadline March 15


2️⃣ Writing jobs

⚡️ ($42,000 - $47,000, Remote WA) Spokesman Review | Business reporter to tell stories on the Spokane-area and the local economy Apply here

⚡️ (£12.50 per hour, Remote) Academic Audio Transcription | Marketing and admin support for flexible, remote, part time work to support social justice. They’re looking for a freelance admin assistant for 5 hours per week Apply here

⚡️ (Paid, Remote) Eman Copy Co. | Eman is hiring two freelance positions, an admin assistant and a marketing assistant for 8-10 hours per week. Apply here

⚡️ (Paid, Remote) Growth Hacker TV | Ramon is looking for a writer to join their team. They’re running a newsletter with 20,000 subs! Also, offering a $500 referral fee too… so let him know who referred you 😉 Apply here

⚡️ (Paid, Remote UK) Metro | Freelance shopping and lifestyle news writer for the Metro!

⚡️ (Paid, Remote) Game House | Freelance game writer to join their team to write satires about mobile games

⚡️ (Paid, Remote) Babylist | Freelance commerce writer to join their content team. Ideal for someone shopping obsessed!

⚡️ (Paid, Remote) Podium | Content writer to join their team writing copy for their website, landing pages, and more

($80,000 - $95,000, Remote US) Unitarian Universalist Association | Jeff is looking for an executive editor to manage and assign content for their new magazine and website Apply here

($90,000, Remote US) Stat News | Equity editor position to support their publication focused on health, medicine, and life sciences. This role will support their goal of becoming the most diverse publication in their industry Apply here

($65,000 - $70,000, Remote NY) The Art Newspaper | Senior Editor for Museums across North American and European teams Apply here

($64,000 - $181,000, Remote US) Berkley School of Journalism | There’s a bunch of open roles at their journalism school so check em out! Apply and see the full list here and more info here Deadline March 8

($62,000, Remote US) Brooklyn Museum | Digital content associate across email, SMS, and social media. Funded role until mid-2024!

($51,000 - $87,000) ICF | Writer to put out content for their Children and Youth portfolio, creating content for publications, web pages, client requests, and more

(£25,000, Remote) PC GamesN | They’re hiring a full-time hardwire writer, testing and reviewing the latest tech. Think mice, keyboards, CPU, GPU, and more

(£350 per month, Remote UK) The History Quill | Freelance, remote, and part-time Membership Coordinator to help run their new membership community Info and apply here

($50 - $100 per piece, Remote US) Aalto | Freelance real estate writer to write about home for sale in the Bay Area for disclosure packages, example here

($40 - $55 CAD per hour, Remote, Part time) Renewables Association | Technical writer for a 12-month contract, joining on a part-time basis, 65-85 hours per month. Focused on increasing awareness of renewables in the great country of Canada! Apply and more info here

($33 - $40 per hour, Remote) Frame | This news publication for Gen Z and millennials is looking for a managing editor to commission, edit, and publish pieces for their main verticals   

($20 - $30 per hour, Remote) BuzzFeed News | Freelance timely celeb news writer.. perfect for a pop culture junkie. Terry’s looking at filling those role immediately. Apply here

($20 per hour, Remote) Penguin Random House | Production Editorial Internship opportunity… doesn’t have to be a student! 28 hours per week. Perfect for building experience. Learn more and apply here 

($18 per hour, Remote0 BuzzFeed | Alexa’s team has applications open for a bunch fellowship opportunities across editorials, lifestyle, pop culture, and more. Apply here, under the Content section

(Paid, Remote) Dasera | Freelance technical writer to help organisations operationalise their data security programs.

(Paid, Remote) Pumpkin | Freelance pet content writer for this pet care company! They want to make pets lives better.. what a great mission

(Paid, Remote) Insight | Freelance writer to showcase best practices in building diverse and equitable college campuses

(Paid, Remote) Firstleaf | Richard is looking for a freelance copywriter to join their team putting out content for this DTC wine subscription busuiness

(Paid, Remote) Seba Bank | Freelance copy/content writer for Financial Services and crypto. Creating content across web, mobile, and product


PS Yeeeee-haw

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