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✍️ TWJN 110 | Another week of over 50 *paid* writing opps 😊

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on March 12, 2023

Happy Sunday to 6,025 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? We just broke 6,000 subscribers 🥳 🥳 AND it’s week of over 50 opps 🤑

So, yeah, I’m doing pretty great 😊

Also, stuff is popping off in Austin (in a good way). SXSW is on. 

It’s like this huge tech/arts/culutre/random stuff festival. It feels like there’s so much going on in the city right now… BUT I’m also moving out of my place. 😞

I wish I had more time to check out all the events.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

You’ve got these opps. 

Now get pitching!!


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So, what do we have this week?

 1️⃣ Resource: The best note-taking + research app I’ve used recently, Scrintal.

2️⃣ 23 calls to pitch, 10 early access for ⚡️TWJN Pro Supporters

3️⃣ 27 writing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

The best note-taking + research app I’ve used recently, Scrintal.

The folks at Scrintal reached out and have this super cool note-taking app. It’s this knowledge management tool where you can brainstorm, develop ideas and it’s great for research and writing, especially for detailed research for long pieces.

Also, if you’ve not used ‘bi-directional links’ when you’re researching you’re missing out. It’s like a way of connecting different thoughts. Trust me, it’s amazing once you get the hang of it.

They’ve got a bunch of other things like collaboration, sharing, and boards for workshop-style sessions. 

Sign up now and get a free 1:1 onboarding!


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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⚡️($1,000) AWP Writer | Undergrads! This competition is open for their National Program Director’s prize. Free to submit! Apply here

⚡️($750) Studyhall | They’re expanding contributors to their weekly newsletter, all about media work and journalism. They’re also a great resource for content for writers! Guidelines and submit here

⚡️($300) Kotaku | Gamers! Alyssa is looking for stories from fans of battle royales. Get pitching! Guidelines here 

⚡️($200) The Common Online | Nina is looking for book reviewers to pitch her reviews about books that engage with the notion of place. Especially from BIPOC authors and from indie presses More about them here

⚡️($150) Salon | Sophia is looking for quick commentary political pieces on the topics of the week. Might be space for more in-depth pieces, too. 

⚡️($125 - $300) The Key | Lilly is looking for reported features, Q&A, and a bunch more for Apartment Advisor’s blog. Especially interested in journalists with a data background

⚡️(£75 per piece) Project Myopia | They’re commissioning 6 pieces to support a postdoc research project. Specifically, it’s about how six African American women fought against the restrictions placed on them

⚡️($1 per word) High Country News | Paige is always looking for pitches about in the Southwest, where ecology, place and culture all intersect. Guidelines here. Rolling call

⚡️($0.25, estimate) | Christina is looking for a lis of writers who love recommending or writing about books, esp if you have experience around tropes and themes Guidelines here Estimate here

⚡️($0.20 per word, estimate) The Lead | They’re commissioning features on housing, immigration, inequality, and the environment. Check the thread for more details. Estimate here

($300 CAD) Midnight Sun Magazine | They’re always looking for pieces about left/labor/social movement… and the forces of liberation that build power… sounds pretty important Guidelines here

($250) SF Gate | Tessa is looking for pieces about living in the Bay Area. Check the thread for all sorts of examples of what she’s after Rolling call 

($250) Abi Abdurab | Abi is looking for technical writers with experience in DevOps. Rolling call

(£200) Trust Trace | Megan reached out and is looking for freelancers in fashion traceability and sustainability work. They’re a tech platform based in Stockholm. Shoot her an email at! Check out more about them here

($200) The Common Online | Book worms! Nina wants to hear about the upcoming book releases that you’re looking about. Reviews and more - all with an angle on things that are related to the notion of ‘place’ Rolling call

($150 - $300, estimate) Cycling Weekly | David is looking for big features. Pay would likely be more than the estimate I found here

($100 - 500) Pittsburgh City Paper | Ali is looking for pitches for cool and offbeat stories all for the local city paper. Much more info in the thread Guidelines here

($100 - $350) Creative Circle | They’re looking for articles from new writers and creative professionals about life as a freelancer, industry hiring trend, and thought leadership. Submit and more info here

($50 - $150) Loose Lips Magazine | They’re open for their Spring 2023 issue, all about Revolution, especially from underrepresented voices. Deadline March 13

($50 CAD) The Kitchissippi Times | Charlie is looking for pitches about the local area around Ottawa for this local newspaper.

($0.75 - $1 CAD per word) Vainquer | Danica is looking for pieces from Canadian journalists and writers about Women’s History month Guidelines here Deadline March 15

($0.50 per word) Times Union | Phillip is looking for a Catskills-based reporter to contribute to series focused on rural housing in NY. Multiple pieces!

($0.08 per word) Mashed, SlashGear + others | Natasha is looking for tech and food pitches for a few areas - see the Writing Jobs section for links to some of the freelance job opps mentioned here


2️⃣ Writing jobs

⚡️($92,000 - $120,000, Remote US) Vox | Climate editor to manage their reporting on climate change Apply and more info here

⚡️($78,000 - $85,000, Remote US) Bolts | Audience engagement editor to help increase visibility of the work Bolt’s doing. They cover power and political change, specifically about local governments influence on criminal justice and voting rights. Apply here

⚡️($65,000 - $75,000, Remote) Global Press | Editorial Coach for their LATAM vertical. This is a regional role to lead L&D for their team of reporters in LATAM. More details and apply here

⚡️($50,000 - $58,000, Remote LA) The Gulf States | Priska is hiring a health care reporter based in New Orleans to support their news room. This is a partnership with regional newsrooms and NPR More info and apply here

⚡️(£45,000 - £55,000, Remote) Sifted | They’re also looking for a commissioning editor to join their team. Perfect for someone deep in Europe’s startup ecosystem. Apply here

⚡️(£40,000 - £60,000, Remote UK) Sifted | Senior reporter to help report on the world of European startups and tech. Complete wild-card! Tell them what your beat is and they can see if it fits. Super interesting opp! Apply here

⚡️($2,500 per month, Remote US) High Country News | Virginia Spencer Davis fellowship to share stories from and for rural communities. This is a yearlong fellowship which spans reported stories, analysis, essays, and more. Apply here Deadline April 25

⚡️($1,250 per month, Remote) FSG Fellowship | Yearlong mentorship with one of their house authors. It will give an emerging writer from an underrepresented community additional resources to build a life around writing: funding, editorial guidance, and more. Payment will be in two payments throughout the year. Apply here

⚡️($22 per hour, Remote CA) The Coast News Group | Reporter in the San Diego area for this independent weekly newspaper on a part-time basis

⚡️(Paid, Remote, Part time) Axios | Priya is looking for a freelance writer to support her working part-time, 10-15 hours per week, for a 2-month stint

⚡️(Paid, Remote CA) BC Campus | This government agency is looking for a curriculum writers to produce curriculums for graduates and international students. The course will focus on sexualised violence related projects Apply here

⚡️(Paid, Remote) Yum Yum Videos | Script writer to help write scripts for their client videos, aligned to their brand tone

⚡️(Paid, Remote) Yum Yum Videos | They’re also looking for a blog writer to write posts about complex topics related to video marketing Apply here

⚡️(Paid, Remote) Pirate Wires | This newsletter is hiring a few different roles, including an Editor, News Reporter, and Writer. They also are taking pitches but limited info about them check out more here

⚡️(Paid, Remote) HelpAge | Consultant to edit their case studies to highlight ways to increase COVID-19 vaccination access among older people Apply here

($90,000 - $110,000, Remote) Examination News | Senior reporter to lead ambitious investigations and reporting on the global health beat. They’re a new non-profit publication focused on reporting on the global health industry and trends Apply here

($60,000 - $80,000, Remote) Examination News | They’re also looking for a reporter to lead their global coverage of the tobacco industry. Apply here

($50,000 - $70,000, Remote TX) Austin Chronicle | hey look - it’s my city! This local news room is looking for an Editor and Reporter to help Austinites, like me, keep up with what’s happening in the city. More info and apple here

($48,000 - $54,000, Remote) Skills Society | Part-time senior freelance researcher for an 18-month stint to manage research projects focused on social innovation and organisational learning practices. More info here

($6,250 per month, NYC) This American Life | Okay okay.. so this one isn’t a writing opp or remote. You got me. But it’s an amazing fellowship opp at one of my fav podcasts! They offer two production fellowships per year… would be such a cool experience Apply here Deadline April 1

($2,420 per month, Remote West US) High Country News | Internship for budding editors! Rungs from July to Dec of this year More info and apply here 

($2,000 per month, NYC) IWMF | Check out this awesome fellowship for women or non-binary journalists. Internships at Boston Globe and NYT. They support visas, accommodation, and give a stipend. Amazing opp! Check out more here Deadline April 23

($24 - $27 per hour, Remote CAN) Choice | Freelance 6-month contract researcher to support this youth-focused charity that creates programs and social enterprises to help vulnerable youth secure stable housing and employment Apply here

($21 per hour, Remote) Mashed | Freelance food and grocery news writer to join their team - multiple opps here! Apply here

($21 per hour, Remote) Daily Meal | Another one for foodie writers! Looking for people to write about all things food Apply here

($21 per hour, Remote) Tasting Table | And we’re 3 for 3. Another foodie-focused writing opp Apply here

($18 per hour, Remote US) The Nation | Another internship opp to get some great experience working on the front lines of a newsroom. They’re open to hybrid working. Apply and more info here. Deadline May 12 


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