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✍️ TWJN 111 | This was a pretty special week for me... 😊

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on March 19, 2023

Happy Sunday to 6,078 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? It’s a pretty big week… 28 calls to pitch and 20 writing jobs!

But more than that…

It was PI day (3/14) 🥧

It was St Paddy’s day 🍀

And.... it was MY BIRTHDAY 🥳 🥳 🥳 (March 16 😊)

Oh, and on top of that all, I’m in the middle of moving into a new place. It’s been a busy week!

Let's get to it ⬇️ ⬇️


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So, what do we have this week?

 1️⃣ Resource: Freelance writer database

2️⃣ 28 calls to pitch, 15 early access for ⚡️TWJN Pro Supporters

3️⃣ 20 writing jobs

Let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


1️⃣ Resource of the week 

Resource: Freelance writer database

Okay so you know how there’s so many opps out there without pay ranges? Yeah, I know. It sucks…

But there’s a whole bunch of places online where I go to find what the rates are. Ideally, they’re in the pitch guidelines.

But you know they’re not always there. So I have a few other places I go to 😉

This is one of them: London Freelance.

They’ve got this huge database of pay that others have got in the past. It’s more of a UK angle but has a bunch of US-based publications too. There's a few other guides on their site that are useful, too.

It’s one of my go-to resources. You should check it out here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

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⚡️($550 - $1,400, estimate) Stat News | Torie is looking for pitches for their First Opinion department, aimed a general-interest audience Guidelines here Estimate here 

⚡️($500 - $1,000) Oregon Humanities | They’re open for the Summer 2023 issue, all around the theme of Shelter. Essays, journalism, and book excerpts from Oregon writers. More info here. Deadline April 24

⚡️($500 + a vacation!) Afar | They’re taking applications for this all expense paid trip to Puerto Rico, inc a stipend and mentoring from their travel editors. This has to be a dream opp for travel writers. More info here Deadline March 19 

⚡️($500) Esquire | Adrienne is looking for pitches about their books and fiction section. Author interviews, profiles, essays, trends, and more. Fun fact - I used to read Esquire every time I was waiting for a haircut at the barbers growing up 😊

⚡️($400) Fast Company | Julia is looking for pitches about workplace culture, leadership, hiring trends, or DEI efforts. Guidelines here Rolling call

⚡️($220, estimate) Wanderlust | Rhodri is looking for travel writers to write about their experiences in Saudi Arabia, preferably recently. Rates estimated from these guidelines but it’s a little dated

⚡️(£150) Retro Dodo | Any Pokémon or card game fans here?? They’re looking for feature pitches about collectible card games! Deadline March 30 

⚡️($150 - $250) Pridesource | Chris is looking for pitches from queer opera writers but also a bunch of other thoughtful pieces. Essays, long-form features, etc. Guidelines here Deadline April 15

⚡️(£120) Vashti Media | They’ve also updated their pitch guides and are open for stories for their Jewish culture focused newsletter. Give them a read here

⚡️($120) African Women in Media | They’re open for pitches from women journalists from Kenya and Nigeria to submit for their Women in Politics program Commissioning 100 pieces! Guidelines here Rolling call

⚡️($75 - $350, estimate) Pipeline Artists | Matt is looking for a couple freelancers to write long-form profiles. Specifically about interviews with emerging writers, film makers, etc. Guidelines here Estimate here 

⚡️($20 per piece) Video Librarian | This one looks good for emerging writers looking to get published, especially librarians and academics. The pay is on the lower side but could be useful to get that first by-line!  Rolling call

⚡️($1 per word) Rest of World | Sham is looking for writers in the Kurdish tech community. Their features desk is looking for pitches about technologies impact on countries outside of the west Guidelines here

⚡️($0.70 AUD per word) How to Love Comics | Trevor revamped their guidelines and is always looking for pitches about, you guessed it, comics. The guidelines are detailed so check em out here

⚡️(£0.15 per word) Independent Cinema Office | They’re commissioning new writing on film exhibition for their blog. Things like workforce issues in the industry, audience development, improving the cinema experience, and more. Guidelines here Rolling call

($500) Unbothered | They’re calling all Black writers and freelancers interested in style and culture. Hit them up! Guidelines for Vice here 

($350) Columbia Journal | They’ve extended their deadline for their competition! They’re looking for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Guidelines and submit here Deadline extended until March 31

($350) Modern Farmer | They’re looking for reporting and engaging story telling that gives readers insight into farming and food systems across the globe, with a special focus on North America

($250) Viator | Lauren has two pitch calls for personal essays: Pacific Islander with traditional tattoos and a trans writer to talk about their experience travelling Deadline March 24 

($150 - $200) Yarrow Digital | Sarah is looking for pitches about gender, health, and the environment. There’s some examples on their blog. Deadline March 24

(£150) Pandemonium | Super interesting opp! For all you theatre and script writers out there. They’re looking for a script for an immersive audio project. 10 - 25 minute piece that explores the use of AI in society and the importance of traditional ways Deadline March 24

($150) Brooklyn Rail | Elizabeth is the new Books Editor and is expanding the section to include more book reviews, author interviews, and more. Guidelines here 

(£120) VG247 | Dom is looking for Mario pitches throughout April. New angles on retro games, personal experiences, community stories, and more. Editorial guide here

(£100 - £200) Photomonitor | They’re looking for new writing on photography for their July 2023 features. Things like interviews, book reviews, essays, and more. All on theme of photography Guidelines here

($100) World Baseball | Leif is looking for contributors to their blog., open to international submissions! They’re open to non-professional writers and are looking for all sorts of pieces

($75) Fancy Comma | Sheeva is always looking for pitches for novel stories that aren’t told anywhere else. Check the guidelines for more here

(£0.50 per word) Our Media | Dan is looking to commission a personal finance pieces on alternative investments, whiskey and art. Deadline ASAP!

($0.25 - $1 per word) The Lighthouse | They’re looking for pieces about the current natural environment, education system, or other things that are top of mind for Black people. Looking for underrepresented voices! Guidelines here Rolling call 


2️⃣ Writing jobs

⚡️($58,000+, Remote CO) 5280 Magazine | Senior editor to manage digital content and help grow the publication into new media and platforms. Underrepresented voices encouraged to apply Apply here 

⚡️($54,000, Remote CHI) City Bureau | Editorial Program Coordinator to  support journalism and public service in the Chicago area Apply here Deadline March 19

⚡️($2,000 per month, Remote) UT Center for Media Engagement | The University of Texas is looking for a research consultant to support the Propaganda Research Lab for a 3-month stint Apply here Deadline March 17

⚡️($650 per week, Remote US) The Hechinger Report | Summer reporting intern to cover inequality and innovation in education at this small independent newsroom. Apply here Deadline April 24 

⚡️(Paid, Remote CAN) CDN Press News | Prairies bureau for the evening shit on reporting around the Alberta region in Canada. Open to a four-day week! Apply here Deadline March 28

⚡️(Paid, In person) Hamilton College | Not remote! But a pretty cool opp to be a visiting professor at this college in the NE. It’s for. 2-year stint in creative and fiction writing. Apply here Deadline today!

($106,000 - $109,000, Remote NY) Vera Institute | Managing Editor for this non-profit criminal justice organisation. This role is responsible for production of all editorial content, reports, fact sheets, blogs etc. Apply here

($70,000 - $75,000, Remote US) SF Chronicle | Health reporter to cover a wide range of health and medical stories. Role is focused on the region but can be based outside of CA. More info and apply here

($65,000 - $85,000, Remote US) Non-Profit Quarterly | Staff writer to support content across field reports, reviews, and features. Also opp to attend things like conferences and events More info here

($65,000 - $70,000, Remote US) Spotlight PA | Newsletter writer to put out their daily newsletter from Sunday to Thursday, writing all things about things happening in PA! More info here

($60,000 - $70,000, Remote IL) Grist | Regional report to write about the Chicago Illinois area, with a focus on Solutions. This is part of a new partnership they’ve got going, which you can read about here

($60,000, Remote US) The Wrap | They’re hiring quite a few different reporter roles, across Film, Media, Politics, TV, and News. They’re looking for someone with experience in each of the verticals See the full list here

($50,000 - $58,000, Remote MI) Grist | Regional reporter to write stories on the upper Great Lakes region in the US, with a focus on Solutions. This is part of a new partnership they’ve got going, which you can read about here

($2,000 per month, NYC) IWMF | Check out this awesome fellowship for women or non-binary journalists. Internships at Boston Globe and NYT. They support visas, accommodation, and give a stipend. Amazing opp! Check out more here Deadline April 23

(£120 per piece, Remote) A Play About Sex | They’re looking for non-professional writers to write… you guess it: A Play About Sex! A lot more info here Deadline April 9

($29 per hour, Remote) Discourse Community Project | They’re looking for a full-time temporary editor for an 18-week stint. Local reporting with a foal of creating a more sustainable more equitable news ecosystem Apply here

($25 - $30 CAD per hour, Remote CA) Local.TO | Inori is looking for support from an experienced writer to report on the upcoming Mayoral by-election in Toronto

($24 - $32 per hour, Remote) People Magazine | Kate is hiring a books assistant to support her role as the Books Editor… and will get a lot of free books! More info and apply here

($18 per hour, Remote US) The Nation | Another internship opp to get some great experience working on the front lines of a newsroom. They’re open to hybrid working. Apply and more info here. Deadline May 12 

($15 per hour) Mashable | They’re looking for a shopping intern, ideally with some experience writing about Ecommerce or reporting. Targeted at an emerging writer or college grade/student More info here


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