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✍️ TWJN 83 | Finding freelance opps on Twitter 🤑 🐦

The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on September 04, 2022

Happy Sunday to 4,016 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? We did it!!!

We broke the 4,000 mark. I can't believe over 4,000 of you receive this every week. This is huge milestone for me. It feels like we’ve really got some great momentum going.

Thank you all for your support 😊 💌

And we're celebrating in a BIG way... with a whole bunch of paid writing opps!

We've got over 40 opps this week. That's 40 chances to make money loving what you do 🤑


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ A guide to finding freelance gigs on Twitter

2️⃣ 21 calls to pitch 📢

3️⃣ 20 writing jobs

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

Guide to finding freelance gigs on Twitter

Friend of the newsletter and writer Kaitlyn Arford wrote this awesome guide on how to use Twitter to find freelance gigs.

You might have noticed, I’m big on using these social platforms to find jobs. She covers everything from creating your personal brand, to joining specific communities, and even crash course for how to slide into DMs 😉 

Whether you’re starting off or more experienced, there’s some great nuggets in here!

Give it a read here 😊


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

($400 - $750) Game Informer | More for the gamers! They’re looking for everything from reviews to features

($350+) Fast Company | Aimee is looking for someone to write a story about the water crisis in Jackson Mississippi 

($350+) Xtra Magazine | Ziya is looking for pieces about climate and LGBTQ2S+ issues Guidelines here

($300 - $600) Azure Magazine | Stephan is looking for pitches about architecture, design, and urbanism Contact them here

($300) Viator | Foodie Vietnamese writer! Is that you? Get in touch with Lauren for a piece for Trip Advisor

(£250) Alliance Magazine | Stories about decolonizing philanthropy, Elika has budget!

($200, gift card) PSU Crowd | Creative writers who write short stories to try an AI powered system

($150 - $250, estimated) INSIDER | Jack is looking for stories from Sofia in Bulgaria (great holiday spot, BTW)

($130) Feminist Food Journal | Siani is looking for writers on their EARTH issue. Farming, climate change, food production etc. More info here. General guidelines here. Deadline 8 Sept

($125, estimated) Huff Post | Noah is looking for personal stories, everything from dating to identity to sex. Estimate from here

(£75 - £80, estimated) Quietus | Patrick is looking for all things music features through the end of the year. Pay estimated here

(£50) Seize the Press | The new non-fic editor is looking for stories about specificative fiction, sci0fi, and more! Guidelines here

(£30) Uncomfortable Cambridge | Articles about the history of Cambridge. Great for newbies in the UK!

($10 - $50 CAD) Shameless | Looking got pitches about their different sections in their Play issue. Upcoming deadlines 5 - 9 Sept

($1 - $2 per word) MIT Tech Review | Rachel is looking to expand their poor of freelancers focused on physics, space, computing, etc. Guidelines here

($1 - $2 per word) MIT Tech Review | Amanda is also looking for features about where tech and humans collide. Check the thread for more. Guidelines here

($1 per word) Youth Today | Meris is looking for freelance reporters to cover climate change, child welfare, and more! Guidelines here

($0.55 - $0.65 CAD) CBC | Personal stories about booming a parent and all the decisions that go into it

($0.40 - $0.75 per word) Asana | Nick is building a new publication about how to make work better. Great guidelines here

($0.20 - $0.25 per word) Park Bugle | Stories about what’s happening in a few different parks in Minnesota 


3️⃣ Writing jobs

($80,000 - $95,000, Remote US) AAAS | Social Media Manager to support their office of comms. Deadline 3 Oct

($80,000+, Remote US) Stat News | Health tech correspondent to investigate strategies of tech and healthcare companies

($60,000 - $65,000, Remote US) Rewire | Ester is looking for a staff reporter to tell stories about a post-Row America

(£44,000 - £48,000, Remote UK) The Bureau | Senior Reporter for a 2-year contract to join their local team Deadline 12 Sept

(£40,000 - £45,000, Remote UK) The Bureau | Green Finance reporter for a 12 month contract with exp in financial and/or environmental reporting

(£30,000 - £35,000, Remote UK) The Bureau | 

($1,000 per month, Remote, Part time) Pique Action | Editor and news curator to support some newsletters

($500 per piece, Remote) GoodRx | A few roles in their content team. Freelance writer to document patient experiences 

(£200 per piece) gal-dem | Freelance editor for their brand partnership projects

($150 per piece) The Dog People | Pet lovers! Help Christal with a series of blog posts about dog names 🐶

($100 per piece) Sapling and PocketSense | Financial writer with experience in tax for 1 - 5 articles per week

($40 - $90 per hour, Remote) The Grade | Reporter/researcher for 4-5 hours per week

($25 per hour, part time) BELT Magazine | Engagement editor to oversee their social media, newsletters, and more

($25 per hour) The Mary Sue | Freelancers to put out a whole bunch of content each month!

(£20 per hour, part time) Freelancing with Tim | Journo student for a part time research gig. Perfect for starting freelancer!

($0.10 per word) Nonstop Sports | Freelance writer to write and manage content for their YouTube channel

(Paid, Remote Canada) The Logic | Reporter to cover Canada’s Fintech sector

(Paid, Remote US, Multiple) Axios Local | A bunch of local reporters across different cities in the US Example here

(Paid, Remote US) Campfire Labs | Freelance writer to create content for eBooks, survey reports, and more!

(Paid, Remote US) Slumberkins | Contract Jr Copywriter to support this children’s education brand

(Paid, Remote UK, part-time) Key Media | Copy editor to edit profiles and short bios of business people and companies


PS If you have any tips or recc's for Austin TX, I'm all for it! Shoot a DM on twitter @job_writers

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