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The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on September 11, 2022

Happy Sunday to 4,098 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? I’ll keep it brief up top today. I’m at the airport about to shoot off to Las Vegas for a conference.

I’m hoping it’s not going to be The Hangover 4… but we’ll see.

Stay tuned for next week to hear what how it went 😉


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Guide for pitching publications

2️⃣ 20 calls to pitch 📢

3️⃣ 10 writing jobs

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

Masterclass guide on pitching publications

I know we’ve all seen those masterclass adverts when we’re scrolling through YouTube. They’re the guys who have all sorts of heavy hitters sharing their secrets.

Learning to cook from Gordon Ramsey, physics from Neil DeGrasse Tyson and more… here’s their view on pitching publications!

Give it a read here 😊


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch


($80 - $100) Autostraddle | Any queer Vietnamese writers here? Shelli is looking for a review of House of Ho Deadline 12 Sept


($450) Insider | Tekandra is looking for stories about how tech industry impacts people, business, and society

($400 - $2,000, estimate) Landscape Architecture Mag | Jennifer is looking for pieces about transit design, bike infra, and more!, Estimate here

($400 - $500) JSTOR | Rivka shared a call for Cathy. They’re always looking for scholars context on news and current affairs

($300+) Polygon | Gamers!? Maddy is looking for pitches for an upcoming series: Video Game Fashion Week! Guideline here

($250+) Insider | Queer and trans stories for Rosemary at Insider! And she’s always looking for other pieces, too

($250) Healthline | Taneasha is always looking for writers at Healthline. Here’s a recent call for pieces on Monkey Pox

($200 - $500) Life & Thyme | Rebecca is taking pieces all about legacy - be as literal or abstract as you want!

($175 - $500, estimate) Huck | Ben is the new commissioning editor. All things politics/activism and culture Guidelines here Estimate here

(£100) The Telegraph | Travel writers again! Lottie is looking for how your mental health has been impacted by discrimination

(€100+) Tavel Mag | Travel writers! Chris is looking for news-adjacent travel features. Ping him a DM 

($100) Set Side B | More game writing! Reach out to Rodney via DM for more info

($100) Taco Bell Quarterly | TBQ7 will be coming out early spring. Hilarious publication. They’re closed for this season, but wanted to share anyway 😊

($75 - $200) Reserve National Guard | Pitches for Hispanic Heritage Month, Veterans Day, and Education. Guidelines here

(£75 - £150+, estimated) The Quietus | Film buffs! Ella is looking for pitches gearing up for film festival season.

($50) No Escape | They’re looking for 3-4 small features about all things digital culture. Deadline 14 Sept

($25 - $30 per page) Cincinnati Review | Great guidance on what each editor is looking for! And more detailed guidelines here

($1 - $2 per word) MIT Tech Review | Allison is looking for pitches on design, accessibility, and education Guidelines here

($0.65 - $0.75 CAD per word) Ensemble Travel Vacations | More travel writing! Michele is looking for stories about sun destinations for the winter issue. Deadline 26 Sept

($0.50+ per word) LA Times | Brittany shared some great guidelines for how to pitch them, with some areas for topics!


3️⃣ Writing jobs

($1,500, Remote US) Neal Pearce Foundation | Journalism travel grant to support writers in the US tell stories about cities

($600 per piece, Remote) ZAGAT | Freelance travel writer to white up city guides for a range of 

($50 per hour, Remote) 37Signals | Content writer for initial stint as a contractor. Translating big ideas into simple stories

($20 per hour, Remote, Part-time) Telnet | Sustainability copywriter for part-time gig!

(Paid, Remote) TaleSpin | Developmental Editor for an initial 6-month contract. Education space!

(Paid, Remote US) Stage 4 Solutions | Technical writer for an initial 3-month contract for a full time opp

(Paid, Remote) Digital Trends | Freelance AV Writer to review all sorts of tech

(Paid, Remote US) Game Developer | Editor in Chief to support Game Developer’s editorial strategy & run their media arm

(Paid, Remote US, Part-time) GameStop | Associate editor and writer for Game Informer Online. Perfect for any gamers!


PS If you have any wild stories about Vegas, I'm all for it... would love to hear! Shoot a DM on twitter @job_writers

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