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The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on October 02, 2022

Happy Sunday to 4,410 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? Woah, this was a big week for some new subscribers!! Big shout out to the community over at r/HireAWriter 👏

Welcome, new friends 😊

At TWJN, we’re a friendly bunch… most of the time (promise)

Before we dive in, I just wanted to share this Twitter conversation where a bunch of you shared your books that had an impact on you.

Some highlights

• A Wrinkle in Time from Amara

• The Sound of Gravel from Samantha

• The Boy in Striped Pyjamas from Leanna

What’s a book that’s had a big impact on you?

Ping me a reply or add to that thread. I’m always looking for great recc’s and can share them here too 🤓

Okay, now let’s get to it! ⬇️ ⬇️


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Successful pitch templates

2️⃣ 21 calls to pitch 📢

3️⃣ 18 writing jobs

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

Successful pitch templates

Okay, so we’ve had a lot of new writers join TWJN recently. A bunch of your have asked about what makes a great pitch.

I like to share pitch guidelines when I can… but, honestly, I always find seeing *actual* pitches so much more useful.

So that’s what we’ve got this week! Here’s a resource with a whole bunch if successful pitches. 

There’s that famous quote: good artists imitate, great artists steal. 😉 Find some templates that are proven and fit your pitch and adapt!

Check it out here


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities too

($1,000) Talk Poverty | Mara is looking for pieces about tech and electricity in marginalised communities. Guidelines here

($500 - $750 CAD) Toronto Verse | Tahmeed is looking for writers for stories about the Toronto area. Even if you’re not interested in the opp, check out the website. It’s so cool! Guidelines here

($500) Andscape | Hypebeasts and sneaker heads?! John is looking for stories about sneaker culture and shoe stories, from a Black perspective

($350) The Nation | Ludwig is looking for LGBTQ writers in/from Cuba for an upcoming piece. Guidelines here

($300 - $800) | Hija is looking for a female or queer journalist/content creator to produce a piece on gender and tech about Myanmar and Vietnam

(£270+) Insider | Kiera is looking for stories from Disney/Six Flags workers, exec assistants, wait staff from famous restaurants, and more!

($250+) New Republic | Adrienne is a new editor and is always taking pitches about US politics for a progressive audience. Rolling call.

($210+) Insider | Crystal is looking for freelancers to write about their experience getting tattoos and piercings.

($200 - $250) Insider | Any (former) polygamists here? Conz is looking for a first-person essay, no deadline! 

(€200) The Cognoscenti | James is looking for stories for the Short Reads section of his newsletter. Profound solutions to big problems! Guidelines here

($200+) Byrdie Beauty | Olivia is looking for beauty and wellness pitches 💅🏽 Guidelines here Rolling call

($200) Pay Writers | Melissa reached out and is looking for writers for a blog about writing for a living (sounds like a pretty great fit for many of you, I know 😉)

($125) Uppercut | Are open for October pitches! Horror or Autumn-adjacent stories! Guidelines here

($100 - $125) The Xylom | Alex is always taking pitches related to science and society, including personal essays. Guidelines here

($100+) The Hopkins Review | Paid for published fiction/nonfiction & poetry pieces and submissions are open for their next issue.. but there’s a $3 fee. Deadline 31 Oct

($100 - $300) TimeOut LA | Patricia is looking for LA-based writers to cover the restaurant and bar scene. Guidelines here. Deadline ~ 12 Oct

(Paid…) Mongabay | This one is interesting.. budget can include your rate but they’re looking for a journalist to report on wildlife and biodiversity in Brazil.. which includes going out to the Amazon

($0.50 - $1.50 per word) Aubudon | Jessica is looking for all things conservation, environmental journalism, and all things birds. Guidelines here Deadline 11 Oct

($1 CAD per word, estimate) Canadian Geographic | Pieces about people, places, climate, and more from a Canadian perspective. Guidelines here

($0.50 per word) Truvere | Travel writers! ✈️ Erica is taking pitches for their new brand. Detailed guidelines in the thread!

($0.10 - $0.15 per word, estimate) Leafie | Liam is looking at expanding their freelancer pool for stories about cannabis and psychedelics 🍄💨 Guidelines here 


3️⃣ Writing jobs

($82,000+, Remote, NY) Inc. | Senior editor to manage reporters and other editorial staff 

($60,000 - $65,000, Remote NY) Kudiman | This nonprofit has a development director role and a comms intern opps, with some great benefits! 

($43,000, Remote US) Strong Towns | Staff writer to support making America’s cities strong and resilient. Part-time opps available too. Deadline Oct 9

(£40,000 - £50,000) Fortune | News reporter to cover the biggest business and economic news out of London. Ping Holly for more

(£250 per day, Remote UK) News Futures 2035 | Freelance reporter to attend some events in the UK for ~10 days. Guidelines here. Deadline 7 Oct

($150 per piece, Remote) Greenvans | Looking for freelance content writers about passenger vans. Ongoing blog posts

($50 per piece, estimate, Remote UK) POPSUGAR | Joely is looking for entertainment and lifestyle writers. Detail here. Pay estimate here  

($35 per hour, Remote) The Objective | Part-time reporter to cover how journalism interfaces with Democracy. 10 hours per week. Apply here Deadline 15 Oct

(£17.50 per hour, Remote) LGBT Hero | Digital community support worker to manage a community of south asian and older LGBTQ+ communities.

(Paid, Remote) | Freelance content writer to support SEO blog posts and other content optimised for organic reach

(Paid, Remote) The Content Technologist | Freelance B2B content writers! They’re looking to partner with digital practitioners for 2023 Detail here

(Paid, Remote) Trusaic | Freelance content writer to support B2B marketing content, including white papers, guides, and more

(Paid, Remote) Superpath | Freelance security/privacy writer with expertise in zero-trust, password management, and more

(Paid, Remote UK) The Line | Freelance Game Producer or Animation Producer to support a new game 

(Paid, Remote US) Stroke Association | Freelance writer for 3 pieces over the next 5 months, see post for details

(Paid, Remote, Part time) LoveToKnow Media | Part time content writer for their Family & Relationships section 

(Paid, Remote) Presitely | Freelance English content writer to publish blogs, service pages, ebooks, and more

(Paid, Remote) Book of the Month | Freelance Ad Copywriter to support their paid social and search ads copy


PS Again, hit me up with your book recommendations. I’m all for it! Shoot a DM on twitter @job_writers

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