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The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on October 23, 2022

Happy Sunday to 4,504 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? I’m doing great! It’s another Sunday morning and at the airport (again!).

This time I’m heading to Orlando in Florida. For another conference (not to see Micky Mouse… this time 😔) 

Yes, I’ve had A LOT of work travel recently.

But that's enough about me, you’ve got some great writing opps in store. It's a big week for full time and freelance jobs this time around! 🥳

Question: do you find the ‘Writing Jobs’ section useful? What could I do to make it more valuable for you? Are you looking for specific types of jobs or niches?

Let me know! You know I’m always looking for feedback from you 😊

Okay, let’s get to it! ⬇️⬇️


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Free 16-page guide on freelancing by Chelsea Ciruzzo

2️⃣ 20 calls to pitch, inc. a community job and two fellowships 📢

3️⃣ 24 writing jobs

Remember, our supporters get exclusive bonuses (and love, and karma, and better skin, and... more 😉)

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1️⃣ Resource of the week

Chelsea Ciruzzo’s free 16-page guide on freelancing 

I’m quite jealous of writers starting off today. There’s SO many great *free* resources out there. And here’s one of them.

Chelsea wrote up this awesome guide on how to send pitches and get published.

It’s really a end-to-end guide on what to do, from getting started, to submitting invoices, managing your time, and everything else in between. 

Give it a read here!


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities too

📢 Shoutout Job & Fellowships 📢

($0.20 per word) Johanna at Digital Commerce | Freelance writer for a Japanese travel publication for ongoing work, 3-4 posts per month!

(Paid, Remote US) New York Times | NYT is accepting applications for their Local Investigations Fellowship… how awesome would this be??

(Paid, Remote US) New York Times | They’ve also started their Newsroom Fellowship Program. Deadline 2 Dec

⬇️ Regular List ⬇️

($500 - $1,000) Better Life Lab | Big paying opp! Stories about innovations in child care, which they’ll help to push out. Guidelines here

($700) Duolingo Podcast | Interesting opp! Their English podcast is looking for stories about indigenous cultures and traditions. Guidelines here 

($500+) Andscape | Foodie alert! 🥕 John is looking for thoughtful, engaging food stories that matter, from a black perspective. 

($500+) Andscape | Sneaker heads! John is also stories about sneakers!

($450, estimate) Insider | Tech writer? Sign up for Tekendra’s monthly pitch call through this Airtable form. Estimate here

($300 - $600) The Muse | Stav is looking for all sorts of pitches about careers and work Guidelines here

($300+) Thrillist Culture | Leanne and Kerensa are taking pitches about movies, TV, music, and much more. Guidelines here

($300) Byrdie Beauty | Any fashion writers looking to get a quick deadline in? Reach out to Erika!

($300) Flashpack | Laura is looking for new stories to commission for SOLO, a travel magazine for solo travellers

($300 AUD) The Guardian Australia | Bridie is taking comment pieces, think funny summer stories Rolling call

($250) Insider | Rosemary is taking health and parenting pitches, ever green and holiday stories

($250) She Knows | Thea is looking for entertainment and culture pitches, especially about movies, TV and more!

($200+) Sentient Media | Jenny is taking pitches with a mission to change the conversation about animal agriculture (e.g. impact of meat and dairy farming) Guidelines here Rolling call

($150 - $300) SF Gate | Tessa is looking for freelancers for deep dives, trends, and other stories all about SF

($150 - $200) ILY Magazine | Rae is guest editing and is taking stories about divorce, love languages, attachment, and more

(£120 - £150) Galdem Magazine | Diyora is taking pitches for their climate section. Case studies, solution-oriented stories 

($50) Barrel House | This Temple Univ. publication is taking fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and more! Deadline Oct 31


3️⃣ Writing jobs

($80,000 - $100,000, Remote US) Better Life Lab | Senior Writer & Editor to manage their teams and writing

($60,000) William & Mary | Another great sci-comm role in higher ed. Senior research writer within the univ comms team 

($35,000 - $40,000) African Arguments | Africa or UK-based editor to lead their politics, society, or culture coverage

(£28,000 - £33,000, Remote UK) PinkNews | Communications executive to implement their comprehensive comms strategy while supporting their press office

($2,700 per month, Remote) NESsT | Content writer to produce content for their growing comms team. Writing stories, long-form, blog posts, press releases, and more

($1,800 per month, Remote) Audience Automator | Content copywriter to manage Twitter and LinkedIn profiles for their clients

($1,000 per month, Remote US) Rebellious Magazine | Reporter to cover sexual health in the Chicago area (local preferred)

($700 per month, Remote) Forever Home Inspector | Freelance content writer, $40 to $80 per article

($75 - $125 per hour, Remote, Part time) Ecommerce Fuel |  Andrew is looking for a researcher and writer to spot and write about trends in eCommerce

($25 per hour, Remote) Lowercase | Freelance content marketer and project manager to manage blog and content production

($20 per hour, Remote, Part time) Penguin Random House | Spring internship are open! Open to non-students and no publishing experience needed

($50 - $150 per piece) The Ability Toolbox | Freelance writers wanted to support and create content for this disabled-owned online community. More details here

($0.08 per word) Tasting Table | Freelance writers to join their foodie feature team for content in print or on the web.

(Paid, Remote US) Texas Monthly | Yeeee-haw 🤠 Copy editor to join this Texas institution. Make sure stuff read good

(Paid, Remote) Softr | Freelance content writer for tech and SaaS. Experience in no-code is even better! 

(Paid, Remote UK) Reach | Two journalist opportunities to join their growing news team. One for Google Showcase and another for Apple News. Deadline Nov 2

(Paid, Remote, Part time) Ralph Henderson | Ralph’s friend is looking for a freelance writer in the Supply Chain space

(Paid, Remote, Part time) Osmosis | Contract script writer for nurses. Working with Nurse content team to write posts

(Paid, Remote) Latin Times | Entry-level reporter at the Latin Times to cover a whole range of topics through a Latino lens

(Paid, Remote US) BuzzFeed | Entertainment editor to edit and manage a whole bunch of projects

(Paid, Remote US) BuzzFeed | They’re also taking a News Editor to support content across food, news, pop, and more

(Paid, Remote US) Washington Post | TV critic! What a great job. In office preferred but remote may be possible

(Paid, Remote) The Urban Writers | Professional freelance editor to build relationships with their customers, ensuring feedback on books, stories, blogs, etc.

(Paid, Remote US) Hugo & Cat | Freelance copywriter to join their digital design team in the healthcare space


PS Again, hit me up with your book recommendations. I’m all for it! Shoot a DM on twitter @job_writers

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