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The Writer's Job Newsletter
The Writer's Job NewsletterPublished on December 26, 2022

Happy Monday to 5,115 motivated writers 👋🏼 

How’s everyone doing? Oops.. I’m a day late 🤕

I know work for us writers and freelancers never *really* stops.. but I hope you’re all able to also take a well deserved break and re-charge!

I always find the holidays and New Year a useful time to pause and reflect.

Day-to-day it’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life.

I’m so grateful to be spending some time at home, with the family for a while! It’s so great being able to catch-up with everyone while I’m here. 🤗

I hope you all have a blessed new year!

See you in 2023 ❤️


So, what do we have this week?

1️⃣ Planning for 2023: Yearly Themes

2️⃣ 19 calls to pitch, inc. two sweet competitions 🏆

3️⃣ 17 writing jobs, mix of freelance and full time!

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1️⃣ Resource of the week 

Planning for 2023: Yearly Themes

The run up to the New Year always gets me thinking about how to plan for the next year. 

And resolutions just don’t work for me.. but planning around a yearly themes does.

It’s about finding a goal, vision for the year that acts as a guiding principle.

I’m still finalising mine, but I’m leaning towards ‘The Year of the Network’. 

With my move to the US this year and getting settled, I want to make more of an effort to brand out and meet some interesting Texans 🤠

Check out how I think about yearly themes in this YouTube vid

Give it a watch and let me know what your theme for 2023 is going to be!


2️⃣ Calls to Pitch

I try to ensure these are well-paid. If not, they’re usually helpful in some other way. We range from new writers to those more established, so keep a like to share range of opportunities 


($500) BorderLore | Kim is looking for stories and writers about a new culture, heritage, and climate initiative. Publication is focused on the US-Mexico borderlands. 15 participants will be selected and can participate in a 2-day writing workshop in Feb 2023 More details here Deadline 30th Dec

($200 - $1,000) Craft Literary | Check out this competition for long form and creative non-fiction pieces. Courtney is waiving the $20 application fee for 10 submissions! More details and apply here. Deadline 29th Dec


($600 - $700, estimate) NYT Opinion | Cornelia is looking for pitches for their Fortunes column in the NYT Sunday Opinion, personal essays that explore how class shapes society Guidelines here, estimate here

($400) Bon Appetite | Foodie writers again! 🍔 Elazar is looking for a NOLA-based writer who knows about restaurants. Deadline 3rd Jan

($300 - $500) Mobilisation Lab | Ani is looking for pitches analysing creative political campaigns and campaigning under authoritarianism. Especially from non-EU/US voices!! Guidelines here

($300 - $500) NYT Wirecutter | The Wire Cutter is always looking for pitches for shorter reported pieces, odes, how-tos, and more. Rolling call

($250) Trip Advisor | Lauren is looking for Lunar New Year pitches!🧧 Personal essays with a travel hook. Shoot her an email! Deadline 6th Jan

($200) IJNet | This journo network is looking for pitches about tools, apps, resources, and more that they’ve not covered yet! Submit here

($200, estimate) Parents | Amelia is gearing up for 2023 and is assigning an article every week! One to bookmark. Perfect for parents and current/formerly pregnant people. Estimate from prev post

($175) Insider | Laura is looking for stories about delayed or canceled holiday flights and other holiday horror stories! Guidelines here

($150 - $600) Deceleration | This environmental justice publication is looking for pitches (features, profiles etc.) for 2023! Apply here Rolling call

($150) Bellona Magazine | They’ve extended deadline for submissions for their Surplus issue. Get your pitches about about the political economy, aesthetics, music, and more in! Guidelines and submission here Deadline 20th Jan

($125) Chalkbeat | Gabi is taking pitches and perusal essays about teaching, learning, and leading. Examples here

($100 - $300) Sask Dispatch | Emily is looking for submissions for their May/June 2023 issue. Saskatchewan-focused stories! 🍁 Guidelines here Deadline 4th Jan

($75 - $300) Pipeline Artists | Another publication gearing up for 2023 - arts, politics, light and breezy to more serious. Check out the publication here

($2 per word) Smithsonian Magazine | Ted has three (!) calls to pitch for different departments: American icon, short features, and single pages.  

($1 per word) AARP | Foodie writers! Sara is looking for stories about how you cook with pantry items and use them in your cooking 🥪 Guidelines here 

($0.50 - $1 per word) Craft Council | Arts and crafts writers! Open call for their fall 2023 issue! Showcase craft that is made from collections of objects or a collective spirit. Deadline 30th Jan

(£0.23 - £0.55 per word, estimate) Spectator | Art is looking for pitches about YA novels, cult films, nostalgia and more! Estimate here


3️⃣ Writing jobs

($110,000 - $150,000, Remote US) Endpoints News | Full time deputy editor for their daily newsletter, all about what’s happening in biotech and pharma. One of six opps from Drew! Apply here 

($65,000 - $80,000, Remote US) Endpoints News | Full time drugs reporter to manage content across biotech and pharma. Will contribute to their daily newsletters. One of six opps from Drew! Apply here 

($45,000) Hearst | Fellowship 2-year opportunity aimed at college senecio students. Perfect for early career or budding journalists! Apply here Deadline 6th January

(£10,000 per issue) Future Observatory | Freelance managing editor of a new publication (part of the Design Museum) Apply here, Deadline 6th Jan

($2,000 per month, Remote US, Part time) Nightingale | Managing editor to being all aspects of their publication together Apply and more details here!

($2,000 stipend, Remote CA) Center for Heal Journalism | California-based reporters! Check out this Fellowship to help focus on overlooked health stories Deadline 13th Jan

($450 - $1,000 per month, Remote SF, Part time) SF Bay View Newspaper | Freelance staff reporter for regular work throughout the month

(£240 per week, Remote UK, Part time) Time Out London | Huw is looking for freelance news writers from January! 

(Paid, Remote US, Part time) Journal of Trial and Error | Freelance copy editor to review and edit scientific articles for grammar, style etc. Apply here 

(Paid, Remote CA, Part time) Scriptorium | Part time experienced writer to join this professional writing services firm, technical writing and editing skills needed

(Paid, Remote) The Molasses Flood | Big time gamers?? 👾 Here’s a full time narrative director to work on the world of The Witcher! Apply here

(Paid, Remote) Brandex Group | Juilan is looking for comms and content writers to join their International Insurance Market team, junior and senior roles

(Paid, Remote) Townie Creative | Freelance bloggers and content writers! Elyse is looking to expand her pool of freelancers in the new year. Get in touch!

(Paid, Remote) 22 IMPACT | Freelance content writer for regular work (2 x per week) about social media, modelling, company topics, and more

(Paid, Remote) Fuller Project | Claire and the team are hiring a bureau chief for their East Africa newsroom. What an awesome opportunity! Apply here

(Paid, Remote, Part time) LightCastle Partners | Perfect for students! Content writer to look at micro and micro impacts on the economy, 3 articles per month Apply here Deadline 29th Dec

(Paid, Remote) Softr | Freelance content writer to help this tech company, in the low-code no-code space, build their online presence. Focused on creating more SEO content. Pay per piece published.


PS I'm serious - let me know what your yearly theme or resolution is! Shoot me a reply 💌

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