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Haley Bowler-Cooke

Haley Bowler-Cooke

Haley Bowler-Cooke,

Quantum Healer, Channel & Premium Coach

Energetic & Physical Upgrades

Spirit Liberation via the Body portal

Opulence ~ Alchemy ~ Ascension

Hi Gorgeous, My name is Haley Bowler-Cooke & this is Uplift Lifestyle,

... an Empire of Spiritual Liberation through the portal that is the Body.

I am a soul having a human experience & I am here to revel in all the pleasure, joy, luxury & adventure that this realm has to offer.

I am devoted to my Alignment, my Highest Timeline & I am devoted to My Work as a New Paradigm Leader, Channel, Healer & Mentor. 

I work with High Level Women who are here to experience their stunning life by design, ascension, alchemy & opulence in alignment with their unique innate brilliance & deepest souls desires.

I provide Energetic & Physical Upgrades via quantum channelling & energy healing in combination with High Level Coaching to facilitate your individual rise in Love, Life, Wealth, Career, Pleasure & Personal Alignment.

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