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Food should unite, not divide people…

They say food is the original social media and we couldn’t agree more. Urban Acorn is a flexitarian food company dedicated to fusing meaningful food traditions with contemporary needs and expressions. This means we sometimes veganize popular dishes, find cleaver and mindful ways to create food fusions and honour the artistic quality food brings to the table. More than an act of nourishment, our services are rooted in community, the art of gathering and creating a sense of belonging.

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About Our Co-Founder & Plan Curator: Marie Fitrion

Though she doesn't work in the kitchen with Chef Holloway, you can see her influence in their menus which features a few nods to her Haitian background. An academic at heart, Fitrion is a collector of grand ideas and a natural storyteller with a penchant for etymology. She loves to explore the connection between food, culture and communication. As a freelance writer, her most recent is an intersectional project called Voodoo Haggis Stories (@voodoohaggisstories) which looks at the role food and food fusion play in understanding interracial indentities.


About our Executive Chef: Daniel Holloway

Executive Chef Daniel Holloway of Urban Acorn Catering believes great food is achieved by harnessing bold flavours from humble ingredients. A trained chef with over 15 years in the culinary industry, Holloway has catered for high profiled clients such as Margaret Atwood, Prince, former Lieutenant Governor Michaëlle Jean and Vegan athlete turned deputy general for the green part of Canada, George Laraque. Chef Holloway’s signature style can be best described as refined comfort food, a blend of rustic Canadian cuisine with fine French techniques. He is currently working as a viennoiseries chef in Toronto.

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