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"When Your Hips Don't Lie" & Other Inspiring Quotes

Christy Nichols
Christy NicholsPublished on June 27, 2022

This week was a doozy . . .


Sometimes, when the week spirals sideways with delightful opportunities, you just have to seize them for what they offer, regardless of the hours they cost.


And other times, when the spiral is not delightful but rather sets you off course, you have little choice but to scramble your way back to your path in what ways you can. This also steals time.


Both spirals struck my strategically planned week.


There is a painful hip injury holding me back from moving like I want to physically. No running. No yoga. Standing while I type.


But also, a few work-related introductions that serendipitously populated my calendar and will no doubt propel my business forward.


By the time May 5th arrived, I Cinco-de-Mayo-ed as tradition demanded, but only with 2 crisp margaritas and hearty vegan tacos for brunch, before shifting back into get-it-done mode.


My routine this past week was jarred for better and for worse. So to that end, my friends, my Friday night tonight will be a night IN.


For hip-healing, week-wrapping, and living the nap-heavy life of my cat Tino for a bit.


Perhaps some of you may have experienced a week that played out differently than you anticipated. If you didn’t quite reach the goalposts you set for yourself, then I leave you with this inspiring quote from one of my favorite writers, Morgan Harper Nichols:

 “May you never forget how far you have come and the miles it took just to get to this place.”

Reminders like this will always boost my spirits and re-center my mood because of the truth in them. It delivers that dose we all need of feeling good with being where we are in the moment, regardless of the timeline we set for ourselves.


If you feel off course in some way, then I hope these words help you feel re-centered too.

Enjoy your weekend.


~ Christy

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