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Virna Lichter
Tampa, FL, USA

My life journey began in a small town in Brazil, where I was an overweight child before joining a local martial arts studio called Energia (Portuguese for ‘Energy’). I fell in love with fitness and carried this passion with me to America; Many years later I came to name my own wellness studio Energia as my journey had come into a full circle. I always try to convey my love for fitness to clients by teaching them how it gives me the energy and vitality to do the things I love. But I have learned that keeping fit is only one piece of the wellness puzzle.

In 2009, I was in great shape and had achieved all of my material goals in life. But, I was working too hard and felt perpetually stressed, anxious, and depressed. My energy and enthusiasm had hit rock bottom. Fortunately, this was when I found spirituality in the form of kriya yoga and meditation, which instilled a different, deeper type of energy. Following this new path, which has included time spent with some of the world’s leading meditation teachers, has not only given me a richer, less fragile sense of fulfillment and happiness. It’s led to my new mission of focusing especially on teaching meditation (in addition to yoga and fitness) to my clients—mostly business leaders and professionals—by mentoring them through my coaching business, Beyond Mindset. My eventual goal is to bring meditation into schools inspiring the leaders of the future at an early in hope of a more conscious world.

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