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Anna Helenowski
Chicago, IL, USA

I have a crazy resume. I've lived in Chicago, Colorado, Australia, Spain, and Hawaii and worked all kinds of wild jobs (picking mangos on a farm, rappel and hiking guide, bartender at a club in a cave...), but the most recent was as a massage therapist. When the pandemic hit, I lost my job overnight-- it was one of the most stressful and powerless moments of my life. I started a virtual online self-care business, began online yoga teacher training to deepen my own practice, and I would keep my spirits up by setting up a calm space with candles, singing bowls, and meditating on Virtues like Endurance, Patience, Joyfulness, Gratitude...and more.

Eventually, I felt like I should try making my own candles instead of burning them all the time. I knew that if I were going to make this a business, I wanted to help my customers transform their lives through mindfulness practice that incorporates their senses and balances their chakras. I wanted to help others fill their space with positivity and encourage self-care and transformation through easy-to-do mindfulness practices.

I am motivated every day by the desire to make the world a better place by starting with each person who enjoys my candles. Virtues are the seeds that we plant in the garden of our hearts, and when we practice mindfulness, we nurture them to blossom and grow--beautifying our lives and the lives of those around us. The alchemy, then, is transforming our inner world so that our actions transform the world around us.

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