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Carmen Anguiano Presents The Voice Coach Subscription

Carmen Rodz
Carmen RodzPublished on August 04, 2021

Hello everyone!

Calling all Teachers, CEO´s, Senior Executives, NLP Consultants, Theather actors, Film Stars... All you brave souls that would love to or are looking to empower yourselves by discovering your inner voice! I am absolutely thrilled to share my exciting news with you. Introducing my Voice Coaching Online Subscription service. If you wish to learn how to strengthen your self-confidence, become a pro at public speaking and you want to push your presentation skills to the next level, then this is the subscription for you...Does your voice get tired quickly? Are you looking to improve your speaking voice at a low cost? Have you been thinking about the possibilities that would open a super attractive voice? Have you never worked with your voice but always wanted to? Have some unconscious or bad habits damaged your voice, and so, your self-confidence? If you answer yes, please keep on reading.

My journey to today...

Last year has been, undoubtedly, one of the most challenging years we have experienced lately. Any plans that we had were suddenly changed, postponed or even cancelled. The unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances that we all have experienced, made us value what we have and what is important in our lives. I consider myself a very positive and resilient person. Even though, there were moments last year, when I was scared. What kept me going and gave me hope and serenity was singing and making music. This has been the case too for thousands of people around the world, thankfully. Singing has been, ever since I can remember, a very important part of my life. I have started to sing even before I could speak, and through my working life as a Singer and Voice Coach, I have been fortunate enough to have met incredible and beautiful people. At the start of 2019, my plans looked a little different to what they do now. I was just recovering from the loss of a loved one after a long illness. I wanted to work, to travel and I was prepared to make a significant career change merging my passions for pedagogy, technology and communication, which at that time, did not include lots of singing or voice coaching, as I was offered some positions as a Learning Designer for the e-Learning industry. I was really enthused with that prospect, as I knew the potential life changes that e-learning can deliver in the lives of thousands... 2020 seemed the year to embrace that new career perspective, things were developing on the right track for that purpose, and then, it came March…and we all know what happened…Being on my own during the lockdown, and literally, being saved by the mere and cheerful act of singing and working with my voice, made me realign my values and priorities in life… Also, hearing the stories of people getting together and singing all around the world, and how positive and empowering the effects of working with our voices can be on our mental health and well being could not be ignored. I rejected “the job” that a year previously would have been a dream. I came to the realization that I could put my passion for voice coaching, technology, and pedagogy all together in an offering. And, that I could help people who would love to discover their own voice, and to empower and reinvent themselves by learning how to do it. 

Voice coaching - where did that come from?

At that time I had a flashback and thought about all my coaches during the years, since the first time I started talking about Voice Coaching - when no one knew for certain what it was! I remember how I started: I was a student at a very prestigious dance academy, I was training myself for a Première, and then, one day one of the teachers approached me and asked me: We know you are a singer, and, we were wondering if you could help us to train our voices in order to be able to conduct many hours of teaching (and shouting!)...our voices are just falling apart! Help us, please! And, it was there that this new chapter of voice coaching began... I can recall visiting libraries, book shops and gathering any material I could find in order to help them. It was in vain (at that time), there was very little interest in improving your voice. With my singing teaching experience and knowledge (coming from very different backgrounds and with a huge variety of goals in mind) I started to develop something that would be highly practical and useful to my "Voice Coachees" with no previous musical or vocal training background. My aim with my new dance teacher coachees was fast results, with minimum effort, that would make their voices strong and pleasing to the ear of their students. And we did it! Suddenly, the word of mouth came, and I was working with a huge variety of coachees: Teachers, CEO´s, Senior Executives, NLP Consultants, Theather actors and Film Stars. 

Going online...

From there, I started to think about a feasible learning design that could help anyone who wishes to learn how to strengthen their self-confidence, become a pro at public speaking whilst pushing their presentation skills to the next level and enhance their current abilities. One of my main objectives was to make it affordable, as most of the time, voice lessons are rather expensive, as we have to pay rent for a studio. Online sessions did work. The world had witnessed this during 2020! So taking my years of experience over the years, I have built my own Voice Coaching Online Subscription with Subkit.  You can choose whether you'd like the Voice Gym pass, private Voice training OR both! All at an affordable cost that will delight you if you have been looking for easy, non-fuss, and effective voice training that will allow you to discover your real voice, gain self-confidence and see consistent results. You can join me every week for a one-to-one Online Voice training session (45 minutes, weekly - 4 sessions per month) where I will guide you with the most suitable exercises for your voice and we will work to accomplish your own Voice Development objectives at your own pace. Plus you will have access to my online Voice Gym, where we will exercise our voices all together with a bunch of lovely people who also look to empower themselves through their Voice!  You will have lots of goodness with your monthly subscription including audio files for your own practice at home, and easy to follow worksheets that will help you to develop consistency in your everyday voice practice. 

To celebrate my new launching, I am offering all my founding members a 15%off when subscribing using the promo code 15OFFFOUNDERS when you check out. Well, are you ready to join me?  Subscribe now! 


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