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Carmen Rodz

Hello there! My name is Carmen, and I am a Voice Coach. I have more than fifteen years of experience coaching many professionals from various walks of life in how to empower themselves through the conscious use of their voices. Among my clients you can find people like CEO´s, Lawyers, Teachers, Sales Managers, Film Industry people and many others. 

My goal as a Voice Coach is to show you and make sure you learn how to transform your voice in the persuasive, confident and pleasant voice that you have always dreamed of.  Following my Method you don’t need to spend hours exercising your voice. Based on the experiences I’ve got with my clients, I have designed some very simple and scientifically based exercises that will allow you to train your voice daily IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. You won't need a piano, nor a previous musical background, IT IS EASY AND YOU CAN DO IT!

This is for you if you experience vocal fatigue after using your voice during a call, presentation, conference, etc. 

This if for you too if you don’t feel confident about your voice (for instance if you feel that you can’t control you own voice at will)

And if you feel that you  CAN DO AND ACHIEVE MUCH MORE with a powerful, strong, persuasive and beautiful voice, you are in the right place!


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