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Kelly Williamson
Kelly WilliamsonPublished on July 06, 2021

Hello, I'm Kelly from Manchester and I'm really excited to welcome you to the brand new subscriptions at We Are Omm.

Firstly, let's get acquainted - I'm Kelly, a marketing consultant from Manchester with over 10 years of experience building brands using social media and content marketing.

I've worked in Manchester on international luxury brands, SMEs and startups - from global brands, luxury goods, and hospitality. Noticed there was always something missing.

I set up Omm after having my first child and realising that so many businesses - big and small - get in a muddle with their marketing.

The purpose of Omm is to instill calm in business owners and take the pressure off all the things they need to do when running their own brand.

At Omm we have been working as outsourced marketing managers for our clients in the health, wellbeing, and professional services sector for 4 years.

More recently, we released a course to help new and solopreneurs help understand and master their own marketing as they grow. The course is 12 modules full of the information you need to understand and implement all the aspects of marketing as a new business.

Now, we've noticed more people struggling with content and want to help business owners with ideas and affordable content solutions to help them amplify their social media and business communications.

Our new subscriptions start from just £3 for our content calendar full of ideas, through to done-for-you bespoke content which will be released later this year.

Check out our website at where you can see all our services and course information.

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