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Introducing Women Behind Weddings

Bethany Wright
Bethany WrightPublished on May 27, 2021

Hello, I'm Beth - the Founder of Women Behind Weddings (WBW).

I have launched WBW with one aim: to connect and inspire the Women in the UK Wedding Industry.

In early 2021, my fiance Alex and I made the decision to buy a home in Manchester, back to my childhood home and city after years in London. With the move came a new job and a departure from my role as Head of Community at Bridebook. With 13 years of experience in the wedding & events industry, and having successfully built a community of 20,000-plus wedding businesses at Bridebook — I was determined not to say goodbye to the industry I love and started thinking about launching a new side hustle.

Throughout my years in the industry, I have always been inspired by the women within the wedding industry. The motivation, the grit, the heroic "nothing is ever too much" effort that we put in so that couples can (and do) have the day they've always dreamed of. And whilst thinking through this, a thought occurred 💡: no one sees what goes on behind the scenes, no one tells the stories. There's nowhere to tell these stories. There's nowhere really to share your knowledge, your experience, your top tips, your on-the-ground, in-the-trenches reality - the what to do or, more importantly, what not to do. And thus, a problem to solve.

We, the Women in the wedding industry, need a low-cost, easy access means of connecting with other female industry professionals. We need to celebrate our successes. We need to share our stories. We need to bring the 'behind the scenes' to the 'in front of the curtain' so that we can learn from each other, grow together and be proud of the work we do and the incredible industry we work for.. So, Women Behind Weddings was born 🎉

Join us — share your story — be part of the only all-female community in the UK wedding industry that is focused on celebrating the heroic efforts of the women in weddings.

Here's me:

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