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Hello! Hi there! Nice to meet ya!

Wendy Eaton
Wendy EatonPublished on August 23, 2022

Hello! I’m Wendy, nice to meet you!

 Hello everyone! My name is Wendy and I have started this blog as a way to share my empowerment, self-love, and body acceptance journey with all of you. I have overcome an eating disorder, struggled with self-worth, and worked through many other issues to become the person I am today. The best part, I am still working on it and I want you to join me.

 In this blog I will share about my journey towards self-love, body acceptance, and empowerment, as well as sharing more about what I am learning every day in this journey, and I will encourage you to share your truth as well. Truthfully, I will be sharing on how I am working on it, working on my issues, obstacles, fears and more. I want to share this truth so that others won’t feel alone on their journey.

I offer programs and resources for everyone who is also working on body acceptance and confidence and this blog is a free resource just for you!

 A little about me! I am in my late-twenties, I work in the Boston area, I am a fitness instructor, a dog mama, I married my best friend in 2021, and I am very passionate about empowerment for all, especially women and girls, as well as nonprofits, and movement.

I look forward to sharing so much of myself with you while also sharing how to step into your power and work on yourself. It will not always be easy to work on yourself, but it will always be worth it.

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