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Wendy Rimmelspacher
Clarkston, WA 99403, USA

Wendy Rimmelspacher is a Professional Speaker who is passionate about encouraging women to move beyond their fears and evolve into who they dream to become. The feeling of fear is real, but the power behind the fear often is not. Wendy believes we can all learn to move beyond the feeling of fear and self-doubt and achieve our goals.  She centers her work around helping women learn to embrace their energy, stop shrinking and playing small, take bold steps towards achieving their goals and live the life they dream of for themselves.

Wendy is not new to setting big goals and powering through the scary steps it takes to achieve them.  She is a graduate of Oregon State University in Accounting and has passed the CPA exam, not on her first attempt.  She swallowed plenty of pride and used her determination to conquer this goal.  Wendy is an avid runner and prefers to be outdoors enjoying some form of exercise.  She also set a goal at her golf course and now holds two Club Champion titles.  Wendy has most recently launched her Professional Speaking business because she knows so many women need help to move beyond their fears and step into the life they were meant to lead.

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