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Will Greenblatt

"Those who tell the stories rule the world." Native American proverb

In any industry, having the skill and confidence to speak publicly has a huge impact on how many opportunities you get, how much money you make, how high you can rise, and how much impact your business can make. 93% of employers value these critical "soft skills" and companies that invest in communication training experience 50% less turnover.

The problem? NO ONE EVER TEACHES US GOOD PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS! How is that possible, given how important it is to our success and happiness? Even worse, newcomers to English-speaking countries are not given the support they need to be able to pitch and present to get their ideas heard.

My name is Will Greenblatt, and I'm an actor-turned-entrepreneur and public speaking coach. I've helped companies like Google, Wayfair, Ericsson, and ICBC transform the public speaking skills and confidence of their employees. Using my acting training at National theatre School, and over 8 years as an English teacher, I've developed a proven method for helping both native & non-native English speakers develop CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and PASSION in their presentations.

I teach exercises and warm ups, ways to improve pronunciation and emphasis, storytelling templates, the OutLoud Speech Settings (a framework for improving technical performance skills) as well as rehearsal techniques that will give you a confidence in your presentations you never thought possible.

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