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Jennifer Murdock
Jennifer MurdockPublished on April 24, 2023

Now we are going into uncharted territory. Being a mother could be a cake walk like in magazines. There are a few things that are left out of the magazines. Blood being one of them. The U.S. is a culture that likes things neat and tidy. Postpartum is not one of them. I think we deserve the right to be messy. Birth is messy. Postpartum can be a time of rejuvenation. We understand the assignment, making healthy well balanced children. Let's start with ourselves.

Sivan Dirks is giving us her acupuncture lens to see ourselves through. She has studied herbs under midwives in Israel (so jealous), and has created a beautiful space in Portland to meet familes and support mothers during this time.

What does rest mean in postpartum?

Hormones. After giving birth, the body goes through the biggest hormone change that any body can go through. Placental hormones let go of estrogen and progesterone level 48 hours after childbirth. This is the "baby blues" stage. The body also has other shifts.

After giving birth, we are diving into a new sense of self. How do we support this in a whole Self kind of way? Sivan is a acupunturist, which can offer a subtle, yet powerful way to invite another modality into this process.

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