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Ashton August
Tucson, AZ, USA

After graduating with my MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing, I became a certified yoga instructor and wanted to merge my passion for writing with sharing the gift of yoga in a way that served the collective good. Seven years after creating YogiApproved, I remain continuously motivated and inspired by the constant outreach from the community of students sharing their practice or reaching out to thank us for the impact we've had on their lives and wellness journey. I can truly say that I wake up each day excited to continue doing the work that I do. is a leading yoga and wellness online magazine. I also created YogiApproved Classes, which is an online yoga, fitness, and wellness platform where every class our members take helps plant a food-producing tree for farming communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. We serve a global population of yoga students and wellness enthusiasts. We are a female-founded and led organization with writers and teachers from around the world who each share their unique backgrounds and wisdom with our readers and students.

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