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Your Best Life with Lisa

S3E5 Let's Talk Gut Makeovers & Autoimmunity!

lisa taylor
lisa taylorPublished on September 15, 2022

S3E5 Let's Talk Gut Makeovers & Autoimmunity! How Easy is it to Heal Your Gut?

Welcome to this episode of Alopecia Life. Today's guest is Lisa Taylor. She is an Integrative Nutrition & Gut Health Coach, and the founder of Your Best Life with Lisa. Gut health has been gaining traction over the last few years as a possible trigger for autoimmunity. With a standard North American diet that lacks essential nutrients, and the introduction of toxins in our personal care products, pollution in the air and so much more - our gut is taking a beating. Lisa is here today to share about her personal transformation after leading a high-paced, high stress life that culminated in many diagnoses, one of which was alopecia areata.

More about Lisa: "Lisa's health journey began five years ago when she discovered a bald spot on her scalp the size of a loonie. After about a month, she'd lost most of her hair to a massive Autoimmune induced, Alopecia Areata flare.

Fast forward to today and Lisa's living her best life - with hair! Something told her to reject the traditional "treatment" of steroid injections in the scalp and to see a Naturopathic Doctor instead. From there, Lisa healed her gut and made healthy changes to both her diet and lifestyle. The total health transformation that followed was incredible to Lisa. Chronic symptoms she'd been dealing with for years disappeared and she had regrowth across her entire scalp! Lisa's amazing health transformation inspired her to attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach so she can empower others to harness the power of food and lifestyle; in order to manage chronic disease, reclaim their health, and truly thrive. Lisa believes (and is living proof) that a healthy gut along with healthy diet and lifestyle habits are the foundation for good health. When used correctly, they have the power to heal the body and completely transform our health."

Thank you for joining us today on Alopecia Life. For more information about Lisa's group program and 1-on-1 coaching, please check out the show notes for those links.

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