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Today on Akshaya Tritiya everything you touch expands...

Zara Franks
Zara FranksPublished on May 14, 2021

What do you spend most of your time thinking about?

• How much you have, what’s going well for you, what lights up your life.

• What you don’t have, what externalities limit you, or who’s wronged you.

Where you put your attention, e x p a n d s. This goes for the good and the bad, the gap and the gains, listed above.

Ritual is the act of creating dedicated time and space to direct our attention and set intentions. Remembering to choose has an outsized, positive effect on our lives. But it’s not easy! If it was we’d all be doing it at every moment and probably walking around looking & acting somewhat strange.

So instead, we have ritual & ceremony.

Anyone can do this 3-part ritual to expand their impact in the world on any day, but especially on May 14th 2021, Akshaya Tritiya.

Akshaya Tritiya is the Vedic calendar’s most auspicious day of the year. The word Akshaya means “never diminishing” heralding infinite growth and abundance. Tritiya is the 3rd day of the waxing moon. On Akshaya Tritiya, there’s no end to the positive impact of kindness, prayers and charity. It’s an excellent day to make important purchases, initiate something new, or donate to charity. The possibilities of love, healing, and prosperity are said to be magnified and any meaningful activity started on this day will be fruitful and yield great results!

Wherever you’re reading this from in whatever condition you’re in. You too can do it, right here, right now. It requires only your thought, only your breath, and 1 minute.

Material Cost: $0

Time Commitment: 1 min


1) Offer a kind and generous thought to someone you’ve had friction or a grievance with.

2) Offer a kind and generous thought to yourself.

3) I n v e s t in 4 deep, full belly, breaths for more mental, emotional & physical wellbeing.

And that’s it.

Ritual tethers us to our dreams, goals, and desires, accelerating our progress towards them. If you’d like to know how to utilize ritual in your own life visit my profile to book a complimentary session with me. We’ll explore what’s relevant for you now and some supportive practices to guide you on your path.

(Image Credit: Irene Rinaldi)

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