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Chuck Turner
St Paul, MN, USA

Founder, trainer, and teacher of body movement and maintenance at The Movement Lab. Do you have persistent, nagging pain? Are you moving a little slower and feeling a little worse than you used to? Are you seeing diminishing returns from your workout routine or long runs? Or do your responsibilities not give you the time to work out at all? The Movement Lab is for you. No matter your age or fitness level, I can teach you how to move better, and how that can make you feel better, longer into your life. Modern life, its hours of prolonged sitting in offices, can lead to muscle imbalances, limited range of motion and repetitive stress injuries. This in turn leads to persistent, perhaps debilitating pain in your hips, back, joints or neck. I founded The Movement Lab after a long career in banking because I saw first hand the damage this style of life can bring. Even those of us who get regular exercise, who might run multiple times per week, can suffer from these conditions. Depending on how you’re running, you may be exacerbating them. As founder of The Movement Lab, I work closely with institutional and private clients to teach and implement best health practices in those of us who face serious risk from the lack of movement or repetitive stress that has become a hallmark of modern life.I work with corporate clients, private clients, and groups.

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